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22 Acacia Avenue - the final chapter!

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right, ficwad was being an anus not putting the last chapter on the story so im posting it seperately xD, hopefully, it'll work this time.

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"Okay, Mikey are you sure your okay to stay here?" Asked Frank, Mikey nodded though he didnt look happy.
"Yeah... I would love to kill that fucker but we cant leave Gee alone." Mikey said, I reached the bottom of the stairs and walked carefully into the pub where the others were gathered, it was dark outside but they had agreed in the dark they would be less likely to get caught.
"No one needs to stay - I'm coming too." I said firmly, they all turned to face me and Franks face filled with concern as he crossed over to me, gently putting his hands on my shoulders.
"Dont be stupid Gerard, you need to rest." He said gently. I shook my head stubbornly.
"No I dont, you didnt need to rest after it... after it happened to you..." I said quietly and Frank pouted.
"Yes, but I wasnt thrown down some stairs and beaten half to death." He pointed out. I frowned and tried to look strong but it was true, I was aching and I knew it was healthier if I rested but I wanted to go too.
"I'm fine, really." I insisted, Mikey appeared at Franks side, his arms folded tightly over his chest.
"Gerard seriously, go back to bed. I'll stay here with you, you wont be lonely." He said, his voice was soft but firm, the kind Grandma used to use on us when we were kids and we wouldnt do as we were told.
"Mikey, I want to go too!" I whined, sounding awfully like a moody toddler in the middle of a tantrum.
"Gee, I really think its better for you if you stay and rest." It was Bob this time and I was getting annoyed that they were ganging up on me.
"Look - I'm the one whose hurt here and I'm the only one whose feeling the pain so I'm the only one who knows how bad it is - and therefore I will decide whats best for me. And right now whats best for me is to go with you guys and none of you are going to stop me!" I snapped, Frank and Mikey sighed in unison and Ray rolled his eyes but continued to glare at them with a stubborn expression. Frank looked me in the eyes and for a long moment we just stared at eachother, using our eyes to will the other to cave in, neither of us blinked, neither of us moved, both of us looking just as stubborn as the other. After a while my eyes were beggining to ache and to my relief Frank sighed and looked away.
"Fine. Fine, you can come. But if you need to come back at any time just say so and I'll bring you back." He said gently, I smiled and kissed him quickly.
"Thankyou. Besides, you guys need me to show you the way." I flashed them a grin at this very valid point and they groaned in annoyance at how right I was. I walked over to the door, wanting to skip but unable to because of the aching in my muscles, the other followed each of them hiding a knife inside their waistcoats. I thought about getting one myself but even I knew that I was too weak to fight, I would just have to hope it wouldnt come to that.
We left the pub and stepped out into the cool night, there wasnt a cloud to be seen and the stars and full moon offered a lot of silvery light, it was beautiful but I wasnt in the mood to appreciate it, my stomach was churning and I could feel the nerves kicking in. I was hoping and praying that Gary was dead, and trying not to think about what it would mean if he wasnt.
It took us a long time to find the house, I kept getting lost, unable to completely remember the way, but eventually we saw the old building come into veiw causing shivers to run down my spine. Frank took my hand in his and smiled warmly at me, I smiled nervously back stopping a distance away from the house.
"Thats it..." I mumbled, unable to take my eyes off it.
"Gross..." Muttered Bob and Ray gave a nervous giggle. The house seemed to be intimidating to me for some reason, or maybe it was just the idea of what we might find behind the door... Franks grip on my hand tightened slightly and when I looked at him I saw he had gone pale, his jaw clenched tightly. I knew he was thinking of the man that lay inside, and all the things he had done to him. To us. Mikey was the only one who didnt seem affected at all, he was looking calmly at the building, a breeze lifting his hair slightly, he seemed tired and non chalant. He was the one to bring us all out of our seperate trances.
"Well... I guess we should go in there then - knives ready?" He asked, everyone stuck their hands into their waistcoats and hunted around before one by one, they held out their blades. I could see Franks hand trembling, as was Rays, Mikey seemed unsure of himself all of a sudden and Bob looked ready to faint.
"What if he's alive? I've never killed anyone before, not even an evil person. Thou shalt not kill, oh my god, we're all going to hell!" He cried, we all looked at him with raised eyebrows and Mikey gently patted his shoulder.
"Your already going to hell Bob, you just said the lords name in vain." He said kindly. I giggled a little but Bob looked horrified. "Bob... I was joking..." Mikey added, Bob breathed a shaky sigh of relief and smiled nervously.
