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Chapter Two: Everybody loves a clown.

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After playing for three weeks straight the boys finally get some down time and just their luck, the circus is in town! But there luck is about to change when Mikey stumbles upon something quite dis...

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Disclaimer: I don't own My Chem and I don't own Supernatural

WARNINGS: Each chapter of this story is based on the mentoned Suprnatural episode. The different characters create a slightly different story but the basic plot details are the same. Each chapter contains scenes of horror, violence and there is heavy swearing. If you didn't like the show, you probably wont like this.

Chapter Two: Everybody loves a clown.


It was a word the boy's hadn't heard of in over three weeks now.

My Chemical Romance was booming, well booming as much as a small basement band from Jersey could be this early in their careers. Every bar, nightclub and underground club wanted them to play.

For three weeks, they took the stage every single night, playing music that would no doubt send them deaf at an early age, before retiring to drink with whatever bigger band they had been opening for that night.

For three weeks, they felt like rock stars. And for now, three weeks was fucking plenty.

If they wanted to make it big, they knew they would have to be able to cope with a lot more then a measly twenty one days of non-stop playing, that was probably why all of them kept their exhaustion bottled up. Nobody wanted to be the first to crack.

Gerard was tired, cranky and wanted a fucking holiday! He knew the rest of them felt the same. Mikey would chuck a small fit when anybody dared to say anything to him, Ray refused to even look at his guitar, Frank went off into a disarray of swear words whenever anyone touched him or accidentally brushed up against him and Bob would punch anything in site, as a warning, if anyone so much as side-glanced at him.

When Brian called them and said that they had a few nights off before they had to play again, the tension in the van lifted away almost instantly.

Frank could finally ask Mikey for a high five without the skinny boy whining and complaining about how he just wanted to be left alone. As their palms slapped together, Mikey's hand actually making contact with Frank, not a swear word left the small guitarists mouth. Ray smiled to himself as he pulled out a 'Sinatra' song book and buried himself in it whilst Bob turned around from the driver’s seat, looked them all in the eye and then innocently questioned why they all flinched when he raised a hand to pat Gerard on the shoulder.

Yup, some downtime was exactly what they needed.

Sure, they wanted to be rock stars which meant having to deal with non-stop shows for months on end; but for now, they would take it in small chunks. They weren't that stubborn that they wouldn't all secretly agree that they fucking loved Brian for letting them rest.

"Okay, well so far we've passed a fat load of nothing. Don't get me wrong, it's great to finally have some time off, but there's fucking nothing to do around here," Frank whined as he wound down his window and lit up a cigarette.

Gerard must have drifted off into a very light sleep because at the sound of Frank's voice he suddenly tuned into his surroundings. When he had last been conscious they were passing through a small town that was very green. Now, once again, there was nothing but desert and truck stops.

"There's an old haunted prison we can spend the night in. Apparently they give you food and everything. You get to eat in the same room that the ex-cons were hung in," Mikey said happily as he searched through all the broachers he had taken at their last food stop.

"No thanks, knowing our luck the place will actually be fucking haunted with homicidal spirits and all. May I remind you that my shoulder wound is still trying to heal. I'm beginning to think it's infected, it smells kind of funky," Frank quickly replied, fiddling around with the bandage on his shoulder.

"That's fucking gross Iero, don't bring it near me," Bob complained as he shifted uncomfortable in his seat.

Once again, the large drummer was driving the bus. They had all pitched in and bought him a bottle of Rum at their last stop, just to keep him happy. The rest of them continually changed seats, just so that each day one of them got shot gun and one of them got a whole row of seats to themselves. It still didn't stop people complaining.

One thing that Gerard had noticed though. No matter what, Frank and him never ended up sitting together. Not since the small incident where Gerard had left his hand on Frank's arm just a wee bit too long.

Every time he looked towards his friend he could noticeably see Frank doing everything in his power not to make eye contact with him. He mentally kicked himself in the balls at how fucking stupid he had been. Awkwardness didn't work when you were trapped in the same space as someone twenty four seven.

"Oh my god, no fucking way!" Mikey cried out, finally pulling out a rather colourful looking broacher that was clearly worthy of excitement.

"It better not be anything haunted Mikey," Ray warned from the back seat. He didn't even look up from his book as he spoke.

"No, it's not. Look, the circus is in town!"

Mikey waved the colourful advertisement under all of their noses before clapping his hands together like a small child would at the prospect of going somewhere with cotton candy, balloons and rides. Gerard braced himself for Frank's matching cries of excitement, but they never came.

As the small guitarist was handed the broacher by Mikey, he paled in colour and stared at it as though terrified it was going to swallow him whole.

"So long as they have hotdogs and hot chips with tomato sauce, and so long as I can drink some of my fucking Rum whilst you kids go and play, then the circus it is," Bob said, clearly trying to sound like the wonderful person that he was but sounding more like he would snap them all in half if he got there and wasn't allowed to have what he asked for.

Mikey jumped out of his seat in excitement and reached forward so that he could ruffle up Frank's hair. Frank flinched and moved away as though irritated, the excited Mikey barely even noticed.

"Finally, something fun!" Mikey cried out as he continued to bounce around. "I wonder if they've got a ghost train! I wonder if they've got that cheese on a stick stuff! Oh, do you think they'll have snow cones?"

In the back seat, Ray actually laughed. It was clear that the idea of the circus, something everyone associated with laughter and fun and good times, was lifting all of their spirits. Well, all of their spirits save for Frank, who was still rather quite as he sucked on the end of his cigarette as though his very life depended on its toxic fumes.

"Man, the last time I went to the circus I must have been something like eight years old," Ray reminisced, resting his book on his chest as he stared at the ceiling clearly lost in his own memories. "I went on the Ferris wheel so much they had to ban me from it; apparently all the other stupid kids were missing out on a turn."

