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SPOILERS! If you haven't played DMC4 don't read and blame me ;) A short story for Nero and Dante. Dante makes him an offer following a sorrowful realisation. Just a drabble.

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My honored brethren
We come together
To unite as one
Against those that are damned
We show no mercy
For we have none
Our enemy shall fall
As we apprise
To claim our fate
Now and forever
We'll be together
In love and in hate

It had been a couple of months since the events and Nero sat at the back of the church listening to Kyrie sing. He didn’t really care about the fact that he was in the church he just loved to listen to her. He wanted her to be happy and even though her brother was dead she had lived through it and stood by his side. That was the part that was now scaring several kinds of hell out of the young half-demon. The demons still attacked and he still watched his every move for the fear of more attacks. She was at risk being near him and it hurt to think that now matter how me he loved her and tried to protect her it might not be enough.

He sighed and looked down, he had come so far with so many things, but he had yet to tell her the truth of the matter. Admitting he loved her had been easier than admitting he was scared of loosing her again. He’d already gone to so many lengths to save her and it still felt like he was a million miles away from the things he wanted most.

“You’re thinking way too much about what could be, kid.” Dante whispered appearing behind him. Nero’s head snapped around, he was about to tell him to stop calling him kid. “You’re still worrying about her? You can wipe out some powerful kick ass demons and you still worry about her? Man that’s gotta be love.”

“Leave it.” Nero snapped as Kyrie’s song ended. He stood up and headed outside. He looked up at the blue skies and turned his music on. He was fighting an internal war and so far the demons were winning because he didn’t believe that they could live out the rest of their days this way.

“You know,” Dante appeared in front of him, “she’s already decided she’s happy as long as you are there.” Dante paced around him. “Shouldn’t she be the judge of whether your punk ass is worth it or not?”

“Did you come to get Yamato back?” Nero said ignoring the question.

“I told you, you keep it.” Dante raised an eyebrow. “Man you are hard headed.” He chuckled. “I think you are worrying way too much… you got the girl. Fairytale ending.”

“You know that won’t be how it ends Dante.” Nero sat on the churches steps. “Sooner or later I have to accept that the demon attacks don’t end.”

“Is that how you want to play it?” Dante leant over on the fountain, his hand flipping Ebony around. “You wanna give up?”

“It’s not giving up!” Nero turned around, his hand flexing angrily into a fist. “You don’t seem to understand, she shouldn’t be in danger just for knowing me.”

“For loving you.” Dante corrected and watched him. “You are that eager to take a beating already? Haven’t you learnt anything?” Dante’s face broke into an infectious smile. Nero sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Too much… too much was going through his head.

“I just need to get out of here I guess.” Nero said finally. “If I’m not around so much maybe she will see she is safer without me. Maybe Kyrie can tell me to back off and then I won’t feel so bad about thinking like this.”

“That’s pretty damned lame for a little punk like you.” Dante smirked and looked over at him. “Look if you wanna go somewhere so you don’t have to worry but you can still see her why not come and work for me?”

Nero looked at the church, there were more hymns going on inside. More people praying that one day the righteous saviour or those of Sparda’s line would find a way to stop the hell gates altogether. Nero looked to him for once Dante’s face seemed serious about something.

“What about Trish? Will she mind?” Nero didn’t fancy being there like some rogue teen they needed to control. He was capable of making his own way thank you very much!

“She can do what she likes she always had.” Dante shrugged and stood up. “She’s not my mother.”

“I thought she was…”

“She looks like my mother but she’s nothing like her. Eva was a good woman. She’s not my partner like you think either. Well that side of things gets complicated… your too young to be told about my way of dealing with women.” Dante dusted his jacket down laughing but held up his hand as Nero went to ask him more. “Well if you decide what you want to do you know where I am kid. Devil May Cry…”

“Stop calling me kid.” Nero said blushing; he found it kind of appealing but he wasn’t going to admit it. “Okay…”

Dante headed off and Nero waited for a while still thinking. He could come back to see her maybe? Then they would be able to decide after that. He wanted to be with her but if it got her killed it was simply a no-go area.

“Hey you!” Kyrie ran out towards him, her hair flowing around her shoulders. Nero’s heart skipped a beat. “I saw you leave with Dante. Is everything all right?”

He could see it in her eyes, was the trouble going to start all over again? Come to think of it why had Dante appeared like that? Nero held her close and rested his head on her shoulders. If there was a way to feel a heart breaking this was it.

“Kyrie… I have to go.” He said his voice soft, loosing the cheeky cocky edge. “I’ve been thinking about it for so long. It’s so dangerous to have me around you. Demon’s always attacking. That’s how Dante lost his mother… humans… demons…”

“I already told you Nero you are human to me!” She pulled back and looked in the bright blue eyes. “I love you.” She whispered softly.

“I love you too.” Nero told her sincerely. “And it’s for that reason I should probably let you have your peace, at least for now.”

“Nero why?” Kyrie looked at him, shocked. “But I want to be by your side.”

“It’s dangerous Kyrie.” Nero was about to explain where he was going when he heard the creature behind him.

“What is that?” She said stepping back from him, she’d seen them that fateful day but they’d never spoken about it in details. Nero always lost the sparkle in his eye if he thought or spoke of it.

“They are… I dunno Dante called them Bloody Mari’s, marionettes that are made with demonic souls.” He looked to her and gave her a faint smile before cocking his revolver, Blue Rose. “Wait for me.”

“I always do.” She said gently as he ran into the battle.

Several of the creatures flooded around him intent on taking the sword he carried from his hands. Red Queen idled on his back as he changed to Yamato for a quick kill and shot with Blue Rose. She was a beautiful gun but he still had to admit Dante's were beyond anything he could have imagined.

“Come on!” Nero yelled the heat of battle always brought out his cocky side. “Bring it!”

Kyrie stood patiently out of the way, she did not want to make herself a target and cause him more trouble. Nero made short work of the things and dusted his coat down. He walked over slowly and slid his hand into his jacket; she noticed that this time it was not with the hidden way he used to before she learnt about who he was. Kyrie looked into his eyes, they were young and he was impatient. Her hand went to his cheek and Nero took it softly moving her away from the blood of the demons around him. She could see in his eyes that every fight was hurting more of his soul as she watched them.

Nero closed his eyes, he had fought to save her, admitted he loved her and now he was about to leave her. He was no kind of human to do that. Tears sparkled in his eyes, the emotional younger descendant of Sparda felt he was a liability but neither would allow him to say that Kyrie never once saw him that way. She kissed his lips softly and wiped the tears away.

“I’ll wait.” She whispered. “Go and do what you must.”

“How long can you wait for me Kyrie?”

“As long as it takes.” She smiled and kissed him deeper as a lover should. “So don’t forget about me.”

“How could I?” Nero smiled and turned to find Dante.
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