"Y- yeah, I knew that."
"Come on, I cant bear just standing here - lets just get this over with." Said Ray suddenly, I took a deep calming breath as Mikey nodded, Bob clenched his teeth and took a step forward, looking quite menacing with his broad, muscled body and glinting knife in his hand. Ray and Mikey followed him closely but Frank seemed frozen in place, I wondered if he was badly scared.
"Come on Frank, dont be scared." I whispered, knowing I was being slightly hypocritical as I was panicing a little, I tugged on his hand and he looked at me with a stony expression.
"I'm not scared." He said strongly, he tiptoed to kiss me quickly, passionately and then he was running to catch up with the others, I followed as quickly as I could but I couldnt quite run, just managing a slow jog.
"Hey guys - let me be the one to kill him if he's alive." I heard Frank saying, they all nodded and let him pass them to go infront and I was grateful when he stopped and turned to lean against the door, waiting for me. Once I reached them I went to walk past to stand by Frank but Mikey pulled me back.
"No Gee, you walk behind incase he's alive." He said softly, gesturing at his knife to remind me I was weaponless. I frowned but nodded, I would be no use in a fight.
"Okay... be careful, all of you." I whispered, looking at each of them, staring at Frank longest who smiled sweetly at me, blowing me a kiss with a giggle and then turning to face the door, gripping the handle tightly in his hand.
"Well, here goes nothing." He mumbled quietly, turning the handle and pushing at the door, Gary must have been lying against it because Frank had to push at it with all his might before it slowly began to open. Frank grunted and his feet slid along the mud as he pushed.
"Christ... he's heavy..." He gasped, Bob instantly stepped forward and leant his weight on the door to help Frank. It slid open a little faster with a creak, I shivered as they got it all the way open and the dark hallway could be seen, a large black shape at the back where the stairs now lay in a pile. Even in the terrible light a trail of blood could just about be seen on the floor where Gary had crawled after me. The air had a strong smell of mould and old wood as I followed the others into the house, Garys body lying face down, motionless on the floor.
"Is he... dead?" Whispered Ray, we had formed a semi circle around him, none of us wanting to check. Mikey looked round at us all before sighing and dropping to one knee, holding his knife ready as he gently shoved Garys body... nothing happened. More confident Mikey gripped Garys shoulder and moved him so he was on his back. His eyes were closed and lips parted slightly, the knife was still lodged in his stomach, his entire shirt soaked in his own blood. Frank heaved and turned away, I pulled him into me and held him close as he trembled.
"Thats disgusting..." Whispered Ray. Mikey silently placed two fingers on Garys neck, checking for a pulse. He frowned and tilted his head to the side.
"I... I'm not sure... I think I can feel a pulse... but not well... I... I dont know..." He mumbled, Frank slowly turned his head to see, covering his mouth and nose with his hand, tears in his eyes. Bob dropped to his knees beside Mikey and tried for a pulse on Garys wrist, he too frowned, uncertain.
"Hmm... I... I dont know either..." He said quietly. Ray sighed and was about to drop to his knees when Gary gave a loud gasp, his eyes snapping open and hand suddenly snatching out to grab Mikey by the hair. Ray yelled out and Bob fell back, Frank screamed as loud as Mikey and I felt as if I'd just had a heart attack.
"FUCK! HELP!" Yelled Mikey trying to pull out Garys grip, Garys eyes were wide and staring at the ceiling, his mouth agape, he didnt seem as if he was entirely aware of what was happening. His breaths were shallow and far apart, each one making a horrible gurgling sound. Mikeys knife had flown out of his hand when Gary had grabbed him and he was straining to reach it now, we were all in too much shock to move, none of us helping as much as my head was screaming at me to do so. Then suddenly Bob seemed to snap out of it and he lunged forward, plunging his knife into Garys fat neck, the blade sinking straight through. I think Gary tried to scream but all that came out was a particularly loud gurgle. His eyes misting over and his hand that held Mikeys hair dropping heavily to his side, his entire body relaxing. Mikey scrambled back, clutching his chest where his heart was and panting in horror, Bob was still leaning all his weight on the knife, and only once he had checked for a pulse twice did he finally let go.
"He's dead." He said breathlessly as he got to his feet and then helped Mikey up. Frank was shaking violently in my arms and Ray looked as if he had seen a ghost. Strangely enough, Bob and Mikey were the least shaken.