"Shit Gee, I don't even remember the last time we went. But remember our cousin Mathew, the one that would always pick on you for being fat? One go on that ghost train and you sure showed him. I think you put a hand on his shoulder right near the end and he just squealed like a little bitch. Oh man, good times." Mikey was leaning over the back seat, his chin resting on his arm as he too seemed lost in his own past.

"Yeah, I remember that little jerk. His Mum said he still wakes up screaming in the middle of the night. Wimp," Gerard joined in, taking the same trip down memory lane with his brother. His view of the story wasn't as pleasant, he had hated being called fat.

"What's up Frank? I thought you'd be practically wetting yourself with excitement by now," Bob said from the front seat as he turned to face the still deathly silent Frank.

"Huh? Oh ... course I'm excited. Yay! I'm just really tired, that's all."

There was no enthusiasm in Frank's voice as he spoke and he had only just woken up from what was going on to be a fourteen hour sleep just a short while ago. There was no way he could still be tired!

Gerard just watched him closely, determined to get to the bottom of Frank's distress. There was clearly something up.

"Well, I recon we'll be there by about lunch time, but it's a good two hour drive, so if anyone needs to stop tell me now because I'm not offering again. You can pee in an empty beer can after that," Bob instructed and they all knew that he wasn't kidding.

"Um - we'll stop now I think," Gerard said, remembering the last time Bob forced him to pee in a beer can. It hadn't been pretty. He wasn't good at aiming, it went everywhere!

They drove for a few more miles, Mikey and Ray chatting animatedly about their various childhood memories of the circus whilst Frank lit up what was now his fifth cigarette in the past half hour. When they finally pulled over, at another rundown looking truck stop Frank didn't go rushing off inside to get food like Mikey did, he merely distanced himself from the group to finish his smoke.

Gerard had not had a conversation with the guitarist in over three weeks and whilst he had figured it was best to just leave Frank alone and let him talk to him again when he was ready, he felt that it had gone on long enough. It was obvious that Frank needed him, he wasn't going to just stand back and wait for him to just open up and tell them all what was troubling him; they would be waiting forever.

"Can I steal one before you devour them all?" Gerard asked, apparently startling Frank as he almost jumped out of his skin.

"W-what? Steal a ... huh?" Frank said looking slightly confused as though he had been so lost in his own thoughts that he had no idea where he was.

"A cigarette. Can I pinch one?"

"Oh ... yeah, of course you can." Frank held out his pack of smokes for Gerard to take one, then proceeded to hand over his lighter.

"Alright Frank, time to spill the beans. What's bothering you?" Gerard figured the best way to approach Frank was to be very direct.

"N-nothing ... why? What makes you think something's bothering me?" he said, moving the cigarette in-between his fingers closer to his lips.

"Well, for starters, you're about to smoke the wrong side of that cigarette," Gerard explained quickly reaching forward and pulling Franks hand away from his mouth.

"Oh ... so I was." Frank feigned a laugh as he looked down at his fingers and noticed the smoke was the wrong way around.

Gerard just smiled kindly at him, hoping that now he would simply tell him what was wrong as he could no longer pretend. Frank watched him for a few moments and then breathed a heavy sigh as his forehead crinkled into a look of deep distress.

"I hate clowns," he admitted.

"You what?" Gerard asked, just because he couldn't believe what Frank had just said.

"I hate clowns. I dunno what it is, they just fucking creep me out. Please don't tell the others, I'll never hear the end of it."

Frank's eyes bore into Gerard’s, begging him not to give away his secret. He remembered when Frank had accidentally revealed that he had a fear of spiders one drunken night. The next day Mikey had dangled a spider the size of a dime in front of him, just to see if he had been telling the truth; Frank didn't sleep for days after.

"I won’t tell," Gerard promised.

Then, he decided to take the risk. Lifting up a hand, he gently brought it down to rest on Frank's shoulder. A friendly pat, one that simply let Frank know that he was there for him. Just one pat and he moved away. It was important that he showed Frank nothing weird was going on between them.

Smiling at the small gesture, Frank ran a hand through his hair a little awkwardly as he struggled to keep eye contact with Gerard.

"Look Gee, I'm real sorry that I've been a bit distant these past few weeks. Just had a lot on my mind," Frank finally explained, looking at Gerard apologetically.

It was at that moment Gerard mentally high-fived himself because it was clear from the look on Frank's face that he probably thought himself to be rather stupid. Whatever he had gotten all awkward about that day in the back seat of the van, was now forgotten about. Gerard had redeemed himself; hopefully they could forget the whole stupid thing now.

"It's all good Frank. And hey, about the clown thing, we don't have to go to the stupid circus if you don't want to. We can just fuck off somewhere and get wasted if you want," Gerard offered as they headed back to the van now that Frank's spirits were slightly more lifted.

"Somehow I think Mikey will ask too many questions. Hey, you got to face your fears one day. Besides, maybe now that I've seen that killer scarecrow a pathetic little clown may not be so bad," Frank said, shrugging his shoulders as he finally put his cigarettes away.

"That's the spirit."


Gerard loved the circus just as much as the next full grown male who sometimes wished he was a kid again. But after three hours of nothing but ride after fucking ride, Gerard definitely needed some alone time.

"But Gee, we haven't even gone on the Ferris wheel yet!" Mikey whined when Gerard announced that he was going off to have a smoke.

"I think Ray has had plenty enough turns for all of us," Gerard called out as he made his hasty retreat.

He was certain if he spent anymore time with his brother the two of them would end up holding hands as they skipped through the petting zoo together. Gerard wasn't a kid anymore, it wouldn't take an ice cream and a go on the dodgem cars to keep him happy, it now took a beer and a lot of fucking cigarettes.

