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Because You Love Me

by ipanicdaily

Frank's POV Thank God for chem class otherwise I'd never get this done XD Thank's to everyone who reads + comments. I'm only writing it for you guys now cuz my mind is on the other one I'm worki...

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Ch.10; Because You Love Me

{{Frank's POV}}

When Frank woke up, excitement flooded through him knowing it was his birthday. His favorite part was being out of the hospital and with Gerard to celebrate the day. Frank sat up slowly, slight pain pulsing in his chest, and yawned as he blinked his eyes and looked around the room. Gerard was still asleep so Frank decided to leave him alone and got to the living room to bother Ray. The two really hadn't had much time to talk lately and Frank missed that.

"Happy Halloween." Ray said with a teasing smile as Frank entered the room. It was late morning he realized so he figured he must have been more tired than he thought since he slept for over twelve hours.

"It's not Halloween." Frank mumbled as he sat on the couch and curled into a ball, still half asleep. He then noticed Bob and Mikey on the floor through a bunch of books.

"October 31st is indeed Halloween." Bob told Frank with a smile as he took his gaze from the books and putting it on Frank who flipped him off.

"You guys suck." He mumbled as Gerard appeared and sat next to Frank. "They don't know what today is!" Frank whined to Gerard.

"How could you guys forget what today is?!" He said looking at everyone. "It's the best day of the year!" Everyone put their heads down in shame as they smiled a little. "It's Halloween!"Gerard said with a smile as Ray started laughing quietly. Frank kicked Gerard who laughed a little himself then pulled Frank to him, laying Frank's head on his chest then wrapped his arms around Frank and kissed his head. "Happy birthday Frankie."

"You're an asshole." Frank said to Gerard while he put his arms around Gerard's waist. "You're lucky I love you." Mikey slammed a book closed then opened a new one and resumed his position between Bob's legs, his head resting on Bob's chest while they looked through the pages. "What are you doing?"

"Homework." Mikey said as his eyes darted across the pages.

"For college?" Gerard asked while Frank turned around on Gerard so hi chest wasn't pressing against Gerard because little jolts of pain shot through it. "You ok?" Gerard asked and Frank nodded, shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath in until the pain went away. "We got to change your bandages."

"Homework for," Mikey looked to Gerard, "you know. I actually think we might be done." Gerard nodded then lifted Frank off him.

"Come on. You need to get dressed." He said to Frank who crossed his arms and shook his head, biting his lip as he tried not to laugh. Ray walked over to Frank and stuck a pink tiara on his head. "Awwww." Gerard said with a smile as he stood up.

"You make a pretty princess." Ray said to Frank and everyone started laughing as Frank smacked Ray's arm even though he didn't mind the tiara. Gerard picked Frank up and carried him back to the bedroom while Frank laughed and kicked Gerard frantically in an attempt to break free of his grasp. He loved acting like a child because it was more fun than behaving.

"Careful Frankie." Gerard told him as Frank laughed until he started to lose the ability to breathe. Frank took deep breaths to calm himself as Gerard laid Frank on his back across the bed. Gerard sat on top of Frank which only caused him to start laughing again.

"This very familiar position is what got us into trouble the first time." He told Gerard through laughter and Gerard smiled as he began to take the bandages from Frank's chest.

"Well pants are staying on this time." Gerard said as he threw the old bandages to the floor and pulled the medicinal cream stuff out of Frank's bag, even though he really didn't want to do it. The cream was cold and Frank twitched slightly but as Gerard rubbed his chest, the pain and constriction Frank felt began to go away as it became easier for him to breath. "You ok?" Gerard asked as Frank closed his eyes.

"That feels really good." Frank told him with a smile. "You've got magical hands or something because no damn nurse could take the constriction away like you just did." Gerard laughed as he continued to gently message the giant stitched scar going across Frank's chest.

"They weren't doing it for love." Gerard said as he wiped his hands on the bed and started unwrapping a fresh bandage from the roll. "They did it for money." He made Frank sit up as he began to wrap him back up; pulling the bandage around his waist a few times then over his left shoulder a few and ending with a few more wraps around the waist, using little metal clasps to hold it all together.

