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Life in a minute

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In his last minutes, Ning's life flashes before his eyes.

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A/N: Yes I know that historically Shang Xiang and Gan Ning did not know each other, but it works well with people. Enjoy!
Chapter one

Gan Ning exited his tent, taking in the morning air. It was 222 AD, and Wu and Shu were due to battle on the plains of Yi Ling. It was dawn, and the sun was rising. Ning played a crucial part in it, he was the vangaurd, with at least 500 soldiers under his command. The previous night, he was mildly injured by a wandering arrow, but refused to let it bother him. In his years with Wu, he was used to injuries, especially in the arms. He walked toward the village of war tents to find Lu Xun and Lu Meng repeating tge strategy and tactics, counter tactics, etc.

"Ah, the warrior arises." said Meng with a smirk.

"And joins the mere mortals, blessing them with his presence." Ning retorted, smiling.

"Zhou Yu wishes to see you." Xun broke in, changing the others' expressions.

"He seems to love seeing me lately." Ning said, and departed from his comrades. The group of tents was vast, with big, decorated ones for officers and smaller ones for soldiers. There was barely three feet between each, causing the place to crowd. It was hard enough to navigate the place, let alone find a certain person. With Ning's luck, they usually found him.

"Ning!" called Zhou Yu, waving over the crowd, beckoning for Ning to come.

"What do you want?" Ning spat, fighting the crowd of rushing soldiers to get across. He reached Yu, and was invited into his tent. They entered, and Ning sat on a chair across from a desk. "Well? What?" Ning said, for some reason impatient.

"We are due to engage th enemy, within the next hour."

"Already? We haven't even met with the rest of the army!

"The enemy doesn't know that, and we will gain the element of surprise. You are to move across the valley, and engage their front. Let us worry about the rest."

"Are you sure this will work? You must have some kind of back up plan if you are throwing me at them like that, right?" Ning asked, shiftiing in his seat.

"Afraid, are we?" Yu taunted.

"Please, afraid? I just don't want you to screw this up. We can take Shu off the map with this battle"
"And we will. Just... trust me." Yu said, hesitant.

Ning rolled his eyes and departed. He fought the rush of people, and went to his own tent. Having no idea how to prepare, he simply layed down, and fell asleep. He was awoken by a vilent shaking, and found Lu Xun hovering over him. Seeing he was awake, Xun left, saying nothing. Ning jumped up, and sheathed his sword, Sea Master. He rushed out of his tent and mounted his horse swiftly, his 500 men already assembled. He barked "Move out!" and instantly his men responded. It would be only a short time before they were to their strike point.

It was only a stretch of open field. Ning's men all dismounted, and hid in the high grass, slowly advancing. The Shu offensive was near, enough to hear the men talking and walking. The Men waited. And waited. Soon enough, they were literally walking right next to them. Ning, at the top of lungs, shouted "Now!" the men leapt up, striking their targets, leaving no survivors. The enemy was in dissaray, and Ning had accomplished his task. He easily hacked through the feeble men, perfectly targeting their necks and chests.

They were winning, and the Shu were retreating. Ning was about to charge, when something stoppd him dead in his tracks. Her... Shang Xiang! Fighting for Shu! She looked different than Gan Ning last saw her, her hair longer, and dressed in green, but it was undoubtedly her. Ning was dumbfounded. She stopped what she was doing, and met him in eye contact. Her reaction was similar. Ning was about to move, when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. He put his hand there. An arrow. His conciousness was fading, and he collapsed. His life was about to flash before his eyes...

A/N: So? This is a prolougue, so please tell me if you think it has potential.
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