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Never Gonna Catch Me

by ipanicdaily

Gee's POV; ok, so there I decided against getting too graphic in this chapter even though I wanted to after I was really bored and started looking up the meaning of names of my friends and such. I ...

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Ch.11; Never Gonna Catch Me

{{Gee POV}}

Gerard opened his eyes and moaned when he discovered he was sticky with sweat and dry cum. He was in his bed, Frank passed out next to him and wrapped in left over wrapping paper. Gerard didn't remember how Frank ended up that way and he really didn't want to know so he carefully got out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts before heading to the kitchen for coffee.

Bob was already in the kitchen when he got there, drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee, so Gerard grabbed a glass and poured himself some before joining Bob at the table. "Mornin." Gerard said sitting down.

"Hey." Bob said sleepily as he raised the cup to his lips.

"Sleep well?" Gerard asked with a smile. Bob's head fell to the table and he moaned.

"You have like mutant genes or something." He said into the wood of the table with amusement. "I hardly get any sleep with the energizer bunny who has more sperm than damn banks do!" Gerard choked a little as he began to laugh while Bob smiled, raising his head again. "How was your night?"

"I really don't remember." Gerard said trying to recall what had happened the previous night but kept coming up blank. As they talked, Mikey stumbled into the kitchen, yawning as he sat on Bob, taking the cup and finishing the coffee. "It's the energizer bunny." Gerard said amused but Mikey didn't hear him as he put his arms around Bob's neck and laid his head on Bob's shoulder. Gerard just smiled and shook his head a little as he drank more from his own cup. "Mornin Mikey." He said only to receive a moan of some sort from his brother.

Bob put his arms around Mikey's waist then went back to talking to Gerard. "So, doing anything fun today?" He asked, trying not to Mikey's hair in his mouth.

"Depends on what Frankie feels like doing today." Gerard told Bob when suddenly Frank put his arms around Gerard's neck and rested his chin on Gerard's head.

"Except for the stiffness from sleeping in wrapping paper," Gerard started laughing again then shook his head slightly as Bob gave him a questioning look, "I feel fine." Frank let go of Gerard and sad down in his lap even though Gerard really didn't want him there. "Mornin Bob." He said through a yawn while pulling Gerard's arms around him.

"Hey Frank." Bob said with a smile, still trying not eat Mikey's hair.

"Mornin Mikey." Mikey gave Frank the same moaning noise he gave Gerard and Frank laughed. "Or not."

"So what do you want to do today Frankie?" Gerard asked as he kissed the back of Frank's neck.

"I want to go out." Frank said, tilting his head back to sort of face Gerard. "I really have this urge to go to the beach." He smiled.

"You sure?" Gerard questioned Frank because they had tried going out of the house before and Frank didn't do too well.

"I just have to convince myself I'll be fine and as long as you're by me, nothing can happen." Gerard kissed Frank's head and nodded. He would never let anything happen to Frank as long as he could prevent it. Frank smiled at Gerard then lifted his head back up to face Bob. "Wanna join us?" Bob laughed a little then shook his head.

"Something tell me I'm going to be stuck inside all day." Mikey had fallen asleep on Bob but Gerard didn't suggest putting Mikey back to bed because he looked really cute on top of Bob; almost innocent. "Plus you guys could use some alone time. I'll just take him back to the dorm and work on homework while he sleeps."

"Can you lift him?" Frank asked and Bob nodded. Mikey was practically nothing so it shouldn't be too difficult for him.

"You don't need to carry him." Gerard said and he made Frank get off him. "Mikey! Get your ass in gear!" He yelled with a smile and Mikey woke up, falling off Bob and onto the floor, everyone laughing as he fell.

"Fuck you." Mikey mumbled into the cool tile. Bob bent over and pulled Mikey back onto his lap but wouldn't let him go back to sleep.

