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You Can Take Tha Gurl Out Tha Hood, But You Cant Neva Take Tha Hood Out Tha Gurl

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A 16 year old girl gets tired of the things that she goes through in her life. she seeks guidence from loved ones....but its not working.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Gerard Way,Frank Iero - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2008-10-16 - Updated: 2008-10-16 - 973 words

One day, a girl named, Tiana was walking home from school. She lived in the rough westside of Detroit. There were no people around that were like her. She was bascially, trying to be white. She died her hair bleach blonde, wears long weave, wore only rocker tees, and band tees and chain pants. She gets made fun of at school everyday. They call her, goth, weirdo, whitey, you name it, they said it. She had a couple of friends at school. Rachel(a white girl) Nathan ( a white boy) Mikey ( real cool black kid) and of course her best friend Tisha.( ghetto as ghetto gets)

Tiana gets home and throws her Avenged Sevenfold bag on the floor. "TT! HAVE YOU LOST YO MIND???!!!!" Tiana's mother yelled. "no mama. i just had a bad day. thats all." Tiana said. "well get yo bag up and put it in yo room! you heard me?!" She yelled. Tiana nods and goes uo to her room and puts her bag on her bed. She goes back downstairs and gives her mom a hug. "how was your day mama?" she says. "well baby, i just worked a eight hour shift, my bunions hurt, i missed prayer at the church, my weave is commin out......need i say more?" she chucles. "wow. thats something........" Tiana looks down at the ground. "whats wrong suga?" her mother says. "ma, can i move schools? The kids are all laughing at me and making fun of me and pulling my hair. im tired of it!" Tiana says. "mmm. you cant move hunnie. but i know what you can do....pray those demons off of you. i have been teaching you that since you were a baby. you know that when jesus is with you...nothing else matters? hm? hm?" her mother says. Tiana sighs. "yeah ma but its like, im just sick and tired of them calling me names. you have no idea what this is like. you were popular. i am nothing but a fake, a phoney, a loser." Tiana starts to cry. "oh hunny. come here...." her mother opens her arms and signals Tiana to sit on her lap. Tiana sits on her lap and crys. "the blood of jesus is against you satan. you and your imps flee.....IN THE NAME OF JESUS!" says Tiana's mom.

Tiana is in her room talking on the phone with her best friend Tisha. "Shay, im tired of life.....if my momma wouldnt of scared the shit outta me with the whole 'you are going to hell if you kill yourself' thing, i would do it. i swear to god Shay." Tiana says. "guuuuurrrrlll.....dont you talk like that. you are talking nuthing but shit. dont go all emo bitch on me." Tisha says. "whatever kah?" snaps Tiana. "gurl wtf, is that?????? sike nah. you know im just playin. you know u luv you rite? ill always be here for you gurl aight?" says Tisha. "mmmmhhhhmmmmm. hehehe" Tiana says. "you a trip."says tisha. "ok....well...i gotta roll." says Tiana. "aight peace" says Tisha. They hang up the phone. Tiana hears her mother calling her from downstairs.
"Yeah mama?"asks Tiana. When Tiana looks at the door...its a very sexy goth boy staring back at her. "this boy says he knows you...but...i dont think so." her mother says while glaring at him with disgust. "oh hey Gerard. Mama, this is Gerars. My science partner. We are supposed to be working on our science project together. Is it ok by you?" Tiana says. "uhhuh. I guess....." says her mother. Tiana takes the boy by the hand and takes him to the den. "please excuse my mum. she's a bit......loopy." she says looking embarrased. "nah...dont worry bout it kah?" he says. tiana has the biggest crush on Gerard. But she has no idea if hes gay or not. He is always hanging around this fyne italian guy named Frankie. But then again....hes always hanging around with win eh? "do you want a pop or chips?" she asks while smiling. " u have mountin dewh?" he asks. Tiana chuckels a bit because of the way he talks. "yah. thats my fave...comming rite up." she spins around and heads to the kitchen. Gerard is really staring at her ass. and biting his lips. see, he also has feelings for her as well. He sits in science scribbling her name in his notebook, he stares at her, he loves the way she sips her pop and the way she talks-pretty much everything. "mkay. back!" she says. Gerard takes the pop and starts to drink it. "ahhhhhh. thats it! mmm thats they way a soda is spose to be dawg!" he says. Tiana laughs really hard. " sorry...its just that....nuthing" he stammers. "hehehe. thats ok. i think u are funny" she says. " eh??"...........................

hours pass and the two are almost done with the project. Tiana reaches over and grabs his notebook so she can copy notes. "NO!" he trys to grab the notbook from her. Tiana opens it and finds her name written all in it. and even a portait of her bitting a pencil. "wow!" she says with her face turning burgandy. "well....dont think im crazy or anything-cuz im not-its just that- i-i-i-i like you...tiana." He studders.
"really?.....well...look at the time......" she says. "but...we...." he says. "i have to go to school thank you for being my partner..." she pushes him out the door.
"what the heack was that all about baby?" her mother said. "nothing...GOODNITE!" She runs up the stairs and slams the door.

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