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Parceque Tu Es Mon Enfant

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Gee's pov again; this isn't the last chapter but I might be getting close...unless I get struck by a flash of genius xD

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Ch.9; Parcque Tu Es Mon Enfant

{{Gee's POV;

I don't give a fuck if this isn't going anywhere plot wise. I refuse to give up on it so soon xD }}

The crisp evening air sent shivers up Gerard's arms as he stuck his hands in the pockets of his coat, his scarf dancing behind him. Red, orange, yellow, and an occasional green leaf crunched under his feet as he slowly made his way through the graveyard, reading the headstones to see who exactly he was walking on. Most were eroded past the point of being legible so Gerard headed back to the large angel he had come there for. Sitting on the edge of the stone, Gerard pulled out his cigarettes and stuck one in his mouth then lit it, taking a long drag from the little white stick.

"I miss you." He said as he exhaled thin gray streams of smoke. "I feel so lost without you with me." Gerard inhaled deeply again, quickly causing the cigarette to burn away. When it was gone, he threw the useless butt at a pile of dirt and leaned his head back to look at the gray sky. "The sun doesn't shine much anymore." A slight breeze ran by him, causing a few leaves to make little flips in the air before drifting back to the ground. Gerard smiled as he watched them. "I know you're with me. I know you won't ever leave my side." He felt as though he was not alone and that someone was standing next to him. When Gerard looked up, he saw Ray standing next to him with a small smile.

"Come on, we got to go now." He said softly and Gerard nodded as he stood up. "I'll meet you at the car." Ray said as he headed back to the spot he parked the car in and Gerard turned to face the grave.

"I'll never forget you. I never could." He said before turning to follow Ray. Gerard put his face to his chest as he walked to shelter himself from the brutal winds. When he reached the car he got quickly inside to warm up. "Do you think she's happy?"

"I bet she is." Ray said as he started the car and pulled out of the graveyard. "Helena was wonderful." Gerard smiled and agreed as he leaned his head on the window while Ray drove.

"I hope Frank's still asleep. He freaks out when he's awake and I'm not there." Gerard said looking at the clock in the car. Ray laughed as he directed the vehicle down the vacant roads. "I really don't want to go through another situation either." Gerard said with a heavy sigh. The doctor's words flashed through his mind as they made their way back to the hospital.

We were really lucky Mr. Way. We managed to get him stable again. By not accepting pain medication, he worked himself up so much trying to fight the pain that his heart went into overtime. If we didn't get to him when we did, his heart would have burst.

When the surgeon told him that Frank would live, he felt like kissing the doctor because he was so happy but of course he held back only because he didn't want to get kicked out of the hospital. Of course it wasn't a pretty sight when they finished. Frank had to stay in the ICU and he looked like he did when they first brought him there. He had machines hooked to him and needles everywhere. His chest was completely wrapped in bandaging and he had a tube going down his throat for a good amount of time to manage his breathing and heart rate. Gerard didn't understand everything he was told about the machinery and medications, he was just glad Frank was still alive.

You'll have to make sure he takes it easy for the next year at least. He'll have physical therapy for awhile to strengthen his heart because it became very weak from the amount of stress he put on it. When he is strong enough to leave, he is not allowed to run or jump around for a few weeks. Try to avoid intercourse as well if at all possible.

Gerard nodded to everything the doctor told him, even if the 'no sex' part turned his mood slightly. When the anesthetic wore off and Frank woke up, Gerard began to cry and told Frank over and over how much he loved him and that he was never leaving his side. For a few days Frank couldn't talk and was only awake about an hour a day but over time the tube got removed and his mouth quickly made up for lost time.

It had been a very, very long month since the surgery and Frank was improving every day. He would be allowed to head home within the next week which excited everyone. Gerard was hoping that he would be out for his birthday which was two days away only because he spent his college money on a gift that he knew Frank would love. He vowed to do anything to make Frank happy and to make sure he was taken care of.

"What are you thinking about?" Ray asked which snapped Gerard from his thoughts.

"A band." Gerard said smiling.

"What band?"

"Our band." Ray looked at Gerard with confusion when he wasn't watching the road to make sure they didn't go in a ditch.

"But we don't have a band." He said trying to understand what Gerard was talking about. Gerard just laughed slightly and shifted so he was facing Ray as much as his seatbelt would allow him.

"Yet." He told Ray still smiling. "I was thinking we should start one. You can play the guitar like nothing I've never seen, as can Frank. Mikey is fucking amazing with the bass and Bob blows people away with the drums. We've always thought about it so why not?"

"What would you do? You can't play the guitar if your life depended on it." Ray teased Gerard who smacked him gently so that he wouldn't cause a car crash.

"I'd sing." Ray looked at Gerard with wide eyes full of shock.

"Seriously?!" Gerard nodded and Ray smiled widely. "Then fuck yeah we should do it!" He said excitingly as he pulled into the hospital's visitor parking lot. "After Frank gets better of course." He said as he pulled up to the doors and Gerard unbuckled to get out. "I'll tell the others!"

