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Nightly Escapade

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“Would you like to tell me where you’ve been?” “Umm…I was just…” a nervous Gerard Way started staring down at the ground, trying to avoid eye contact with his father.

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“Would you like to tell me where you’ve been?”

“Umm…I was just…” a nervous Gerard Way started staring down at the ground, trying to avoid eye contact with his father.

“Well? It’s 3 in the morning Gerard. I have a right to know where you were.” His father said in a stern tone.

“I was…umm…with a friend…” he stuttered.

“You were with a friend? At 3 am?”

“Yeah. I ran into him on my walk.” Gerard said, trying his best not to look at his father.

“Oh, you mean the walk before the dinner to didn’t have?”

“Well, we got something to eat while we were…”

“Scaring your mother to death? Have you not seen the news? Only the other day they found a body in West Hudson Park. We don’t want the next body to be yours.” His father explained. Yes, he knew about the body. His friend Ray told him about it before it hit the news.

“Yeah dad, Ray told me.” he muttered. Gerard sighed and finally looked at his dad.

“Can I go to bed now?” he asked. He didn’t want his dad to ask anything else about tonight.

“Fine Gerard. We’ll talk about this later.” He said walking off to his room. Gerard let a sigh of relief and walked to his room. On his way, he heard a door creak and close from behind him. He knew it was Mikey.

When Gerard finally reached his room, he walked over to his window, which he had painted black and opened it. He spun around and raced over to his door and locked it. He didn’t want anyone coming in and seeing something they wouldn’t want to see.

“Pssst. Can I come in now?” a voice whispered from the open window.

“Yeah climb through. I’ll catch ya.” Gerard said, returning to his window as a leg poked through. Then another leg.

“You have such a good ass, did you know that?” Gerard commented.

“Shut up” the voice said. The rest of the body fell through the window and into Gerard’s arms.

“Why hello there Frankie.” Gerard said with a giggle.

“What took you so long Gee?” Frank asked as Gerard placed him on his bed.

“Dad was waiting for me.”

“Shit. I-I guess he knows now huh?”

“Fuck no I didn’t tell him. He’d freak out if he knew.” Gerard said while giving Frank a tight hug and lightly kissing him on the lips.

“You sure you want to do this?” Frank asked. “I mean, we have kinda been drinking a bit.”

“I’m sure. I haven't been drinking that much. I only had like, 3 drinks max.” Gerard stated and kissing Frank on the lips again, this time a little more harder.

“Did you…know Gerard that…you…are…the most…sexiest…man alive?” Frank muttered between kisses.

Gerard slowly made his way down from Frank’s lips and onto his neck, where he started to suck wildly. Frank let a soft moan escape from his lips as Gerard bit down on his flesh.


Gerard’s hands wondered up Frank’s shirt as his lips temporarily left Frank’s skin to slip his shirt off him. Their session was rudely interrupted by a soft knock at Gerard’s door.

“Gee? You still awake?”

“Oh fuck” Gerard gasped at the sound of his younger brother’s voice. He stared at Frank with a petrified look. Gerard pointed to his wardrobe and Frank rushed quietly over and hid at the bottom of it. Gerard quickly shut it and walked over to his door and unlocked it, letting Mikey in.

“Hey Mikey. What’s up?” he asked

“W-Where were you? Really? You may be able to fool dad but I know.” Mikey replied sitting down on Gerard's bed.

“Well, technically, I was with someone…”

“Who? I know not Ray and Bob and I called them. They told me that they haven't heard from you since lunch.”

“W-Well, ummm, I was w-with…” Gerard stuttered nervously, staring at his wardrobe. He knew Mikey had him and he couldn’t get out of it even if he tried. Mikey got up from the bed and walked over to open the wardrobe door.

“Ummm, hi. I’m Frank.” Frank said shyly, looking up at Mikey. Mikey turned around and faced his brother.

“What the fuck Gerard? Why are you hiding this guy in here? He’s your friend right? I wouldn’t care if…” Mikey trailed off and his eyes widening. “Were you guys…”

“It’s not what you think Mikey! Please don’t tell dad! I kept your little secret please keep mine!” Gerard begged, getting down on his knees, which is something he rarely did.

“But these are different circumstances Gerard! This is a GUY. I hid Alicia, a GIRL. I’m telling dad.” Mikey said walking towards Gerard’s door.

“But what if I told them what you and Alicia were doing?” Gerard said sharply. Mikey stopped in his tracks and turned around and looked at Gerard, who was now holding hands with Frank.

“Fine. But you have to tell dad sometime.”

“I’ll tell him when I'm ready.” Gerard said, locking eyes with Frank.

“Alright. Night Gee. Goodnight Frank.” Mikey said walking out Gerard’s door, closing it behind him and returning to his room.

“Now, where were we?” Gerard asked, holding Frank tight against him.

“Hmm, I think we were up to here.” Frank replied, pushing Gerard on the bed and jumping ontop of him.

Gerard took his top off and flinged it across the room. Frank bent down and kisses a trail on Gerard’s body, causing Gerard to shiver.
“Fuck…” Gerard gasped as Frank suddenly flipped him over, making him bottom. Frank ran his hands lightly over Gerard’s torso, slowly making his way down and slipping them into his pants, causing Gerard to moan deeply in the back of his throat.

“Do you want me to suck you babe?” Frank whispered into his ear seductively, rubbing Gerard through the fabric of his boxers.

“Fuck…Yes…Frank…” Gerard moaned.

“I wanna heard you say it” Frank said before latching his mouth back onto Gerard’s, allowing their tongues to play with each other for a brief moment before allowing Gerard to respond.

“S-Suckk me…Frank…suck meeee…” Gerard’s groan trailed off as Frank was pulling down his pants and his boxers, purposely making sure that the fabric rubbed hard against Gerard’s throbbing erection.

Frank slowly kissed a light trail down Gerard’s neck, chest, stomach and even more lightly across his pelvic bone, causing Gerard to arch is back slightly. Frank then slowly took Gerard’s head into his mouth and started to softly, then ever so slowly, sucking harder and harder.

Gerard’s hands gripped the sheets tightly, then the pillow that was behind his head, and finally running his fingers through the hair of Frank’s head bobbing up and down.

“F-Fuck…F-Frank…I-I-I’m s-soo clossssssseee…” Gerard quietly whimpered. To his surprise, Frank sucked harder than he had before, causing him to come after one final, hard suck, sending Gerard into a fit of ecstasy.

“Fuck…That was…soo good…” Gerard trailed off as Frank slide up into his arms. Gerard kissed him on the top of his head and whispered into his ear

“Your turn…”
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