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One of THOSE nights.

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A month later, everything was back to normal. Well, as normal as you can get with a baby. He was a good kid though. Gabe never looked at me the same. He thought it could be his. One day I had to confront him.
"Gabe. I don't care if he's your child. I don't love you. I love Nate. Dearly. So I don't need to know if Aiken is your child. Because all that matters is that he is here and healthy."
He walked off angrily and I sat cradling Aiken.
The day blurred on and off. I put Aiken down in his crib and kissed Nate.
Suddenly everything changed. We were flying in the air. The bus was flipping. We kept rolling and rolling and I became unconciess. When I woke up, I was standing above the wreckage. No. Floating. I was dead? I looked around, and also next to me, floating, was Nate, Gabe, Victoria, Ryland, and Alex. Crap. Cobra Starship just died. Wait. Where was Aiken? I floated into the wreckage and found him under his crib without a scratch on him. He was alive. Thank god. The other bus was parked next to the road, with ambulances crating our bodies out. Natasha was crying her eyes out. Patrick was trying to comfort her, but he was also crying. Why did this happen? Did they know about Aiken being alive? Like they had heard me, Natasha ran to a cop and complained about a baby being missing. The officer rushed into the wreckage and brought out my baby. He handed him to Natasha and told her to take care of him until they could get everything dealt with. Nate held my hand. I looked at him, he had a wise look in his eyes that said everything would be all right. And it was true. A few months later, Natasha and Patrick adopted Aiken, leaving his last name as Novarro as a tribute to his parents. They got married and the band kept going. Many people were sad because of our deaths, but forgot after a while, which I didn't mind. Aiken grew up as a famous doctor, he discovered the cure for AIDS. I was with Nate forever and knew my child had a successful life. I was at complete peace.

The next thing I knew, I was crying. I got held by a doctor. But how was this possible? I had no mass. The next thing I saw was the face of Aiken, with his wife. They were smiling at me. I was still crying but I didn't know why. I wasn't in any pain. The doctor handed me off to Aikens wife. She said, "I'll name her Amy." Then I forgot everything.
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