"And all you want in return is a lifetime of love right?" Frank as he wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck with a smile then kissed him.

"Oh, I expect payment." Gerard said smiling back at Frank as he put his arms gently around Frank's waist to hold their bodies close together. "Just not by the form of money." Frank laughed a little and nodded. "Now get dressed so we can go celebrate your birthday with everyone else." Gerard got up and pulled his pajamas off then searched the room for clean clothes while Frank just reached into his bag and pulled clothes out.

"Can I wear one of your hoodies?" Frank asked when he got a shirt on.

"You have your own." Gerard told him as he pulled his jeans up.

"Yeah but they don't smell like you!" Frank whined and stuck his bottom lip out to pout. Gerard rolled his eyes and pulled a hoodie from underneath a pile of junk then chucked it at Frank, causing him to fall backwards as it smacked him in the face. Frank sat up and pulled the hoodie over himself as Gerard walked over to him and pulled him off the bed.

"You're lucky it's your birthday because such spoiled behavior would normally result in me beating your ass." He said to Frank who looked at him with anticipation.

"Promise?" Gerard pushed Frank back down and Frank fell against the bed laughing as Gerard headed for the door, waving the tiara in the air with a smile before leaving. Frank jumped up then ran after Gerard, careful not to get his heart going too fast, then he jumped on Gerard's back, causing them to fall over the couch laughing hysterically.

"Be careful!" Ray said as the two bounced slightly off the couch and onto the floor. Frank landed on Gerard which sent a bit of pain through his chest but he laughed it off and sat up. He took the tiara from Gerard's grip and put it back on his head, smacking Gerard slightly with a smile.

"Mine bitch, get your own." Frank got off Gerard and sat on the couch leaving Gerard on the floor as he continued to laugh. "Now, gimme gifts!" He demanded as he crossed his legs and stuck his hands in his lap.

"No gifts until you eat." Mrs. Way said suddenly appearing from the kitchen. Frank sighed and fell backwards against the couch. "Especially you two." Gerard sat up and rolled his eyes then stood and pulled Frank up as they all headed for the kitchen.

Mrs. Way made them a nice lunch which ended up all over the place because Frank and Gerard started throwing it at each other, Bob and Mikey joining in just for the fun. Ray yelled about having to get it out of his hair and Mrs. Way said they were cleaning it all up as she sighed and disappeared out the door. The four spent about an hour cleaning while Ray washed his hair, dramatically complaining about it the whole time.

By the time they finished cleaning, Frank was exhausted so he sat on the couch while everyone fell down around the living room. "Now can I have my gifts?" He whined and everyone laughed a little as Gerard got up and disappeared.

"We only have one thing for you." Ray said as he sat down. Frank pouted more as Gerard returned with a rather large box. He set it in front of Frank who stopped pouting to laugh a little.

"You got me a prostitue?!" He asked with a smile.

"No you ungrateful little pansy." Gerard said sitting next to Frank. "Just open it." Frank tore the paper off then ripped the box open and froze. "Still wish it was a prostitute?" Gerard asked but Frank was speechless and couldn't answer. His hands shook slightly as he reached into the box and pulled a brand new guitar from the box and held it in his hands.

A few tears ran down his face as Frank ran his hands along the smooth surface, carefully taking in each curve and ridge. "T-th-thank you!" He managed to get out at last.

"Breathe Frank." Bob said with a smile and Frank nodded, mouth still hanging open and eyes planted firmly on the gift.

"That's not all." Ray said and Frank looked at him with confusion, unable to comprehend the fact that there could possibly be more. Ray handed Frank a flyer to a local bar and Frank became more confused. "We're going to play there in about a month."

"We?" Frank had never been more confused.

"As a band." Gerard told him and Frank lost the ability to breathe again. "But only if you don't suffocate so breathe!" Gerard became slightly harsh so Frank managed to get short, quick inhales of breath into his lungs.

"Like all five of us?" Adrenaline ran through Frank and he felt like running around with excitement.

