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After the Case

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Booth and Brennan relax together after a difficult case

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Temperance Brennan lay beneath her partner Seeley Booth. Her shirt, jeans and bra long ago discarded, and to anyone passing by the room, moans greeted their ears. Tempe was being reduced to small words and sounds at the moment as her partner worked his magic on her upper body.

“Lower,” Tempe groaned as Booth’s warm hands gently touched her soft, pale skin. He was enjoying the moment; it wasn’t often that he got to see his partner like this, but he did as she said and moved his hands lower, then he leaned in closer to her, touching his lips to her ear.

“You like that Temperance,” He whispered, and in response his ears were rewarded with another soft groan in response, followed by the word higher and a slight shiver. Slowly the man moved his hands up then reached to cup her breasts, and she groaned at the warm feeling of his soft gentle hands, before protesting, sending her partner back to his previous motions.

“You have amazing hands,” She mumbled, softly. She heard his reply but she was lost in the warmth of his touch for the next half hour, time had stopped for her as she lay there underneath of him. “That was amazing Booth,” She murmured as she rolled over and continued to flip him onto his stomach and return the warm gesture. Her fingers roamed his muscular back with ease; both of them had taken quite the beating while trying to chase down a murderer. “Thank you Seeley,” Temperance whispered softly into her partner’s ear as she continued to allow her fingers to massage his back. Booth had been thrown into a trashcan while in pursuit while Brennan had tripped over him and gone flying down the narrow little side street, the day had definitely taken its toll on them and the back rub Booth had provided her had been very welcome, and Brennan had to return the favor.

“God Bones,” Booth groaned as he felt all the pain in his lower back slowly vanish, and behind him she wore a pleased grin. Slowly he rolled over so that he was lying on his back and he pulled her close with one arm while reaching for his tee shirt with the other, and slowly Booth pulled the garment over his partner’s head and watched as she almost disappeared inside of the oversized shirt. He grabbed her hands and pressed his lips to them both before laying her head down on his chest and pulling the blankets up to cover them. “Night Bones,” He whispered to his partner before closing his eyes and falling into a deep peaceful sleep.
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