"Come on Mikey, we're going to leave." Bob told him quietly and Mikey stood up, took Bob's keys, and headed for the door. Bob rolled his eyes a little then stood up. "See you guys later." He said and Frank waved while Gerard brought the cups to the sink.

When the door shut behind Bob, Frank jumped up from the table and ran to Gerard, putting his arms around Gerard's waist and causing Gerard to stumble a bit. "I've always wanted to sit on a beach and watch the sun set." He said, resting his head on Gerard's back.

"We can go if you're sure you'll be ok." Gerard told him, turning around to face Frank. "And if it's not real sunny."

"Oh right." Frank said with a smile. "Forgot the whole vampire thing." He teased and Gerard pushed him away gently as he smiled.

"That's right smart ass." Gerard joked with Frank, opening his mouth slightly and saying something along the lines of 'rawr'. Frank laughed then hit Gerard who grabbed him and held him tightly. "Hey now, it's not your birthday anymore so you need to behave."

"Bullshit." Frank jammed his fingers into Gerard's sides, causing Gerard to let go laughing as Frank took off for the bedroom. When Gerard regained his breath, he ran after Frank to his bedroom, only to find Frank pretending to be asleep on the bed. Gerard grabbed a blanket then climbed on to Frank and began to wrap him up in it, Frank laughing and trying to fight him off. "What are you doing?" He asked through hysterical giggles.

"I told you to behave or you get punished." Gerard told him, tucking the blanket underneath Frank.

"This is new." Gerard slapped Frank on the side of his head, both laughing. "I'm not too fond of it."

"I'm leaving you there to think about what you did." Gerard told Frank, getting off him and heading for the door. Gerard headed for the living room and fell onto the couch to wait for Frank. A few moments later, Frank fell down beside him.

"You need to work on your means of torture." Frank said with a smile, still slightly laughing. "Invest in handcuffs or a whip or something." He started laughing again and Frank rolled his eyes though he laughed too.

"Just go get dressed." Gerard told Frank. Frank laid across Gerard's lap, staring up at him with a spoiled smile.

"You need to change my bandages." He told Gerard with a smart ass tone so Gerard pushed him onto the floor.

"You need to behave."

"Then we're never going to get anywhere!" Frank whined as he sat up and stared at Gerard with amused eyes.

"Just take those off and get onto the bed."

"See, that's the attitude I was hoping for the first time." He said with amusement as he stood and pulled at the metal clasps, unable to unhook them. "Gee!" Frank whined and stood next to Gerard with his face pointed to the ceiling. Gerard sighed and unhooked them so Frank pulled the bandaging off to reveal the large scar. "There." He said with a smile.

Gerard got up and headed for his room, Frank following, poking Gerard along the way. "Just go lay on your back." He told Frank, slightly annoyed, as he searched for fresh bandages. Frank hopped onto the bed and fell onto his back while Gerard threw the stuff onto the bed then sat on top of Frank and began to message his chest with the cold cream. "When do you get the stitches out?"

"Hopefully next week." He said, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. Gerard knew when he rubbed Frank's chest that it relieved the pressure that built up in his chest and made it easier for Frank to breathe so Gerard didn't complain about it. Frank didn't ask to have somebody try to kill him so it was the least Gerard could do to try to make him feel better about it, even if he really hated doing it. When he finished, he sat Frank up and wrapped him up in the fresh bandages.

"Now get dressed and we can leave." Gerard told Frank, getting off him and pulling a pair of shorts on after taking his pajamas off then sticking a new shirt on himself. Frank got new clothes on while Gerard grabbed some blankets from the bed along with his sunglasses and headed for the door.


Frank did a lot better than he had previously with being in public. He still didn't like getting too close to people and would yank on Gerard's arm at times to just to reassure himself that Gerard was right beside him. They went far away from where everyone else was so Frank could relax and not worry about getting attacked again.