"You know what; I think I'm officially checking out. No more circus for me ever. I don't care if one day little Gerard Junior is begging me to go, I'm not taking him!" Gerard said as he finally managed to find Frank on a park bench that was quite possibly the furthest possible point away from any circus activity.

"I don't blame you. I wouldn't take my kid to any public places if his name was fucking Gerard Junior," Frank teased, a small smile breaking through the worry lines that had permanently fixed themselves on his face.

The second they arrived, Frank had been cautiously checking out his surroundings. The very second a rather colourful smiling clown walked past him, he threw up his hands called "I'm out" and then took off to a safer location. In those two hours it seemed that Frank had not once left the sanctuary of the bench.

"You hungry? Want me to sneak you around some food?" Gerard joked, nudging his frightened looking friend gently.

"No food, can't eat. I won’t say no to a beer though," Frank replied after thinking it through.

"Thank god. To the van it is."

Being as kind as he could to Frank, the two of them walked around the very edge of all the activity, that way they only managed to catch site of two or three clowns before they were leaving the bright tents and happy faces far behind them as they jumped into their stuffy van. Winding down all the windows, Gerard took the drivers seat whilst Frank took the passenger seat and together they rolled their seats back, propped their feet up on the dashboard and cracked open their warm beers.

"You see Frank, this is the life," Gerard said as he let out a heavy sigh.

Even though he was sick and tired of the circus, there was something quite pleasant about watching it from afar. There was also something quite pleasant about sitting in the van having a beer with Frank. After all, they were quite possible best friends, Gerard always enjoyed his company.

Still, there was just something about Frank that he couldn't quite shake. The laugh, the way he played guitar, there was just something there that Gerard couldn't get enough of.

They must have only been sitting there for a few minutes before a familiar figure came rushing towards them. Tall and lanky, glasses slipping down his sweaty nose, Mikey jumped into the van and immediately started rummaging through his stuff.

"What the fuck's got you so excited?" Frank asked, watching Mikey with great curiosity.

"Probably needs more money for food," Gerard said, just shrugging at his brother’s behaviour. "I'm not being held responsible when you die from over consumption."

"I'm not after money you douche; I'm looking for my phone!"

Mikey brushed the two of them aside as he finally found what he was looking for and let out a triumphant noise as he waved the mobile around in front of them. One look at his phone and the smile on his face vanished.

"Shit, Fuck and Poo, no reception."

"Mikey, what the hell?" Gerard practically shouted at his brother this time because curiosity was finally catching on. He wanted to know what had his brother so excited.

"Okay, you'll never guess what I just heard," Mikey said, abandoning his phone and moving in closer so that his body was practically wedged in-between what little space there was in the middle of Frank and Gerard.

"No we won’t, so tell us!" Frank cried out in frustration.

"Not last night, but the night before, there was a murder!" Mikey announced, excitement never leaving his voice or expression. His arms moved around as he spoke, exaggerating every word.

"Well that explains everything," Gerard said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

"Shut up and let me finish. Get this right, apparently the child of the two victims let the killer into the house. Like I mean the kid just let them in. Once inside the killer went straight to the parents room and not only fucking killed these poor bastards but ripped them into tiny pieces. Could you imagine the mess?" Mikey finished, getting slightly off track.

"What about the stupid kid that let them into the house, what happened to them?" Frank asked, hanging off Mikey's every word.

"The killer just left the kid alone, didn't harm them in any way. Pretty strange. And it wasn't just a one off thing either. According to the bearded lady, the same thing happened last night too!"

"You heard this off the bearded lady?" Gerard questioned, suddenly feeling quite skeptical.

"Yup, even got her number for you to bro, she seemed your type," Mikey said, and Gerard seriously couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

"So, what? I mean, it's pretty gruesome but what I think this place has is a bad case of uneducated kids." Frank mumbled something about 'stranger danger' before taking a sip from his beer.

"It does seem a bit strange though. Didn't the second kid learn anything from the first kid’s mistake? Why the hell would anyone, even a fucking child, let someone just walk into their house?" Gerard couldn't keep the outrage out of his voice, because seriously, he couldn't understand it. Frank was right, this place needed a much better education system.

"That's a good question Gee and I've got the answer to that to," Mikey said, a huge smile spreading across his face as he was no doubt excited at the piece of information he had been concealing from them. "The kids didn't fear the killer because they were disguised as something that they loved and trusted."

"What? How dumb is that!" Frank exclaimed loudly, almost laughing.

"Was he dressed up as a 'Pokemon' or something? I could just imagine a giant Pikachu hacking everyone up," Gerard laughed as Frank joined in.

"No you idiot, it's something much better then that. When the police asked the kids what the murderer looked like, you know what they said?"

"No we don't! Just fucking tell us already," Frank cried out.

"They both said that a clown did it."


"You guys are kidding right? Didn't you learn anything from the last time shit like this happened?" Ray said when all five band members were back in the van to get out of the sun for a while.

Mikey had immediately filled them in on what he had found out. Despite what had happened at the town with the scarecrow, Ray was still as skeptical as ever. Somehow, in the past three weeks, he had managed to convince himself that what they saw in the crops that day was just a hallucination from lack of sleep.

When Mikey brushed him aside and continued to talk about the killer clown as though he didn't care whether Ray believed or not, the afro-headed guitarist had to step in. If anything, just to keep them from doing anything stupid.

"Someone's got to stop this thing from butchering these people, may as well be us," Mikey defended himself as he hung out the van window with his phone, still trying to find a spot of reception.

"Why Mikey? Why the fuck has it got to be us? We're supposed to be on a break!" Ray shouted angrily, stomping his foot into the floor of the van.

"It's got to be us because we've already done it once before, we can do it again. And we are on a break, this is how I rest." With those final words, Mikey wriggled his body back into the van and sighed in frustration.

