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the hunt continues

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG - Genres: Fantasy,Sci-fi - Published: 2008-10-20 - Updated: 2008-10-21 - 174 words - Complete

This bio-creature was proving to be quite a nuisance, more troublesome than most, and it still hadn’t gotten around to dealing with the other Intruder yet.

Another breach. Damaged guards. Messes disturbing the delicate balance of the cleaners’ energy rations. A broken holding cell. Escape and network intrusion. A time-consuming detour to an elevator. Stolen food and water rations.

And now a ruined storage closet. These intrusions were becoming more and more frequent with every passing century, especially in recent decades. As NK-525 continued to patrol the halls, the Enforcer Unit ran projections of how many Intruders it might have to deal with a hundred years from now at this rate while waiting for some indication of where this particular Intruder might emerge from the ventilation grid.

In all of its many long years patrolling this sector, only two Intruders had ever escaped from NK-525, and there had been no reports of their whereabouts in over two-hundred years, but the Enforcer’s only focus was on finding this Intruder.

And neutralizing it.
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