Gerard threw a blanket on top of the sand then sat down, his sunglasses firmly on his face as he pulled out his cigarettes. "Gimme one!" Frank said when he noticed Gerard had them. Gerard shook his head and stuck the pack back in his pocket while he lit the one resting between his lips. "Why not?"

"You don't need it." He said, slowly exhaling little streams of gray smoke.

"Like you do." Frank said miserably as he fell down next to Gerard.

"My heart isn't trying to regain strength." Gerard told Frank, running his fingers through Frank's hair. "Which is why I can only do it outside."

"You suck." Frank mumbled so Gerard took a long drag off the cigarette then pressed his lips to Frank's, exhaling into Frank's mouth.

"Now shut up." He told Frank with a smile then finished off the cigarette and threw the remains into the sand. Gerard stuck his legs out in front on him then put his arms behind him to hold himself up as he stared at the glistening water that crashed gently against the sand.

"What cha thinking about?" Frank asked as he leaned his head on Gerard's shoulder.

"Chucking your ass into the water." He said with a smile. Frank laughed then grabbed Gerard's sunglasses, stuck them on his face, and ran into the water. "Hey! Give those back!" Gerard called after him.

"Get off your lazy ass and come get them!" Frank yelled, standing where the water slowly rose and fell as waves crashed. Gerard sighed and got up then headed for Frank, knowing that the task wasn't going to be easy. As Gerard approached, his thoughts were confirmed as Frank started splashing water at him with a smile.

"Frankie!" Gerard yelled, throwing his arms out in front of him in an useless attempt to block the icy water from hitting him. "Ruin my hair and I'll kill you!"

"Stop being such a diva!" Frank said with a smile as he continued to chuck water at Gerard. He began walking backwards while Gerard went after him.

"Just give me the glasses!" Gerard bent down and slammed his wrist into the water with force so tiny icy droplets flew at Frank until they were fighting with water.

"I told you to come get them!" Gerard sighed then ran at Fran who didn't expect him so Gerard easily caught him. He took the sunglasses off Frank then stuck them back onto his own face and picked Frank up. "What are you doing?" Frank asked through giggles as Gerard raised him over his shoulder.

"Throwing you into the water." He said and then did exactly that. Frank hit the water then jumped up after he was submerged, hugging himself and shaking.

"Fuck that's cold!" He said still laughing. Gerard turned around to head back to the blanket, happy to have his sunglasses back, when Frank suddenly jumped onto his back, drenching him in the icy water as well. He yelled a little as the water gave him slight shock. "Told you it was cold."

"Now you're dead!" He said through clenched teeth as he froze. Frank let go and started running, Gerard smiling as he chased Frank, throwing the sunglasses at the blanket so they wouldn't get broken. The sand was warm from the sun even though the water was freezing and the tiny grains stuck to Gerard as he ran. Frank was a little ahead of him, laughing hysterically as he constantly changed his direction to get away from Gerard.

Frank slid and fell face first into the sand so Gerard had to stop as he burst into laughter. Frank sat up and spit sand out while Gerard walked over to him. He was still laughing when Frank put his arms around Gerard's legs and pulled him down as well. "How's it taste?" He asked Frank with a smile.

"You tell me." Frank said as he bent over Gerard and kissed him, sand falling off Frank's mouth and onto Gerard's.

"Better than you." He teased Frank who slapped him then sat on top of him.

"You need to lose the shirt. It's all soaked and sandy." He said with an enticing smile and Gerard gave in to Frank who was already sliding his hands underneath the shirt because it was irritating Gerard anyway. Frank pulled the shirt off then threw it at the sand which covered the wet cloth more with tiny yellow and brown grains. Frank ran a finger down Gerard's torso then laid down on him. "So, you really want to sing in a band?" He asked, reaching his arms around Gerard's neck.