"Nothing?" Gerard asked his brother.

"Not one fucking bar. Man, how am I supposed to find out how to stop this thing if I can't get onto 'Google!"

"How about we take that as a sign from God that we're not meant to stop this thing," Frank said, his voice still quite shaky.

Since Mikey had announced that the killer he wanted to bring down was a clown, Frank had gone deathly silent and had apparently withdrawn himself into some sort of shell. Gerard could just imagine how pissed off he would be at the fact that the one thing Mikey was asking them to help him with was bringing down some murderous and possibly psychotic clown.

"How do you know we're not just dealing with some sick fuck who likes to dress up as a clown and hack people up?" Bob asked, taking a sip of his Rum and coke; it was the only way they could get him to take their story seriously.

"The bearded lady swore on her life that the clown the kids were apparently seeing at the circus had never ever worked there. The outfit and make-up that the sketch artist drew from what the kids said was old school circus stuff. Basically she said that whoever it was is seriously outdated and definitely not associated with whatever show they're running."

"Bunch of liars is what I recon," Ray said when Mikey had finished further explaining what he had learnt.

"Maybe, I for one am so going back there to see what else I can find out," Mikey finally announced, grabbing a couple of beers and waving them around in front of Gerard. "Come on bro, let’s go hunt down this creepy bastard."

"What? Mikey, I don't want to ... Ray's right, remember what happened last time we got involved in other people's -" As Gerard spoke, Mikey continued to wave the beers around, clearly not listening as he jumped from the van, still swinging the bottles behind him.

Before Gerard knew what he was doing, he was crawling through the gap between his and Frank's chairs and following the beer.

"Good boy Gee. Anyone else want to come?" Mikey asked, turning back to the van leaving Gerard wondering what the hell he was doing out of the driver’s seat and why he had blindly followed his brother like that.

"Fuck Mikey, how'd you do that?" he exclaimed, still watching the beers somewhat transfixed.

"You're an alcoholic Gee, it was simple. Frank, you seriously not going to come with us?"

Frank swallowed long and hard as he gave Gerard one look that said "help me."

"Er - Mikey, Frank's really - um, drunk - yeah, he's really drunk. Drank way too much before, he wont be much help," Gerard covered for him.

"Bummer, oh well. Don't leave without us!" Mikey instructed before handing Gerard his beer and heading back towards the circus. Gerard reluctantly followed, after Frank shot him a look of deep gratitude.

"Alright genius boy, what's the fucking plan?" Gerard asked, sipping on his beer as he struggled to keep up with his brother’s long strides.

"No idea. Just, keep your eyes open I guess."

"Great, that's your fantastic plan? Keep my eyes open! Real smooth," Gerard bitched. If it wasn't for the fact he had alcohol in his hand, he probably would have been a lot angrier at Mikey's missing sense of direction.

Even though Mikey claimed he had no idea what he was looking for, he still marched around the place as though he was searching for something important. Finally after moments of following his little brother around and around, Mikey stopped and to Gerard's great surprise, he turned on him with a cheeky almost knowing smile on his face.

"Okay Gee, give it to me straight. What's the deal with Frank?" Mikey asked, crossing his arms across his chest and raising an eyebrow.

For some reason, Gerard felt his heart speed up in his chest, after all, the way his brother was looking at him, it made him feel like he had just figured out something big.

"I dunno what you're talking about," he said, defending himself despite the fact it wasn't exactly him under fire.

"Come on Gee, I'm not stupid! Now spill," Mikey demanded, that look of knowing that something big was up, permanently fixed on his face.

For some reason Gerard didn't know what Mikey wanted from him. His mind raced with a million different answers but he didn't want to say any of them just in case he gave away more then Mikey claimed to know. Did he notice Frank and his rather awkward moment at the back of the van last month? Did he notice that Frank wasn't talking to him for three whole weeks? Did he notice that Gerard was beginning to stare at him for a lot longer then was natural for a friend?

His palms were sweaty, his mind was racing and every time he opened his mouth he stuttered out something incoherent before closing it again. Finally Mikey just sighed as he shook his head.

"He's afraid of clowns isn't he?"

Instantly, Gerard felt his face flush. He felt like a complete and utter moron!

Mikey hadn't been referring to Frank and Gerard like he had suspected, he was only referring to Frank and what was bothering him back in the van. After all, you had to be really fucking stupid not to notice something was wrong with the guy.

"Yeah, he is. But don't let him know that you know or he'll think I told," Gerard announced, not looking forward to having Frank refuse to talk to him all over again.

"Oh my god! That's priceless. Who would have thought! Oh, I'm going to give him so much shit when all this is over," Mikey exclaimed happily as he clapped his hands together as though Gerard had just put on one hell of a show.

Gerard tried to laugh along but he was still feeling slightly stupid at his over reaction at Mikey's words. What the hell had he been thinking? What did he actually think Mikey was referring to? He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, secretly wondering what had gotten into him lately.

Why was he acting so weird when it came to all things Frank?

At that moment, Gerard was suddenly distracted from his thoughts when he spotted a mother and her daughter standing a few feet away. That in itself wasn't all that unusual but when the small girl started bouncing around on the spot and pointing towards one of the circus tents, it was what she said to her mother that distracted them.

"Look mummy, look at that clown over there, he's waving," the curly haired girl cried out as her little red balloon, that was tied around her wrist, jumped around in the air with her.

"What are you talking about sweetheart? I don't see any clowns," the mother said, kissing the top of her daughters head as she continued to point towards what she was seeing.

Gerard looked; he knew Mikey was looking to. They followed the girls little finger and tired to see the clown. Whilst it was clear the girl was still seeing something, Gerard couldn't see what it was. Whether he was in the wrong spot or not he couldn't be sure but when the mother finally dragged her daughter away, Gerard turned to look at his brother.

