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The Falls Gonna Kill You

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Another thought provoking one shot. *Also contains exclusive never before seen chapter 14(original) of Breaking Free: Goodbye Gabrielle, my personal CSI:Miami series*

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The Falls Gonna Kill You

Horatio surveyed the scene in front of him with the practiced eye of a seasoned CSI. And sighed.

Such a shame.

Calleigh stumbled in, almost tripping on the curled up mat.
“Is everything ok Horatio?”
Horatio shook his head.
“Someone’s died Calleigh.”
She nodded briskly.
“Yes. But you didn’t do it did you? You can’t take the world on your shoulders Horatio.”
Horatio gave a wry laugh.
“Funny you should say that.”
He passed her a note. She slid her gloves on quickly before taking it from him.

Her eyes scanned the text. She looked up at Horatio. Their eyes met. Then both slid to the body on the bed.

Horatio cleared his throat.
“Linda Clark. Seventeen. Senior at Cletton High School.”
Calleigh sighed, her keen eyes immediately pinpointing COD. Bullet to the head. And judging from the gun in Linda’s hand...
She looked at Horatio.
“Self inflicted? But why? She’s seventeen, what could possibly...?”
She trailed off, as something rolled into her line of vision. She looked at Horatio.
“She was seventeen. Where did she get this kind of stuff?”
Horatio shrugged.
“There’s a black market for everything nowadays. Even booze like this.”
Calleigh shook her head sadly.
“She was so young. What would make anyone want to-“
She swallowed.
“She drank herself to death almost. How bad must it be to want to live through a haze?”
Horatio shook his head.
“We don’t know that was it. One sip, some people are hooked. Some people are closet junkies. She could have been a closet alcoholic.”
Calleigh frowned.
“Don’t the two go hand in hand?”
Horatio nodded again. Calleigh opened her mouth to add something, when Alexx walked in.

Alexx walked straight past both of them, her attention on Linda. She gently stroked the girl’s cheek.
“Don’t worry Honey. It’s over now.”
Horatio and Calleigh exchanged a smile. Alexx had a way with people. The dead anyway.

As they all stood in the small room, it really hit them all. It wasn’t what you did. It wasn’t even what you drank, or who you know. It was like standing on the edge of a cliff with sharp rocks at the bottom, afraid to jump in case you drowned. It doesn’t matter about what happens when you get there.
The falls gonna kill you.

Authors Notes: Idea stolon from CJ in an episode of The West Wing. Just simply to remind us that in the end, we are all human
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