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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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A Halloween special for GnR. The Gunners are trying to get into the Halloween spirit by telling scary stories by a campfire, yet none of them seem to be very talented in it...

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For this story, we’re just going to pretend that our lovely little Gunners all went to the same high school…Oh, and everybody’s going by their stage names, cause I’m too lazy to do otherwise. Please enjoy!

The five sixteen year-olds sat around the flickering fire, occasionally eyeing each other as the awkward quiet filled their ears.

“Ok, so we’re in the middle of the woods, in the middle of the night, sitting around a fire, why, again?” Axl asked.

Slash sighed, “Well, in honor of Halloween, we’re going to tell scary stories around a campfire. It’s a tradition.”

“Where, exactly, is it a tradition?” Axl questioned, narrowing his eyes.

Slash rolled his eyes and sighed again, “It’s a beautiful place called America, Ax.”

“Ok, well shouldn’t somebody start actually telling a scary story?” Duff smirked.

“Ok, Duff, if you’re so confident, how ‘bout you tell the first one?” Slash suggested, glaring at him.

“Ok, I’ve got one, did you see Axl flirting with that girl, Shelly, today? An absolute nightmare.”

“Please, man,” Axl started, “She’s totally hitting on me.”

“Sure she is,” he laughed.

“Ok, Duff, seriously though. You can start now.”

Duff sighed, “Okay, once there was this guy named…Paul. Yes, Paul was very popular with the ladies. He looked good, he was a smooth talker, but most of all, he was good in bed.”

“Dee, please, we have innocent ears here!” Slash scolded, pointing at poor little Steven.

“Well, I’m soooory, that’s how the story goes! So anyways, there was this other guy, John, who was really jealous of him. John was one of those freaks like the guys that hit on Izzy, if you know what I mean,” ignoring the glares from his brunette friend, the blonde continued, “Anyways, one time, John decided he had had enough, so he thought up a plan that would ruin Paul. So he decided in order to do this, he had to get close to Paul’s friend Ringo-“

“Ok, you know what, Duff, I was suspicious that you were basing this off the Beatles, but right there you just plain out told us,” Slash interrupted.

“Well, I’m so sorry if I’m not very creative with names…or personalities…or plots…”

“Ok, you know what,” Axl started, “I have a better one.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“Sure. Once there was this guy named…Alex. Okay, Alex was a lot like Paul, in his excuse of a story. He was super cool and hot, and everyone loved him. All of his friends, Drew, Stew, Sam, and Ian bowed down to him. Anyways, there was this other guy named…V…V…Vick.”

“Axl, I don’t even know why you’re trying, we all know you’re talking about Vince, that one guy you hate for no reason. And hello, Alex? That doesn’t sound a bit like Axl. And I don’t suppose ‘Drew, Stew, Sam, and Ian’ happen to really be ‘Duff, Steve, Slash, and Izzy’, do they?” Slash asked.

“Dammit, Slash! Stop ruining our secret codes!” Axl yelled.

“It’s not so secret.”

“Ok, you know what, Slash, let’s see you tell a scary story,” Axl said, crossing his arms.

“Fine,” he replied, leaning closer to the fire, “This story is called…’They’re Coming for You’…”

Axl and Duff nodded, crossing their arms and hoping the story would be as failure.

“So anyways, once a small boy named Mark made a bet that he could go into a haunted house. He was supposed to go there in the middle of the night and run up to the bedroom where the child who used to live there supposedly died in and leave a mark there with red paint. That would prove he had been-“

“No! Stop it!” Steven wailed, “I don’t want to hear this story! It’s too scary!”

Slash sighed, “Don’t cry now, Stevie, it’s okay, I won’t tell that one.”

“Aw, come on man,” Axl moaned, glaring at him.

“Waita go, Steve, you just killed it for the rest of us,” Duff said.

“I’m sorry, but it was too scary…” Steven muttered apologetically.

Axl sighed and looked up, “How bout you, Iz? You haven’t talked much, you got one for us?”

“No,” he replied bluntly.

”Aw, come on, Izzy Wizzy,” Duff pleaded.

“Don’t call me that.”

Duff stomped his foot and turned to the Axl, mock-whining, “Come on, Ax, make him tell one. Our last choice is Steven, and God knows how that would end.”

“Fine,” Axl sighed. He stood up and slid over to Izzy, sitting himself on his lap. He smiled sweetly and looked at him, “If you tell a good one, I’ll give you a kiss.”

“W-What!?” Izzy gasped, his face turning beat red.

“Pwease? For me?” he asked cutely, resting his head on his shoulder.

Izzy’s eyes darted away in a mad attempt to get away from the redhead’s adorable and irresistible face, but it was no use. He could feel his cute little eyes burning holes into his head.

“F-Fine…” Izzy muttered.

“Yay!” Axl squealed, throwing his arms around him.

“Yeah yeah…Anyways, once there were five friends sitting around a campfire, telling scary stories…little did they know, but someone, or something, was watching them. As their stories carried on, they started to hear rustling in the woods around them…”

Izzy got quiet for a second, allowing the band members to hear the wind make the leaves rustle, “So one of them gets scared and starts looking around, just to make sure…”

As expected, they all secretly looked around them, “Then the person that was watching them started walking closer. Finally, as the fire flickered and showed little light around the group, he cautiously walked up with his knife, being as quiet as possible and waiting for the exact right chance to,” Suddenly, Izzy screamed and pointed behind Slash. All of the other teens screamed as well, and swung their heads over to where he was pointing.

Izzy soon after burst out laughing, “God, you guys are easy to scare.”

Axl smiled, “Yeah, you really got us,” he leaned up and kissed Izzy on the lips, making Izzy’s face turn fifteen shades of red. After he had, he happily slid back to his former position next to Slash.

Izzy covered his lips, “God, Ax, I didn’t think you were serious!”

Axl giggled, “Chill, it’s not like we do much worse when we’re wasted.”

Everyone else, including Izzy, stared at him with wide eyes, “What!?”

“Joke, guys, joke,” Axl laughed, “I mean, it’s probably true, but I’m never conscious to witness it. I mean, seeing that girls are always making out when they’re wasted, we probably do it too.”

“Oh, trust me, we do,” Duff smiled.

Steven looked at Duff with huge eyes, “I don’t do anything bad, do I?”

“Oh, god, Steve, you’re the worst. You basically raped Axl last time,” Duff replied.

Steve instantly broke out into tears, “W-What!? I did!?”

Slash glared at him, “Duff, leave him alone.”

They all glanced at each other, “About that thing watching us…”

It only took a second for all of them to stand up, put the fire out, and jump into Slash’s car, driving away as fast as they could.
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