"I didn't see a fucking thing," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

Mikey just stared at him with wide eyes.

"Neither did I."


"Okay Mikey so tell me, what exactly is this fucking thing?" Gerard asked his brother as he found himself, once again, following him around like a little lost puppy dog.

"I don't know Gerard; it's an invisible, killer clown - what more do you want from me?" Mikey replied quite harshly. He was obviously getting sick of being asked the same question over and over again.

"Well, could you try and come up with some sort of explanation so we can get rid of this thing and leave this fucking place. I'm starting to see where Frank's coming from. Clowns are freaky as!"

Gerard was so busy trying to keep up with his brother and keep his long sweaty fringe out of his eyes that he didn't notice a man walking towards him until he collided straight into him.

"Fuck!" Gerard cried out as he lost his balance from the force of the hit and tumbled to the ground.

Looking up he saw an old man with dark sunglasses looking down at him with a frown. It was hard to believe a frail looking old man could have enough strength to knock him off his feet.

"Hey! Watch where you're going," Mikey called out, reaching down to help Gerard stand.

"Oh you think that's funny do you son," the old man with the sunglasses said to Mikey in a bitter tone.

With one swift movement the man lifted off his sunglasses to reveal two very glassy eyes. They were tainted an odd blue colour and immediately Gerard and Mikey felt terrible. The old man was blind; they hadn't even noticed the cane in his hand.

"Shit, sorry about that. I didn't mean for it to sound - I didn't know," Mikey stuttered, cringing at how stupid he'd been to use that particular choice of words.

"I bet you didn't. You young people are all the same. I mean I'd just love to be able to watch where I'm going, or perhaps watch the sun come up every now and again. Move out of my way," the blind man said, his cane bumping against both their feet as he pushed past them in a huff of rage.

"Man don't I feel like a complete jerk," Mikey said as the blind man slowly wandered away. Eventually he came to a small caravan, which was clearly his place of residence, because he opened up the door and stepped straight in, slamming it roughly behind him.

"That dudes a Carnie Mikes, I wouldn't worry about it. He's probably heard a lot worse," Gerard commented, trying to make his brother feel better. "Now can you please just tell me why we're still here, I'm tired, can we go back to the van now?"

"Just, one more lap then I promise we'll head back," Mikey said, staring at him with wide eyes, almost pleading for him to stay with him.

"Alright, just make it a fucking quick lap."

Sucked in once again by his baby brother, Gerard followed close behind, still wondering what Mikey was even searching for. It was getting old now, he no longer cared if someone was murdering some innocent family somewhere, he just wanted some shade. It was too damn hot!

"I hear you boys upset my knife thrower," a deep voice boomed out from behind them.

Immediately both Mikey and Gerard spun around to find themselves face to face with a rather mean looking old man. Gerard recognised him from the broacher Mikey had waved around back in the van, advertising the circus. This guy was the owner of 'Coopers Circus' - this guy was Cooper.

"Knife thrower?" Gerard asked, glancing at Mikey to see if he had any idea what the man was going on about.

"You don't mean the blind dude do you?" Mikey said, scrunching up his face in confusion.

"That would be the one I'm referring to, yes. So tell me, do you guys get some sort of sick kick out of picking on the gifted?" Coopers voice dripped venom and Gerard had to admit, this guy was someone who screamed power.

"Look man, it was just a little misunderstanding; my brother didn't mean anything by it. The guy's just blowing things out of proportion," Gerard stepped in, protecting his brother from being scolded.

"What are you two doing here anyway? I've seen you, walking around my circus all day. You better not have anything to do with the press," Cooper warned, watching them closely.

"The press? Er, do we look like journalists to you?" Gerard said, unable to keep from snickering slightly. They both had on ripped jeans and band shirts and each sported scruffy hair cuts that were definitely not journalist material.

"I don't care! Get out of my circus now! And I don't want to see you back here again, you here me," Cooper yelled to them, before throwing his arms up as though trying to shoo them.

"Alright, hold your fucking horses - dick head," Gerard added under his breath as he and Mikey turned around and walked away from the cranky old man.

Truthfully, Gerard was glad they got kicked out. Firstly, because he didn't think it was possible to get kicked out of a circus and thought it would make an awesome story; and secondly because he knew it was the only way Mikey was ever going to stop his pointless searching.

"What the hell happened to you guys? You've been gone for ages," Ray said, relief flooding his features the moment they got back into the van.

"Mikey insulted a blind man and we got kicked out," Gerard explained simply as Mikey just frowned unhappily.

"Shit, I though you got eaten by the clown or something," Frank added, looking the two of them over as though worried they were hurt in some way.

"Na, we're fine. We need to get out of here though, somewhere with reception. I want to check out what this thing is exactly," Mikey explained, pulling out his phone again and settling into a seat.

"What? Come on Mikey, haven't you had enough of this yet? There is no killer clown!" Ray shouted from the back, afro bouncing around in annoyance.

"Please guys. Just let me try okay, if I don't find anything then I'll give up, I swear," Mikey promised, turning to look at Ray with those puppy dog eyes.

"Alright! Fucking hell, I hate that look," Ray said, throwing his hands up in defeat.

Gerard just collapsed into his own seat as he let out a sigh of exhaustion.

Something told him it was going to be a long fucking night.


"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ... 'T'," Bob said, staring straight ahead as though afraid if his eyes wondered they would go straight to the object he was thinking of and then everyone would know what the answer was.

"Um - tiger!" Frank called out excitedly.

"What? God you're a fucking moron Frank. Do you see any tigers around here?" Ray scolded him.

Frank was always so bad at 'I Spy’; Gerard wasn't sure if it was because he liked to play dumb or whether he was in fact that stupid.