"I'll do guitar with you." Ray told him. "We both play differently so it should work."

"I would do the bass." Mikey said after.

"Drums." Bob flexed his wrists proudly. He was excited to beat the shit out of drums again since Mikey made him wait to make sure his arm healed properly.

"What about you?" Frank asked Gerard. "You can't play." Mikey laughed then Ray joined in, both nodding their agreement.

"I'd sing jackass." Gerard said with a smile as he smacked the side of Frank's head. Frank just stared at him with surprise.

"Really?!" He exclaimed and Gerard nodded so frank lunged at Gerard and knocked him backwards as he crammed his lips to Gerard's. Gerard tried to say something but Frank wouldn't let him until Frank had to pull away to breathe. "Best birthday ever!" He said to everyone while sitting up since he was half laying on Gerard when he knocked him over.

"Best Halloween ever." Gerard said to Frank deciding that they weren't done and he pulled Frank back to him, kissing him some more. Ray stood and stretched before heading for the door.

"Well I think I'm going to head out. See you tomorrow." He said to them and Frank extended an arm to wave good-bye

"I really hate you right now." Frank said to Gerard when he pulled away for a moment. Mikey stood up, Bob standing up after him, and said good-night to them as he took Bob's hand to lead him to Mikey's old bedroom.

"And why do you hate me?" Gerard asked looking into Frank's eyes and running his hand along Frank's face.

"You're kissing me with those delicious lips and pressing your hott body against me but all I can do is sit here and attempt to control myself!" He sighed and Gerard ran a finger over Frank's lips then looked at him with eyes full of so much love that Frank felt like he should look away, thinking he didn't deserve so much love.

"All in time baby." Gerard told him softly. "You're just going to have to try and control yourself while your heal because if you end up in the hospital again;" Gerard shut his eyes to hold back tears, "I can't lose you." He said quietly and Frank wiped away the few tears that escaped.

"I guess if I try hard enough I can deal." Frank told Gerard then kissed him softly on the lips to make him stop thinking about Frank dying. "So what would we call the band?"

"Mikey came up with 'My Chemical Romance'." Gerard said with an excited smile. Frank had always wanted to be in a band and to do it with your best friends who all had amazing talent was as good as it could get.

"Fuck!" He exclaimed with amazement. "That's good!" Gerard nodded as Frank gave him a curious smile and sat up then slid down on Gerard until he was sitting on Gerard's pelvis. He began to rub Gerard's thighs and smiled widely when Gerard shut his eyes and his mouth opened slightly.

"What are you doing?" Gerard asked, eyes still shut.

"Playing." Frank said in an innocent voice as he continued to rub Gerard.

"Frank you-"

"I can make you feel good even if you can't do it for me." He said unbuttoning Gerard's pants then going back to rubbing his thighs, moving closer and closer to Gerard's cock.

"But I would feel bad if I was really happy and you weren't." Gerard put his hands on Franks.

"If you're happy then I'm happy." Frank pulled his hands out of Gerard's grip and put them around Gerard's neck, leaning really close to him. "Plus, you're taking care of me. That makes me happy. You make me feel loved." Frank kissed Gerard passionately on the lips. "And I owe you."

"Fine." Gerard said putting his hands on Frank's chest and gently pushing him up. "But we can't do it here." Frank got up, slowly, and headed to Gerard's room, Gerard following him closely. Before Frank made it to the door though, Gerard put his arms around Frank's waist and lifted him up to carry him the rest of the way. Frank kicked open the door and Gerard put Frank on the bed then fell down next to him. Frank returned to his position on top of Gerard. "Don't over work yourself though."

"I think I can manage a blow job." Frank said, tugging Gerard's pants down. Gerard took his shirt off and threw it to join the other clothes strewn across the room, Frank throwing the hoodie and his shirt as well until he was down to the bandages. Slowly Frank began to rub Gerard again and Gerard shut his eyes again. He made little whining noises which made Frank giggle as he bent down to replace his hands with his mouth, Gerard gripping the sheets tightly and arching his back slightly as Frank worked.
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