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Are mood swings natural?

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The ups and the downs.
The smiles of distraught.
The pain created through fake happiness.
And the never ending thoughts.
Your mind aching,
Sights recreating.
Anger building your veins.
Happiness closing them up.
Depression bursting them back open.
Natural causes being mistaken.
Aneurisms blowing up.
Memories being rethought.
Bleeding lungs filling up.
Blades changing your thoughts.
Mood swings making new draughts.
Anticipation letting your sadness drop.
New resurrections making your insane,
Hysteria playing a game.
Manipulation showing new colors.
Sinking imaginations starting a new role.
Excitement becomes fright.
Pain becomes joy.
Everything turning you into a toy.
Writing all over you.
Representing the new pain.
All of it ending just the same way.
By starting a new phase,
Or you could say,
New pain.


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