"Okay, how about - um - Pterodactyls? Typhoon? Tropical Island?"

"Shut up Frank!" Ray cried out, unable to take it anymore.

"It's a tree isn't it," Gerard said with a sigh. After all, there wasn't much else around.

"Fuck," Bob yelled, banging his fist against the dash board in frustration.

"Alright your turn Gee," Ray said, watching him eagerly.

Usually 'I Spy' couldn't keep them entertained for so long, but seeing as though they didn't have anything else to do, it seemed to be the only thing keeping them sane. Mikey was, once again, buried in his phone, determined to find out exactly what his little killer clown was and how he was going to stop it.

"Okay, I spy with my little eye, something beginning with - erm - 'P'," Gerard announced, thinking of something a little more challenging now.

"Pina Colada!" Frank shouted as Ray swore loudly at his stupid response. "What about penis?"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Ray called out, unable to contain himself any longer.

"What? There are five of them in this van, thank you very much," Frank said, folding his arms across his chest as though the matter was settled.

"But you don't actually see any of them Frank, which mean you can't spy them with your little fucking eye!" Ray continued to bicker.

"Mikey, whip your dick out," Frank instructed, making Mikey look up at him in alarm.

"What? Why?"

"Alright, that's enough. This game has officially gotten way out of hand," Bob said, finally stepping up to put some control back amongst them.

"Ray started it!" Frank shot back, eyeing the giant afro in the back with malice.

"Ah ha!" Mikey finally exclaimed, looking up from his phone at last. "I think I've finally figured it out!"

"Oh yeah, let me guess, something undead," Ray said, rolling his eyes.

"You're such a fucking kill-joy Toro," Frank snapped back at him.

"Shut up for a second and hear me out!" Mikey instructed, clearing his throat and looking back at his phone. "It says here that we're dealing with some sort of ancient Hindu creature-"

"What? That's just stupid," Ray interrupted.

"SHUT UP AND LET HIM SPEAK!" Bob shouted out, finally loosing his cool.

"Thank you Bob. Now, as I was saying ... according to legend this creature appears as a human being and they have to feed on real humans to live. Here's the tricky part, these creatures can make themselves invisible and the real kicker is that they are not allowed to enter anyone's home, unless they are invited in!"

Mikey stared at them all and raised his eyebrows smugly, pleased that once again he had solved the puzzle.

"That makes sense," Gerard chimed in before he really knew what he was doing. "I mean, if the thing is dressing up as a clown, kids will invite it into the house, because clowns are funny, clowns are fun, least that's what we're taught from a young age."

"Yeah, but the smarter kids know that they're really nasty pieces of work," Frank said quite bitterly from the front seat. "What else you find out Mikes?"

"Well, it also said they sleep on beds of insects, god knows why. Guess that makes it easier to find our guy. Oh and of course, the only way we can kill it is by stabbing it with copper," Mikey finished.

"So you are still planning on killing this thing then?" Ray asked, keeping his voice more in check this time as Bob was keeping an eye on him.

"Well yeah, we all had fun last time right?" Mikey asked excitedly, smiling widely at them all.

"Um, being stabbed in the shoulder wasn't exactly my idea of fun," Frank complained, wincing slightly.

"Neither was being tied to a tree as a human sacrifice for a scarecrow from hell," Gerard jumped in, agreeing with Frank that last time had not been fun.

"Oh come on guys, where's your sense of adventure?"

"What exactly are you suggesting we do Mikes? We got kicked out remember, we can't exactly just waltz on back into that place," Gerard said, trying to bring his brothers head back down from its current location; up in the clouds.

"Sure we can! It'll be dark and we'll have Frank, Ray and Bob with us. They haven't seen them yet, nobody will even know we're there."

"Oh there is no fucking way I'm going back there," Frank quickly shot back.

"Me either," Ray snapped.


Bob led the way back into the circus; Ray and Mikey followed closely behind, whilst Frank and Gerard covered the rear.

"I can't believe you dragged me into this," Frank complained, glancing nervously around him.

Gerard still couldn't believe it either. All Mikey had to do was give Bob and Ray one of those looks and they were putty in his hands. The thought of being left alone in the van with a killer clown on the loose didn't suit at all so he quickly agreed to tag along as well. Being the youngest, Mikey had a way of always getting what he wanted.

"Okay, so what's the plan again?" Ray asked as they all hid in the small space between the Big-Top and the Merry-go-round.

One thing was for sure, whilst during the day the circus was filled with laughter and joy, at night it was a completely different atmosphere. The lights were dimmed, the rides were shut down and the place was eerily void of all human life. It was like a ghost town.

"Well, this creature takes human form right? The only person that didn't like us snooping around the place and the only person that has been in this business long enough to know what he's doing is the guy that owns the place. So you and Bob are going after Cooper, check if he's got bugs in his mattress of something," Mikey instructed Ray.

Ray opened his mouth to protest, but when Bob just gave him a look, it was quickly closed again. Instead, Ray reluctantly just nodded his head.

"What are we doing?" Frank asked, his voice slightly high-pitched with nerves.

"You and Gee are going to go pay a visit to the blind man. Apparently he's the knife thrower, he might have one that's made of copper. Just remember, be nice, he has a temper," Mikey reminded them with a slight scowl. "Me, I'm going to see if I can't find someone else that might be able to help us."

"You're going to see the bearded lady again, aren't you?" Gerard gave his brother a look.

"Shut up!"

With a whispered "good luck," everyone was off on their own separate missions. Bob and Ray gave each other lucky high fives before heading off in the direction of the owner’s caravan whilst Mikey just shoved his glasses up his nose and took off in the direction of the Ferris wheel.

Frank and Gerard remained as quiet as they could as they approached the caravan he and Mikey had seen the blind man enter earlier that day. With no sense of a plan whatsoever, they knocked on the caravan door and waited in silence.

