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Very Girlie

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Baby stuff and Kyle

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Gerard’s POV

I looked over and saw Frank walk back into the studio. “Excuse me” I said to Kyle and walked over to Frank. He looked upset.

“Hey man what’s up” I said.

“If you weren’t flirting with Kyle you would have noticed your wife standing at the door” Frank said and walked into the recording booth. Emily was here, she had came to see me? She had seen me talking with Kyle? I thought about that for a minute. Good, let her see that a young beautiful girl was interested in me. Let Emily see how it felt to see your significant other with someone else. After we wrapped up recording for the day Kyle stopped me as I was heading out.

“Hey you want to grab a bite to eat” She asked.

“I am not sure” I said as I slipped on my jacket.

“What else are you doing tonight” She said with a smile. This was a true statement, Jack and Amy were at Emily’s and the girls wouldn’t be over tonight. I would be alone all evening.

“Sure where did you have in mind” I said as we headed out the door.

“There is this sushi place that I have been dying to try out” She said and hooked her arm in mine.

“Sounds good” I said as we headed to her car. Dinner was going well. It was weird being at dinner with another women. I didn’t know what to talk about so I let her talk. Emily and I never ran out of things to say, and we always laughed a lot.

“I mean I know I am young but I have always wanted to be a music producer so when my brother introduced me to Chris, it was like destiny” She said sitting up in her seat. I looked down at the sushi that had been sat out in front of me. Emily and I were not big sushi people. Something about raw fish made our stomach’s churn. “You going to eat” She said and took a bite of her food.

“Yeah” I said and took a small bite. Ugh, it tasted like fish which shouldn’t have been a surprise.

“You don’t like it do you” She said with a laugh. “Not so much” I said with a smile.

“We will get you some Chicken Teriyaki, their’s is killer” She smiled and ordered me something else.

“Sushi is not for everyone” She said and began to eat her food again. I looked over and smiled at her. She was a nice girl and she did make me laugh. If Emily wanted to move on then I should be trying to as well, right?

Jack’s POV

“What do you think about this” I heard Amy say. I turned and saw her holding up some pink fluffy thing.

“What is that” I asked. I was out of my element at Baby’s R Us.

“It is a dress” She said like I was an idiot for not knowing.

“Sorry” I said with a shrug. I looked around and was surrounded by pink. I was going to laugh if it ended up being a boy.

“Shouldn’t we check out the cribs” I asked and headed towards that area.

“Yeah sorry I got caught up in all of the cute clothes” She said and grabbed my hand. My mom had given me her credit card and said to get whatever we needed. I was going to keep track on everything we spent so that I could pay her and dad back later.

“Oh look at this one” I heard her say breathlessly. I turned and was looking at an all white crib with a matching changing table and armoire.

“This is beautiful” She said and ran her hands lovingly across the surface.

“Is this the stuff you want” I asked and tucked my hands into my jeans.

“Well what do you think” She turned and asked me. Oh man, this was tricky. To be honest I didn’t care.

“I like it. Very girlie” I said with a smile.

“Is it to girly? I don’t want it to be all fru fru” She said and crossed her arms. She looked in deep thought.

“What are you thinking babe?” I asked.

“I am thinking maybe we should get something less fru fru” She said and turned towards another crib. God this was going to take all day.

“Babe this one is fine. You’re a girlie girl, so she will be as well. It will also go with Angels room decor” I said hoping she would just get this outfit. I saw her thinking, then she rubbed her stomach and looked up at me.

“Okay lets get it” She smiled and walked back over to the white crib. We paid for the whole set and they said it would be delivered within the week.

“We shouldn’t register until we know 100 percent that it is a girl” She said as we headed home.

“That is a great idea” I said with a smile.

“You would so rather be in prison right now wouldn’t you” She asked with a slight grin.

I laughed “No, I am just a little out of my element”.

“You better get used to it” She said and smacked my leg.

“I will don’t worry. I am just glad I get to spend the day with you. I like you not going to school. I think I am going to have to get home schooled as well. I have missed to much school this semester” I said as I kept my eyes on the road.

“I think it will be good. We can be at home with the baby” She said happily.

“Well I need to get a job, I have to pay my parents back” I said gaining an agreeing head shake from Amy.

“I can help out to when she gets a little older” She said and touched my hand. It felt good spending time with her, it felt good not being closed in. I didn’t miss jail at all.

Amy’s POV

I looked around Angels room and smiled. We had cleared an entire area big enough for the baby’s things and a rocker. “You think it will all fit” Jack asked as he stood next to me.

“Yeah it will. I love these colors” I said looking at the room. Angels bed was white and her walls were lime green with a pink wall and pink signature accessories around the room with a touch of yellow.

“I want the hanging sign with her name right here above where the crib will be” I smiled thinking about how it would all look.

“It’s going to be great Sugar” Jack said and kissed my hair.

“It is going to be great. Jack I can’t wait until she is here. I know we weren’t prepared for her but Jack I love her so much already and I’m happy” I said and turned to him.

“I am too Amy, I can’t wait to hold her” He said and pulled me to him.

“I can’t help but think this is all meant to be” He said and rubbed my back.

“Me too. I was always meant to be with you Jack” I said and looked up at him.

“I have always loved you Amy, since the day I first laid eyes on you. I don’t care that we were only ten, I loved you” He said and pulled me into a kiss. I loved him so much. I had made a lot of mistakes with him, I tried to be something that I wasn’t and I had hurt him so much, but he was here with me and he would be mine forever.

“Hey why don’t we leave the planning alone for now and take advantage of this empty house” Jack said and picked me up. I laughed. I hoped that our lives would always be this happy and full of love.

*Okay so I have been broke for a while but I splurged the other day and finally bought The Black Parade Is Dead! Can I just say I have watched it 3 time already!! Anyways hope you liked the chapter!
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