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Stragety#3: " Stick a needle in his eye hope to god he does not die ".

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All the way in the skin push the needle jerk it in.

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Harrow here this is for you and i hope i make you throw up with how they shove it you go enjoy!:.

Gerard sat in the seat completely oblivious to what ross held against his skin " Tell me something gerard? " ross said smiling at him, " Are you still afraid of sharp things? " gerard titled his head up to him " Yes " he groaned against the gag in his mouth " Well guess what i have here? " and gerard's eyes grew wide behind his blindfold. " Please don't do that " gerard said shifting a little " Don't stick me with that " but ross nodded laughing a little inching closer to his exposed arms.

Frankie wanted so hard to turn away but he remembered what ross had said about what he would do if any of them did so he looked. It was a series of questions that ross had asked that gerard had to answer in order no to be punctured by the long and thick needles, but it was one question that ross dwelled on that he was determined to have answered by gerard and it was if frank and gerard had had sex before.

" So did you? " ross said circling around gerard, " No " gerard answered truthfully and it was honest they never did but ross wanted gee to say they did. " How could anyone be going with you for so long or messing around with you and not fuck you? " ross said laughing " I mean have you looked at yourself? ", gerard just sat there beginning to break sweat he hated needles this had happened since he was a child.

Gerard could remember when he was a child how he had to go to the hospital once for his flu shot and the doctor before him had accidentally killed a man by draining to much blood from him. The guy had been afraid of needles too and when the doctor had stuck the needle in the man the guy had started to throw up and shake on the table. He foamed at the mouth and broke into sweat losing color and becoming pale, gerard had watched this all from the window behind the room and bursted into tears when the man died.

Eversince then gerard hated needles and didn't like going anywhere near them but gerard was no liar either and having sex with frank is something gerard had never done. Infact gerard had never sex with a guy at all only with girls and even then it was uncomfortable for him so as far as being a virgin he was in the ass compartment. " I never have " gerard kept saying and now ross was becoming angry so he took the needle and stuck it in the upper part of his arm.

Gerard instantly tensed up and his temperature fell, ross then took it out and put it in his wrist gerard groaned deep against his gag and kicked his legs out the whole chair he sat on moved as ross and the others laughed. Mikey turned away and so did ray so ross stuck him again twice, the pain surged up his arm and all over his body and hit dead on in his heart, gerard instantly started crying and yelling and the more ross stuck it in the louder his screams became.

Frank could take no more of this he was becoming upset by the minute, so he did what he had been wanting to do for awhile so he stood and hit ross in the mouth. Ross fell back onto the floor and frank literally pounced onto him, gerard had been sitting in the seat swatting at the needle to get it out but because he was blindfolded he was missing every time, ray and the others tried to hold gerard still from panicking but gee wasn't having it he wanted the needle gone and now.

Gerard kept wiggling and was now moving the chair across the floor, the others followed him and gee started screaming and crying. Rosswell's 2 friends upstairs heard the uproar and immediately ran down the stairs to help ross, tommy grabbed frank under his arms and jerked him off of ross and the other punched him to still him from moving, no one cared about gerard who was desperately swatting and turning around in his seat.

He now moved the chair over to a nearby table and yanked on it with one infreed arm while he started to snap at the needle with his teeth, he had long spit the gag out a while ago. Frank yelled curse words at ross who now stood and continued to slap frank on each side of his face trying to shut him the hell up, it wasn't working though and frank only spit his blood on ross's shirt.

Then suddenly gerard had moved so hard in the chair that it tipped over with him sitting in it and he fell, knocking his head upagainst the pointed corner of the table. The thud was so loud that everyone in the room stopped and looked where the sound had came from, on the floor layed gerard he was bleeding and was curled up in a semi ball his eyes were closed and his breathing was quiet and he wasn't moving.

" Noooo! " frank yelled, screaming at the top of his lungs he then beganned to kick his feet out and move all around " Aww shut the fuck up " ross said kicking frank in the stomach, who instantly stopped moving. Everyone in the room stared at gerard some even expected him to move but he didn't " What did i tell you about hitting me? " ross said looking frank in the eyes " I don't have to take you fucking hitting me ".