"Yes? Who is it?" the blind man asked as the door flung open and his cane bumped up against Frank's knee cap. "You're a short one you are, what do you want?"

"Er - It's me, Frank, one of the jugglers," Frank said, with a shrug in Gerard's direction. It wasn't the best lie, but it was worth a shot. "Cooper sent me up here to see if you had any copper knives. Apparently he wants me to - um, practice ... juggling them."

Gerard nodded his head in approval. It wasn't perfect but it was better then his plan which was to over power the blind man, tie him up and force what they needed out of him.

"He did, did he? Why does it have to be copper, I'm not sure if I've got any of those around. How many you need?" The blind man moved aside and gestured for Frank to enter. Either he seriously had no idea that Gerard was there as well or he just figured that Frank had brought some other carnie along with him.

Gerard entered the small caravan, closely following Frank, and he had to admit, he was fairly impressed. For a blind man, he sure kept the place tidy and well organised.

"Check in the trunk, there's probably some in there," the blind man instructed, tapping his cane against an antic looking chest in the corner.

Raising his eyebrows at Gerard at how simple it all was, Frank bent down and lifted up the lid of the trunk. Gerard was busy watching the old man stumble over to his bed when he felt Frank's hand desperately tugging on his pants.

Distracted, he looked down to see what was bothering his friend. There Frank sat, staring up at Gerard with a terrified look in his eyes. He was pointing to what he had just revealed in the open trunk and immediately Gerard's heart started hammering against his rib cage.

There, in the old mans antic treasure chest was a clown costume, complete with giant shoes, red nose and orange wig. His eyes tore away from the site only to look towards the blind man. The man wasn't at his bed anymore, he was inches away from them, dark sunglasses almost boring into their very souls.

"Y-you," Gerard stuttered out, barely aware that Frank was standing by his side, clutching onto him tightly.

The blind man removed his dark sunglasses only to reveal two very normal looking eyes, he wasn't blind at all! Then, they suddenly changed to two small little slits, almost like cats eyes as his entire face morphed into what looked like one giant smile - much like some psycho clown's face without the make-up.

"That's right ... me," the creature said as the smile grew and grew.

Beside him, Frank let out a terrified scream and Gerard immediately snapped out of his trance.

Together, they pried their eyes away from the horrible site in front of them and ran for the door, slamming hard into it, they both fumbled around with the handle but the stupid thing was locked.

"Where the fuck did he do?" Frank whispered in alarm. Sure enough, when Gerard turned around, there was no sign of the monster.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a knife came plummeting towards them. Gerard let out a surprised shout before ducking his head. Just in time, it turned out, as the point of the blade connected with the door, millimeters away from his head.

"He's invisible Frank, help me bust this door down," Gerard instructed, slamming his shoulder into the door again and again. As instructed, Frank joined in.

"Look out!" Frank yelled as another blade came flying towards them. This one flew closer and closer towards Frank, far to fast. The small guitarist merely clenched his eyes shut and hoped for the best, there was nothing else they could do.

There was a loud thud as the knife connected with the door, just like the first one. As they both looked down the knife was positioned right between Frank's legs, so close to his crotch that he grabbed at it and sighed in relief.

With a new sense of purpose, Frank gave an angry growl before jamming his good shoulder into the door one last time. It swung open and they both tumbled out, hurriedly getting to their feet incase there were more knives coming at them. Needing no instruction, the two of them ran as fast as they could, in any direction but back to that fucking caravan.

"Gerard! Frank! Over here," Mikey called out as he ran at them. Ray and Bob were following close behind. "No fucking luck, Cooper's just your average, every day fucking human being. I'm sorry guys, but I'm out of ideas."

"What the hell have you two been doing anyway?" Ray asked as he stared at the two of them suspiciously.

They were both panting heavily as Gerard patted his head, making sure it was all there as the dagger had almost skewered it, whilst Frank still clutched onto his balls as though never wanting to let them go again.

"It's the fucking blind man Mikes - we just saw - he's your fucking killer!"

Behind them they heard the wicked laughter that a clown might make in your average horror film. Gerard didn't have a fear of clowns like Frank did but the sound sent a chill running up and down his spine.

Just for a second, a portion of a second even, the clown that the blind man had been disguising himself as came into view. It's wicked eyes and smile seemingly still floating in the spot long after he had vanished again.

"Copper!" Mikey cried out as his eyes suddenly widened as though he had just had a brilliant idea.

Instantly he ran off into the direction of the 'Fun House', a painting of a clown lined the entrance and Gerard heard Frank let out a small moan as he entered the ride. The moment they got inside Gerard called out to Mikey. His brother had to slow down or they were going to loose him. The place was a fucking maze of bright colours and distorted mirrors.

Gerard chased after Mikey; Frank's footsteps letting him know that his friend was right behind him. Bob and Ray weren't far behind. Buzzes went off, evil laughter filled the air and various plastic vampires, severed heads and skeletons dropped down on them from the ceiling.

Naturally, none of that fake shit even bothered them anymore; they were after the real thing now.

Finally, Mikey stopped, his eyes wide in triumph as he approached a large organ that was sitting in a large open space towards the exit of the so called 'Fun house' - ironic considering no one inside, at that particular point, was having any fucking fun.

"Help me break this Gee, it's copper, we can use it to kill the fucker," Mikey cried out, wrestling with one of the pipes on the old organ.

Gerard approached, so did Frank, but Ray and Bob never made it into the room because at that moment a black door, half rising from the bottom the other half descending from the top, met in the middle and shut them off from each other.

"Bob? Ray? You guys alright?" Gerard shouted as he ran to the door and banged on it loudly.

"Yeah, you?" came the muffled reply from the other side.

