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April Fools

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I was bored. D/L fluff, written for a Fanlib contest

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CSI: April Fool

Note: I know D/L is not a thing anymore, but this just seemed so cute in my head I had to do it. It’s not great, but hopefully the jist comes off ok!!

“Hey Lindsay, look!”
Lindsay Monroe sighed, considering whether to send a rude gesture in the young lab tech’s direction.
“Yer, yer, very funny Adam. Haha.”
Adam smiled for a moment, then saw the look on her face.
“You were being sarcastic, weren’t you?”
Lindsay sighed heavily.
“What do you think?”
She groaned slightly, leaning against the table.
“I’m so sick of April Fools Adam! It’s driving me insane! It doesn’t help that I seem to be the only women round here, Stell cheated by calling in sick this morning…”
Her eyes glazed slightly. She’d been in Mac’s office when Stella had called, and Mac had not been impressed. It had seemed strange however, that he accepted it, not thinking it was a joke.
Then again, Lindsay mused, when she had left the room, he’d shouted after her that her skirt was stuck in her panties. She’d rolled her eyes at that one.
She was wearing pants.

She looked up to see Adam waving a sheet in front of her face.
“Uh Lindsay?! Your results.”
Lindsay snatched them from him, heading for the door.
“Don’t I even get a thanks?” Adam wailed as she pushed her way out the glass door.
Lindsay stopped for a moment, a smile flitting across her face.
“Maybe if you hadn’t tried to play an April Fool on me.”

Flicking through the folder in her hands, Lindsay almost bumped into Danny as she made her way from the lab back to Mac’s office.
“Oh hey Danny.”
Danny gave her a funny sort of smile, almost nervous. She laughed.
“What’s wrong?”
Then it dawned on her.
“Oh haha. I get it. Let me guess. I have something in my hair? Or maybe on my shirt? Come on Danny, spit it out so I can get going.”
Danny just shook his head.
“It’s ur, nothing.”
He walked off, leaving Lindsay slightly worried. What was going on?
Regardless, she went into Mac’s office.
“Mac, Adam just gave me the results and I-”
She was cut off as Mac held up a hand.
“SHH. I’m watching this.”
Lindsay glanced at the screen, snorting.
“Flying cats? Mac, how dumb are you?”
She clamped a hand over her mouth, quickly aware she’d insulted her boss. Luckily, he hadn’t noticed. She tried again.
“Mac, there is no such thing as flying cats.”
When he looked at her quizzically, she just pointed at the clock.
“Five to twelve. Just keep watching Mac. At twelve, you’ll see what I mean.”
Shaking her head, she walked out the office.
There has to be someone sane around here!
She thought as she tried to make her way down to autopsy. As usual, she was shot glances by lab techs, and several comments thrown her way, which she ignored. She was getting a little tired of April Fools jokes.

She had just got to the steps when she saw Danny again. He looked just as uncomfortable as before, and quickly made a beeline for her, looking at his watch. Lindsay glanced her own. 12:01. Thank goodness.

Danny was in front of her by now, shifting.
“Uh, hey Lindsay.”
Lindsay smiled.
“Hey Danny. What’s up?”
Danny shifted again, then coughed, looking her right in the eye.
Lindsay blinked.
Danny coughed again, sidling closer to her.
“I love you.”
Lindsay rolled her eyes.
“Forget it Danny. April Fools is over already. The jokes on you!”
Danny looked at her, his eyes penetrating hers, his face so close she could smell his aftershave, and the light mint on his breath.
“I know.” He said, and then he kissed her.

When he pulled away a few moments later, Lindsay didn’t know what to say. She looked around wildly, almost expecting to see people laughing, some elaborate joke. Instead she saw Stella, tears in her eyes.
“Stell? You’re not sick.”
Stella nodded, blinking back tears.
“I know that. April Fools, duh.”
Lindsay smiled, looking back at Danny.
“Hey.” She said softly, looking him right in the eye.
He seemed to drop with relief.
“Hey,” he replied, pressing his lips back against hers, sealing them with the touch of a kiss.

Authors Notes: See what boredom does! You see!!!!
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