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Lost Souls

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Eric Delko/Anonymous A/U. This was really just one of my thought provoking things again

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Lost Souls

I was just 14 the first time I met him. I guess in a way that changed my life. I spent all my life in the ‘system’, from the moment I was born. My mother was deadbeat herself, pregnant when she entered prison for the fifth time. That’s where I was born, already in the system, already forgotten.

I suppose they thought I would become like her. Almost as if they believed there was a gene for it, a predisposition to being worthless, a pain on society. A thief. In a way, they were right. I was a burden from the day I was born, temporary foster care waiting as the guards passed me through.

For years it was like that. I was passed on, from person to person. After finding out my history, no-one kept me for long. There’s always someone who won’t give up on you. For me, he was that person.

He was the one who took the call, the day they caught me stealing from one of the shops in downtown Miami. Within minutes he knew me. He read my record, my life, and something made him take pity. He gave me his card. He was just a rookie then, fresh out the academy.
“When you want to get out of this, give me a call.”
I never did. I had seen many friends come and go. I didn’t realize what he meant. I knew he couldn’t get me out of the system, so I never called.

I used his card often though. Every time I was in trouble, pulling his card from the pocket of my jeans, the cops took pity. Gave him a call. He came every time. Never failed, even though he could see what he had gotten into. He never gave up on me.

It must have been the hundredth time (so it seemed). Caught in the same shop we had first met, I pulled his card from my pocket. I was 18 by then. I still had nowhere to go. When he saw me, he sighed. Pulled me out of earshot.
The word hung in space. I didn’t know how to answer it.
“You’re what 18 now? Four years since we met. You’re old enough to leave the system now. Why don’t you get out?”
I told him I couldn’t. He caught on in a snap.
I nodded.
He pulled out his phone, calling the house. I had never called it a home, it would never be that. He told them the drill. The moment his shift finished we went there. For the last time.

He set me up in a small flat, just two blocks from his own house. Got me a job, kept Phil away. He knew. He knew what I had never told.

It took a long time for me to get clean. A long time for me to feel free. But I did. And I was grateful.

It seemed inevitable, in the end. I felt so alone every night in the flat, so empty. I was used to so many people around me. I spent more and more nights at his house, napping on the couch. It seemed inevitable.

His girlfriend left him, but he didn’t care. It wasn’t about her anymore

At first his co-workers wouldn’t accept us as a couple. They were the only people who should, but they didn’t understand. Help: yes, get involved with: no. I was still part of the system to them.

He got me back to education. Eventually I joined his team as a rookie. The same year we married. By then we were accepted. Just showing how you can turn a life around. Since that day I never looked back. I still don’t, not even now with my young daughter Emma in my arms. She’ll be two this year. And I owe it all to Eric Delko.

Authors Note: Awww ain't that just cute? Yuck, don't ever let me say that again. Back to work :P
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