"For now," he replied as Mikey and Frank wrestled with the organs pipes.

Knowing that there was no way he could pry the door open he made his way over to help Frank and Mikey, but he didn't quite make it, because at that moment another dagger came flying through the air, this one catching his shirt and pinning it to the very door he had been standing near.

"Gee!" Mikey cried out, looking all around for the dagger throwing clown.

"Damn it, I hate this fucking trick," Gerard shouted in annoyance as he struggled to pull the knife from the door.

"Shit, watch it," Frank yelled to him as yet another dagger came at him.

Once again, luck must have been on his side because it landed, just above his flesh, but unfortunately right on another section of his shirt. He was pinned.

"We can't kill it if we can't see it," Mikey protested angrily, wildly looking around as Frank busied himself once again with the organ pipes.

Suddenly, Gerard was hit with a rather brilliant idea. With his free hand, he reached in his pocket for his lighter. It wasn't the best time for a smoke, but he had other plans. Best thing about 'Fun House' ceilings was that they were all pretty low and they were lined with smoke detectors in case any of the pretty lights malfunctioned.

Reaching up, he flicked on the lighter and stuck the flame right underneath one of the smoke detectors. Instantly an alarm sounded and seconds later, water came gushing out of the sprinklers in the ceiling.

"I got it!" Frank shouted out in triumph as one of the organ pipes finally released itself.

Gerard was about to shout his praise at Frank but at that moment he was distracted, because right behind Mikey there was a distortion in the perfect flow of water. If he squinted, he could just make out the shape of a figure in that distortion.

"Mikey, look out behind you," Gerard cried out to his brother, but it was too late, Mikey was attacked from behind by the invisible force and fell fast to the ground.

The clown stayed invisible, but Gerard could see by the shape in the water that it was approaching his fallen brother. He tried to rip his clothes free but they wouldn't budge and all he could do was watch as his brother squirmed under the invisible grip of the clown.

It was strangling him. The fucking clown was going to kill his brother!

But, the clown had made one very big mistake; it had forgotten all about Frank! And, at that moment, with a rather dramatic, "die mother fucker," Frank plunged the sharp end of the copper organ pipe into the center of the distortion in the water.

With a horrible cry, the clown's invisibility shattered and he came back into view for a moment or two before apparently shriveling up, or perhaps disappearing all together, because all that was left of him after a few short seconds was a pile of clown clothes, the red nose and the orange wig along with a large pile of blood.

"What the fuck happened?" Ray and Bob asked as they ran into the room. The doors must have opened when the senses detected a fire.

There was Gerard, pinned to the wall, Mikey breathing heavily on the ground and Frank standing over him, his hands covered in blood. To top it all off, they were all saturated and there was the remains of a dead clown on the floor.

They must have looked quite a fucking site.


"Whatcha drawing?" Frank asked as he turned around in his seat to stare at Gerard, who was outstretched, enjoying his turn on the back seat.

Mikey and Bob were fast asleep whilst Ray drove the van this time. Frank hadn't slept a wink since they left the circus, Gerard was sure it was because his dreams were full of psycho clowns. A very rational fear as it turned out.

"You, actually ... wanna see?" he responded, feeling slightly nervous. He always got nervous when he was about to show Frank one of his pieces because he was always afraid of how he would react.

"Hell yeah! Show me, show me, show me," Frank said, reaching out to Gerard's sketch book with grabby hands.

Shaking his head and smiling at Frank's impatience, Gerard surrendered the sketch book to him. Frank's eyes widened as they scanned the drawing that was displayed in the book.

"Wow! That's bad-ass!" Frank exclaimed, as he continued to inspect the sketch. "I mean it Gee, this is awesome!"

Gerard grinned like an idiot at Frank's words of praise, he was glad he liked it. After all, he had made it for Frank after he had watched him restlessly try and sleep the night before. A part of him just wanted to make it all better; he hated seeing his friend in discomfort.

"It's to help you sleep Frank. Cause you know, I think it was pretty cool that you stood up to your fears like that," Gerard said, looking proudly at Frank.

Frank couldn't keep the smile off his face as his eyes drifted up to Gerard's and the back down to the sketch. Finally, he nodded his approval, more to himself then anyone else, and handed the book back to Gerard.

Gerard took another look at his piece of art and grinned fondly at it.

The page of his sketch book was covered in some heavy and slightly inaccurate, messy lines that joined together to create a cartoon version of what had played out before Gerard's eyes in the 'Fun House'. There was cartoon Frank, complete with Mohawk and all, confidently stabbing a horrific, cartoon looking clown that was trying to strangle a toon Mikey to death. The comic-book style Frank stood confidently, he looked like some kind of super hero, there was not a hint of fear in his quickly sketched face.

It wasn't perfect, by no means was it perfect, but Gerard knew that Frank loved his artworks the most when they were incomplete or quick little one-offs. If Frank said it was bad-ass then he knew it was good.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Gerard reached out and tore the page from his book. Frank's jaw dropped and he looked quite alarmed when Gerard handed over the drawing.

"I told you Frank, it's to help you sleep. Stick it under your pillow or down your pajama pants of something," he told him with a gentle laugh, as he handed the picture over.

"Oh Gee, you know I don't wear pants to bed," Frank said with a wink that made Gerard almost blush. "But I will definitely stick it under my pillow. Thanks. This is some gift."

With that Frank reached back around his chair rather awkwardly, just so he could pull Gerard into a quick hug. Gerard's heart fluttered at the simple gesture and he knew that if Frank hadn't of been in control and pulled away so quick, he would have gladly hung on a lot longer.

As he watched Frank lean his head against the window and simply stare at the drawing a few seconds before closing his eyes, there was a sudden sense of dread that came down around Gerard like a dark storm cloud.

Because at that moment he realised something ... he was falling for his best friend.


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