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Back to the Crime Lab - Ryan's Return

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My random version of Ryan Wolfe's return to Miami Dade Crime Lab. Spoilers, which is weird, since I haven't actually seen the episode yet! A/U

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Back to the Crime Lab - Ryan’s Return

Ryan stood outside the Crime Lab. It had been just a few weeks - but it felt like a lifetime. No-one was waiting. He had come back, but some of them didn’t even care. He didn’t blame them. He should have owned up. Not let some IA guy throw him out like rubbish. If only he had said something. If only.

Horatio Caine glanced through his office window. He hated spending time in his office, but today it served him another purpose. He saw what he was looking for.
Within minutes every member of Day-Shift had congregated outside his office. He nodded to them.
“It’s time.”
All of them nodded. Some faces hardened, others open and willing. Some could forgive easily. Not others.

Calleigh was the first to reach Ryan on the steps. She pulled him into a quick hug, giving the others time to surround him. Ryan looked up at them all, but his eyes were fixed on Horatio.
Horatio held up hand.
“Save it Ryan. We all make mistakes. Some worse than others. And we learn from that. Sometimes it costs us things we love. Remember that.”
Ryan nodded, tears filling his eyes.
“I won’t let you down again Horatio.”
Horatio nodded.
Ryan smiled.
“Thank you.”
Horatio just smiled.
“Don’t thank me. Just promise me next time you won’t keep things from me. Agreed?”
The others, who had stood patiently through this speech, threw themselves on Ryan.
“Welcome back Ryan!”
Ryan just stood bemused in the mass of it all. On the outside, he spotted Eric.

Breaking away from the others, he headed toward him. He held out a hand.
Eric stared at him.
“Are you taking this seriously Wolfe?”
Ryan’s nod was so vigorous Eric laughed.
He shook Ryan’s hand.
“Welcome back!”
Ryan smiled, and the swarm of his friends drove him inside. It was good to be back.

Authors Notes: This is so stupid. I haven't even seen this episode, why should I tell you lot about it!
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