" Tommy come here and bring the jar " ross said and tommy came holding a jar in his hands, " These bitches bite i hope you like spiders frankie " ross said laughing. Frank hated spiders everyone knew that he hated how they looked, how they felt, what they did, and how they did it, he hated the many legs they had and how black they were. But now infront of him stood a jar of spiders all waving their legs at him.

Frank watched wide eyed as ross opened the jar and took one of the spiders out, dangling them in his face " Do you like him fwankie? " ross said smiling " He likes you ". Frank was scared now his chest was rising and falling and his face beganned to burn up and itch " Please don't do that i'm sorry " frank said pressing his back upagainst tommy who held him from behind. " Nope sorry didn't do it you did it " and with that ross took the whole jar and flung them all on him.

The spiders faltered into his face and all down his neck, some fell in his clothes and others went all down his pants, frank yelped loudily as ross and tommy laughed frank was trying hardly to get them out. One of the spiders had crawled down his legs and into his boxers that frank was wearing, it had manuevered it's way to under his penis and near his nuts. Frank was hitting himself in the junction of his legs until he felt something, it had 2 piercing needle like teeth that dug deep into the skin of his balls and into the insides.

Frank yelled super loud and as he was he started crying, ray and the others yelled in unheard plea's to get the spider off of him but ross and tommy was too deep into laughing. After a good 30 seconds ross told tommy to get the spider out, tommy stepped over to frank and held him still, digging his hands into frank's pants and literally yanking the spider off his balls.

This action caused some of the skin to be pulled off along with the spiders teeth, frank fell to the floor and gripped his nuts trying hard to stop the blood that laid all over the floor. " See what did i tell you stop fucking hitting me " ross said coming up on him " And you wouldn't have to go through this ". He now moved over to gerard and kneeled down beside him " So pretty " he mumbled " When he bleeds ".

The 5 was tooken back upstairs and hurled into the livingroom where they stood upagainst the wall, frank was told to take off his pants and ofcourse frank refused, so ross had matt rip them off along with his boxers too. Frank now stood naked and was horribly ashamed, he huddled his body with his arms and kept his back hunched " Don't worry " ross said coming up to him " We don't want you your not gerard ", and with that he threw a splash of liquid alcohol onto frank's nuts.

Frank probably did the most loudest scream ever possible when those drops of burning liquid hit the bite marks on his nuts, the others simply watched in horror as frank suffered they were all starting to actually fear ross and his gang. When frank calmed down from the burns ross announced that he was tired of them living all together so he was moving them to seperate rooms on seperate floor's, he said he was doing this to ensure that they couldn't band up against him anymore with one another.

Ray was dragged to the very top floor because ross said that he was the ugliest and wanted to simply forget that he existed, bob was put on the 5th floor where it was only his room and nothing else, ross said that this reminded him of bob because all he could do was play the drums and that was it. Mikey was put on the 4th floor because ross wanted him to be, and he put frank on the 3rd right over gerard who was on the 2nd, he put frank there because he wanted frank to hear the many sounds sexually that would erupt from this room whenever ross wanted to fuck gerard.

All the room's were in horrid condition and the living quarters were worst, the beds were sizes too small for them and the sheets held odors that couldn't come out even with the most expensive bleach. The toilets were right in the rooms but couldn't be flushed, meaning all their waste and piss would just sit there and fume up eventually poisoning or killing them, none of the light's worked, meaning they would just sit in the dark never knowing if it was morning or night because the windows had black curtains on them.

But gerard's room wasn't like that, his room had a huge white bed in it with clean sheets on them he had his own clean and seperate bathroom and would be given the best food, gerard would have access to movies and comics and would get anything he wanted as long as he didn't share it with any of them. Rosswell had tommy clean gerard up and he only did that because he said he would fuck gerard if he did it and he wanted frank to watch when he did this to gerard.

All the others were sent to their rooms and the torture beganned they wouldn't be fed or payed attention to in days, gerard soon awoke in the sweetness of his new bed, his needle prints had been cleaned and there was dinner on his bed with a note which read:

" I promise not to hurt you not anymore. "


Harrow here sorry i took a while updating this won't happen again in the next chapter ross gives something to gerard that finally makes him love ross if you want to know what it is please review and i'll tell you but for now enjoy this and don't forget REVIEW bye!.
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