"As long as you're killing your guitar next to me." Gerard said as he rubbed Frank's back gently. Frank's shirt was soaked as well and Gerard could tell he was cold so he sat up, his back covered with sand, and lead Frank back to the blankets he had brought then wrapped a few tightly around Frank as they sat back down. Frank sat in front of Gerard with Gerard's arms wrapped around him as the sun began to fall behind the water. It was a lot later than Gerard thought it was but it didn't bother him because he had nothing to do and Frank was happy.

As the sky began to turn a reddish pink color, a group of guys about Frank's age ran along the beach, throwing a frisbee amongst themselves. It flew out of their reach and landed next to Frank and Gerard. "Hey, can you toss that back?" one of them called so Gerard waited for Frank to pick it up but he remained motionless so Gerard did it. The guy thanked him then they headed off again. "You ok Frankie?"

"It was him." Frank mumbled.

"Who?" Gerard asked and Frank turned around then buried his head in Gerard's chest crying and clinging to Gerard so tight that Gerard was almost suffocating.

"Him." Frank repeated as tears ran down his face. "The one who did this to me." Gerard thought his heart stopped when he heard Frank tell him that and he began to rub Frank's back and tell him it was all ok and that Frank was safe. He remained calm and gentle as he tried to make Frank forget about what happened, but rage and revenge pulsed through his veins as he wanted to attack the boy for putting Frank through so much pain and suffering.

"It's ok Frankie, I'm right here." Frank nodded and continued to cry into Gerard's chest. "Come on, let's go home." Frank stood up, shaking, and Gerard collected their stuff as they made their way back to the car. When they got home, Gerard helped Frank into the house and into bed where he quickly fell asleep from getting over exhausted from the day's activities.

Once Frank was asleep, Gerard went back into his car and drove to the beach, looking for that guy. He spotted him with a bunch of people but after a few moments, he headed for the bathrooms so Gerard followed him. Inside, Gerard realized they were the only two so he locked the door and waited for the boy to come back into the little hall between the toilets and the door. When he appeared, Gerard slammed him against the wall. "What the fuck is your problem man?" He said hesitantly.

"My problem is the fucking shit you did to my boyfriend." Gerard snarled.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." The boy stuttered.

"Well allow me to remind you." Gerard pulled out his knife and jammed it into the boy's side, causing him to yell out in pain. "How's your memory now?" They boy still didn't respond so Gerard twisted the knife, causing another cry of pain to escape the boy's lips.

"Th-that Iero kid?" He cried as warm blood dripped to the floor. "I-I didn't mean for it to go that far!" Gerard pulled the knife out and slid it carefully along the boy's arm, slicing the skin smoothly as it passed. "P-please!" He cried. "Please stop!"

"Did you stop when Frank begged you?" Gerard put the knife on top of the boy's heart. "I rather doubt it since I remember finding his cold limp body in a pool of blood, gashes all over the place, especially near his heart." Gerard used the tip of the knife to make a heart in the boy's chest, more blood slipping out. "Luckily though he survived."

"T-that's good. I-I'm really s-sorry about it." He said squeezing his eyes shut.

"Well sorry isn't going to make him forget. Sorry isn't going to help him know that he can be in public without having to worry about getting attacked again." Gerard spoke sharply as the blood dripped rhythmically to the ground. "Sorry isn't going to make the giant scar across his chest where doctors spent hours trying to keep him alive and keep his heart going go away." Gerard dropped the boy to the ground then bent down to him and stared at him with flaring eyes. "Sorry isn't good enough." Gerard crammed the knife through the boy's chest and as blood came out of his mouth, Gerard pulled the knife out then washed his hands before he even realized what he had just done.

Panicking slightly, Gerard stuck the knife in his pocket then straightened his clothes as he unlocked the door and slipped out. Luckily it was dark now and no one was able to see him. When he almost reached his car, he heard screams and knew the body had been found. He quickly drove home then went inside his house and to his bedroom where Frank was still fast asleep. Gerard threw the knife at the corner of his room then climbed into bed with Frank, putting his arms around him and holding him close as he slept. "What have I done?" He whispered into the darkness.
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