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Allie wakes up in an all to familiar place. The hospital. YUCK

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Allisons POV
"She's ALIVE" Was the first thing I heard when I woke up. Great... I was in a hospital with some psycotic freak. Then again, I really shouldn't be so hypocritical. Anyway, I rubbed my eyes together to see who was talking to me.

Holy. Shit. Its Gerard, FUCKING, Way. And my first meet with him is in a hospital. Some great fucking impression there ain't it.

"Umm... Hi... Sorry if my friends did any wierd crap to you yesterday. I kinda wanted to talk to you guys so I needed someone to stall you.. sorry..." I apologized, staring down at my chest. I did feel really bad, knowing them they probably like kissed them both.

"Hah, yeah, its okay. I probably would've had my friends do something crazy to the Misfits if I saw them. No big deal, it was kind of funny, maybe?" Gerard said. "Who knows what Frank would've done?" We both laughed at the thought, and Gerard shook his head.

Right on que, Frank charged in and hopped into my hospital bed. "Yay!! I luff you!!" He bounced up and down excitedly.

"Uhh.. Frank... you kind of... she looks like she's in pain!" Gerard said, scratching his head. Frankie quickly got off my bed and giggled nervously.

"Sorry about that.." He said.

"Thats okay!! Sit down, I don't mind. Just not on top of me please!" I chuckled, then patted the space next to me on the bed. Frank happily pounced on it, he was like an overly hyper five year old. I guess the hundreds of fanfictions I read about him were right!

I handed Frank my bed remote and he pressed the 'service' button. As soon as he hit the button, a nurse walked in and asked if I needed anything.

"Eighteen cookies please nursie!!" Frankie shouted. Me and Gerard rolled out eyes. I could tell the nurse did too.

"Okay.. SIR" Frank smiled.

"How long do I have to stay here?" I asked Gerard, looking at the time. It read 8:02 in the morning.

"The doctor said twelve," He responded. "Do you want to go back with your two friends, or stay with us until we leave again?"

Alyssa walked in all of a sudden, and answered for me "She's staying with us."

... Wait... WHAT???!

Frankie and Gerard frowned. I quickly stood up from my bed "NOO!! I wanna stay with you!! Pwease Lyss?" I begged. Hmm, whats up with all this de ja vu?

Alyssa sighed, I could tell the idea of me staying with her least favorite band wasn't exactly appealing. Not to mention she was probably a bit jealous a famous person wanted me to stay with them.

Alyssa's POV

Gr... Allie better be happy!

"Fine... you can stay with those emos freaks."

Gerard's POV

Dude!! How can she call us emo when she fucking kissed us?

Good thing she wasn't a good kisser, if she was I'd be dissapointed :)

A/N LOL! I know.. like I said my first chapters are always pretty crappy!
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