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Nadya & Stepan

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A short scene between a husband and wife named Stepan and Nadya.

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She was late again, but as the manager of a large company arriving home late was nothing new for Nadya. However, tonight was different, tonight Nadya had promised Stepan her husband of four years that she would be home on time so that they could spend the evening together, an event which rarely took place anymore. Stepan was a good husband, loving and supportive and Nadya had really meant to keep her promise to be on time tonight but during the day one of the new interns had "dropped the ball" and as usual the responsibility of holding things together had fallen on Nadya.

Nadya quietly turned the door knob of her apartment hoping not to wake her likely sleeping husband however as Nadya opened her door and stepped inside she was surprised to find Stepan still awake, sitting on the couch. Walking across her living room and toward the couch Nadya carefully greeted her husband with a kiss on the cheek:

"I am sorry baby; I know I'm late but..."

"You promised to be early today" Stepan coldly cut her off.

"The new intern Matt, the one I told you about before was supposed to..."

"No!" Stepan again cut his wife off. "Nadya I don't even want to hear about it this time, it's not like I ask you to be home early all the time, I know your busy at work! I just...I miss spending time with you and I am tired of waiting up for you tonight!"

"Why didn't you just go to bed then Stepan?!" A now frustrated Nadya shouted back.

"Because...Because I can't sleep without you Nadya!"

Shocked at her husband's sudden outburst of emotion Nadya stepped across the small distance that separated herself and her husband and placed her arms around his neck, looking into his eyes she quietly whispered "I love you, you know that Stepan".

Stepan sighed bringing his arms to rest around Nadya's back he gently replied "I know, I love you too Nadya, I am sorry"

"Me too Stepan, me too."

They quietly stood there together for several more minutes, simply enjoying the presence of each other.

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