"Don't let Frank find out. I have it planned for his birthday." He told Ray who nodded then waved good-bye as Gerard made his way into the hospital. He waved to the nurses who smiled and said hello while Gerard headed for Frank's room. They had brought him out of the ICU no more than a week ago and let him stay in a regular room again as long as he promised to behave. He had his own room because the other bed was intended for Gerard to sleep in so they could avoid Frank almost killing himself again but Gerard always ended up in bed with Frank.

If Frank was awake by the time it got dark out, Gerard would get into bed with him and they would fall asleep together. If Frank was asleep, Gerard would lay on the other bed and fall asleep but sometime during the night Frank would wake up and call out for Gerard so Gerard would get up and go to lay down with Frank before he freaked out. If Gerard wasn't there when Frank woke up, he would start to freak up too so Gerard would rarely leave. He just really wanted to visit his grandmother's grave so he left Frank for no more than an hour while he slept to do so.

Slowly pushing open the door, Gerard entered the room and shut the door behind him. Frank was awake and he smiled when he saw Gerard. "I was starting to get worried." He said quietly as Gerard walked over to him. "I found your note. How is she?"

"Good." He told Frank, bending down to kiss him. "I put fresh flowers on the grave."

"I wish I could have gone." He said as Gerard sat in a chair next to the bed.

"She understands Frankie." He said softly to Frank. Gerard and Mikey's grandmother had been like a grandmother to Frank, Bob, and Ray as well so when she passed they were all devastated. He took Frank's hand into his own and stared into his eyes. "Have you eaten yet?" Frank shook his head as he stared back at Gerard.

"I didn't feel like it." Frank told Gerard who sighed and shook his head slightly.

"They only way you're getting out of here baby is to prove you can eat and hold it down." Gerard told Frank who moaned and looked to the edge of his bed.

"I know..." He mumbled and Gerard laughed slightly as he rubbed Frank's hand with his fingers.

"You're eating a big breakfast then. You need to gain some weight still too." Frank moaned again and Gerard laughed slightly. He loved when Frank acted like a spoiled child because it made Frank look adorable.

"I will eventually." Frank said looking back to Gerard with a smile. "When I can eat something other than this hospital shit." They both laughed a little. "I'm tired.

"Want to go to sleep then?" Frank nodded so Gerard stood and turned the light off, leaving only the light over Frank's bed on. Frank sat up while Gerard climbed into the bed, laying down and getting under the blanket as Frank climbed on top of Gerard and laid his head on Gerard's chest. Gerard pulled the blanket up to Frank's shoulders which were at Gerard's waist with the way Frank laid on him then put his arms around Frank.

"I love that sound." Frank said as he drifted off to sleep.

"What sound?"

"The sound of your heart." Gerard ran his hand through Frank's hair as Frank's eyes slowly fell shut.

"And I love the sound of yours." He told Frank with a smile which made Frank smile before he was on the verge of sleep.

"Sing to me please." Frank asked as he fought of sleep just to hear Gerard's voice. Gerard sighed and smiled because Frank asked him every night to sing.

"What do you want to here?" He asked and it took a moment for Frank to respond because Frank was nearly asleep.

"The song you sang to me to bring me back to you." He mumbled with his eyes shut, staying awake just to hear Gerard sing.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. So please don't take my sunshine away." By the time he finished the song, Frank had fallen asleep so Gerard leaned his head against the pillow and stared at the ceiling, thanking God for giving him Frank before he turned the light off and fell asleep himself.


Gerard woke up to Frank's lips pressed firmly to his. He smiled and blinked the sleep from his eyes as he sat up slightly. "About time! I've been doing this for a good five minutes at least." Frank told him with a smile as Gerard yawned and looked around the room. The sun was illuminating the white walls so Gerard figured it was probably late morning as Frank stared him down.

"How'd you sleep?" He asked Frank who sat up so Gerard could. Frank turned himself around and sat on Gerard's lap, leaning his head back against Gerard and pulling Gerard's arms around his waist.

"Beautifully. You?" Gerard rested his chin on Frank's head as he gently held Frank to him. He avoided Frank's chest because it was still sensitive from the surgery and Frank would wince every time a nurse changed the bandaging.

"Fine." Gerard told him as Frank rubbed Gerard's arm.

"Today I can go home!" He suddenly burst and Gerard was hit with confusion.

"What? When did you find this out?" He asked turning Frank's smiling face up so Gerard could look him in the eyes.

"While your lazy ass was still asleep, the doctor came in and reviewed everything with me. He said if I felt fine I could leave since my charts showed I was strong enough. I just have to come back every Tuesday and Thursday for physical therapy." Frank's eyes sparkled with joy as Gerard kissed his forehead.

"You sure you feel ok to leave?" He asked and Frank looked at him slightly disappointed.

"I want to leave this place and be at home with you where I can eat real food and have real fun." He said with a mischievous smile as he reached under the blanket and to Gerard's thigh.