"Can we get out of here - now!" Cried Frank, I shook my head to clear my thoughts and then stumbled out of the house, followed by the others. We walked a few feet away and then collapsed on the grass, huddling up to eachother for warmth. We were all shaking and pale but we all had smiles on our faces. For a long while we were all silent, and then Mikey spoke.
"Shit, did you see when he grabbed me? I thought I was gonna have a stroke!" We all laughed shakily, and relief settled over us all.
"You did great Bob..." I said quietly and Bob smiled a little.
"Thanks... is it bad that I dont feel guilty?" He asked, smirking slightly.
"Not at all, man, I am so glad he's dead." Said Ray, tilting his head back and closing his eyes with a smile.
"Yeah... he's never gonna bother us ever again..." Said Frank quietly, looking at me with a smile, I smiled back and cupped his face in my hands as I gently kissed him. We kept it quick and then turned to see Mikey looking at the house.
"D'ya think we should move the body? If someone comes across the house and finds it..." He stopped and looked at us all, not needing to go on. We all exchanged glances, Mikey was right, if the body was found clearly murdered it would cause a whole lot more trouble.
"But where do we put it?" Asked Bob. There was a small pause before I gasped in realisation.
"The river! We can dump it in the river!" I cried. Mikey grinned and nodded.
"Great idea! Come on, lets move it now and then it'll be completely over." He got to his feet and helped us all up in turn, sitting on the ground hadnt been a good idea on my part since my body ached even more now, but I was too happy to care. Together we trundled back to the house for the gory task of moving the body. Frank, who said he was squeamish, stayed outside, turning his back so he wouldnt have to see. The river was only a few yards away and we could see it through the trees.
"Okay, I'll get the shoulders, Bob you get the legs, Ray you support the middle. Gee, I dont think you should do anything right now, not when your meant to be resting." Mikey said as he bent down to grab Garys shoulders. I wanted to protest but didnt bother since the three of them lifted the body with ease, blood spattered onto the ground but there was nothing we would be able to do about that now, it would wash away when the river overflowed next anyway.
"Okay." Mikey grunted. "Lets go." I stood aside to let them through the door before following, they moved quickly, shuffling along the ground and complaining about the weight - probably to take their minds off the fact it was a dead body. Frank took my hand after I shut the door, locking it with the key that was still in the lock from when I had escaped, and we followed at a distance, using our feet to shift mud over the splatters of blood on the ground. We stayed in silence, looking like some sort of sphyco funeral procession. Once we got to the river the body was layed down and Mikey Bob and Ray began filling Garys pockets with rocks.
"What are you doing?" Asked Frank, looking at a nearby tree and clutching tightly to my hand.
"If we dont add these then the body will float." Mikey pointed out, I stared at him in surprise.
"Wow Mikey, when did you become a murdering genious?" I asked. Mikey grinned at me and shrugged, it seemed strange to be joking around whilst disposing of a dead body but I guessed we were all too dazed for it to really sink in. The air was cold around us and I began longing to lye down, my bones and muscles felt as if they were on fire but I didnt say a word because my only response would probably be 'I told you to stay and rest'.
Soon Garys clothing had been filled with rocks and Ray used the tips of his fingers to shut the eyelids, Frank turned to watch as the body was pushed, with some difficulty, into the murky water. Luckily their wasnt much shallow water and they managed to lean out to push him into the deep bit, the body sinking out of veiw. For a long time no one said anything, all of us looking out over the river, coming to terms with what we had done.
"Well... thats that." Mikey said eventually. Frank turned to look at me and smiled.
"Its finally over. We're never going to be hurt by him again." He whispered, his voice wracked with emotion. I smiled back and pulled him in for a kiss, not caring if the others saw. Frank held me gently, knowing how I was still healing and then eventually the guys seemed unable to contain themselves any longer and the air rang out with wolf whistles and a "Come on Gee, I know I'm understanding but I AM your little brother and this is REALLY awkward!" Frank and I pulled apart giggling, it was strange that I was feeling incredibly happy despite the fact we were all a little blood stained and stood beside a river where we had just dumped a dead body....
"Hm... you know what?" Said Bob suddenly.
"What?" Asked Ray.
"I think, we should all get back to the pub - and have a well deserved drink."


A/N: Sniffs... well people, this is it. Its all over sob I had a great time writing this story, and sorry if the ending is a bit naff but I didnt know how else to end it xD Thankyou to EVERYONE who reviewed this story, your all amazing and I love you all! If I could list all the names then I would but I would probably be here all night XD
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