"Well you're taking it easy. Which means you're staying out of my pants for a bit longer." Frank frowned and Gerard smiled as he kissed Frank again. "I just really don't want you to end up here again baby."

"I know I just miss being where your pants should be." Gerard laughed as he pulled Frank's hands back to the surface. "How long do I have to wait?"

"Look you little horny bunny, you're heart needs to be a hell of a lot stronger before we return to fucking twenty-four seven." Frank looked at Gerard with disappointment and Gerard ran his fingers through Frank's hair. "I'll call Ray and have him pick us up." Gerard slid out from under Frank who fell back on the bed with his arms crossed as he gave Gerard the look of hate. "I love you too." He said to Frank as he pulled his cellphone out and called Ray.

Ray said he would be to the hospital in about a half hour so Gerard went back to Frank to help him dress after a doctor came in and gave Frank the final word that he could leave. The doctor gave Frank medication to take and then instructed Gerard on how to change the bandages which would have to be done once a day to prevent infection since the scar was across most of Frank's chest. Gerard would have to carefully take the bandages off, rub this special cream shit on the scar, then wrap Frank up again in new bandaging. He didn't really want to do it but he didn't want Frank to get an infection either so he told himself he would just have to deal because Frank needed him.

"I decided to drop out of school." He told Frank as they waited for Ray to arrive. Frank turned to him and stared with large worried eyes.


"Because you need me right now. He told Frank then kissed Frank and smiled. "I can always return later."

"I've ruined your life." Frank said quietly as he looked to the floor. Gerard pulled Frank's face back up to face him then kissed Frank again.

"You are my life." A tear escaped Frank's eyes and Gerard could tell that Frank was truly happy as he threw his arms around Gerard to hug him.

"Why are you so good to me?" He whispered.

"Because you deserve every fucking ounce of kindness in the world." Gerard told him softly when the door flew open and Mikey yelled exciting letting them know their ride had arrived.

"You're finally leaving this fucking place!" He said with a smile as he walked towards them, Bob and Ray following. "The day before your birthday too."

"How's it feel?" Bob asked falling onto a chair while Mikey sat on top of him.

"Wonderful." Frank told them with a large smile.

"Sorry, they wouldn't let me leave without them." Ray said to Gerard who smiled as he rolled his eyes and shook his head. "So it's going to be a bit crowded."

"Well it won't be a long ride. We just need to stop at my house so I can get the basics then Gerard and I can go to collect the rest later." Frank told him standing up and heading for the door.

"You sure you want to live with me at my mom's until I find an apartment or something?" Gerard asked Frank who stopped and looked at him.

"My mother had no right telling you to stay away from me. I don't want to be near her if she can't accept our relationship." He said as he threw his bag of stuff over his shoulder.

"Well Mikey and I are only staying at the house for the weekend then we're heading back to school." Bob said putting his arms around Mikey who nodded in agreement.

"Well we should get going then if you're all set." Ray said as he played with his keys. Mikey got off Bob so Bob could get up and the five of them left the room, Gerard's arm around Frank's shoulder as they headed out. Frank waved good-bye to all the nurses who had help take care of him and they all said they would miss him.

The trip home proved interesting as Frank sat up front so he could have room while Gerard, Bob, and Mikey all crammed into the back seat. Gerard stared out the window while Bob and Mikey misbehaved and Frank laughed when he realized what they were doing. Ray stopped at Frank's house and he went inside, coming out a few minutes later with a bag of clothes, his mother standing in the doorway crying and pleading with him not to go. He got in the car, ignoring her, and told Ray to just leave so Ray sighed and headed for the Way residence.

Mrs. Way greeted them with a plate of cookies and hugs for everyone except Frank only because if anything touched his chest wrong it would cause him pain. If he slept on his stomach he would have to position himself just right or he would be in pain all night. Frank went to Gerard's room and put his stuff away then joined them all back in the living room. "Frank has to go to bed soon." Gerard said and Frank stared at him.

"Why do I have a bedtime?" He protested and everyone laughed.

"Because, unless you forgot, you're taking it easy." Gerard gave Frank a smile of dominance which was returned with a stare of unamusement. "Plus tomorrow's your birthday and I have a lot planned." Frank's face suddenly beamed again as he remembered that the next day was indeed his birthday.

"Well I guess I could go to bed early if it meant waking up to a room of gifts." He joked and stood. It was 9 pm so it wasn't terribly early as Frank headed to Gerard's room. Mrs. Way went to her room for the night with Mr. Way and Gerard got stuff out for Ray to sleep in the living room since Bob and Mikey would just go to Mikey's room. When everyone was situated for the night, Gerard headed to his room to make sure Frank was all set.

Frank was laying in Gerard's bed staring at the door. "You comfortable?" He asked as he pulled off his shirt and climbed into bed with Frank. Frank put his head on Gerard's chest again.

"Now I am." He said as Gerard laughed and pulled the blanket up over them. It was dark but he could tell that Frank was smiling which made him smile too. "Good night Gee."

"Good night Frankie." He said kissing the top of Frank's head. "Sweet dreams."

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