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"You Pete Wentz are not fat"

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I knew I needed to get up but I don't want to. I didn't get much sleep last night. I don't even want to open my eyes.

Wait how did I get to my room last night? Pete must have carried me in here after I fell asleep.

I heard my bedroom door open. Then there was a slight pressure on my bed. I could feel heat near my face like someone was leaning in toward it.

I stayed very still trying not to give it away that I was already awake. Then whoever it was started jumping on my bed while still leaning in toward my face.

"WAKE UP BELLA!" Pete screamed in my face.

I was slightly confused.

"UGH! GO AWAY." I said while moving my leg around trying to knock him over.

I made contact with something and a few seconds later I heard a huge thump come from the floor area.

"Why would you do that?" he whined.

I opened one eye to see Pete standing there rubbing his butt and pouting. Then he noticed that my eye was open and jumped on me.

"UGH! God Pete for such a small guy you weigh a lot." I grumbled while trying to wiggle out from under him.

"Are you calling me fat?" he said obviously joking.

"No you hide your weight well." I said and when he turned to look at me I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Gosh Bella you're such a good friend." he said very sarcastically while wiggling away from me to under the covers next to me.

"What is with you calling me Bella?" I asked.

I just couldn't take the curiosity anymore.

"I have made it my official nickname for you," he said with authority.

"Why Bella?" I asked.

I can not see how he got Bella from Merideth.

"I don't know it just sounded pretty," he said but I could tell he was hiding something.

He put his arm around me and snuggled into me. It was kind of weird but I don't mind. We laid there for a few minutes just snuggling.

Then I felt his hand move toward my stomach. This made me nervous but I didn't say anything deciding that I would trust him. He kept glancing over at me like he was trying to get away with something.

Suddenly he jumped on me. He was sitting on my waist. I just stared at him with my eyebrows raised.

Then he started tickling me. I started squirming and wiggling trying to get away from his tickle tortur.

"Stop.........Stop............Please stop......."I begged.

"Not until you say 'you Pete Wentz are not fat,'" he said.

" not..........fat." I said hoping he would stop.

"Fine I'll stop but now that your up I was wondering if you wanted to go get coffee with me and Patrick? And we were going to go hang out with Cobra while they record.........oh and I think Panic and a few other's will be there." he said while moving back to the previous snuggling position.

"Cool that sounds like fun plus I really need coffee." I said.

"Sweet." he said while bouncing around a little.

I got up and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

"I'll be ready in a bit." I said before shutting the door.

I brushed my hair and lucky for me it was actually pretty and curly instead of frizzy like normal. After I did that I pulled on my jeans and my yellow panic/ bear hoodie. I put on some eyeliner and lip gloss and I was done. I don't understand how girls take like an hour to get ready it only takes me like five minutes when I don't have to take a shower.

I walked out of the bathroom to see Pete just sitting on my bed staring at my bathroom door. He got up and stepped to my side.

"Are you ready Bells?" he asked.

"Yep." I said while pulling on my multi colored checkered vans.

We walked into the living room to see Patrick sitting on the couch playing with hemmy.

"Are you ready Patrick?" Pete asked.

"Yes." he said while getting up and walking over to the front door where we were.

"Hey Merideth it's nice to see you again." he said as we walked out to the car and Pete locked the door behind us.

"It's nice to see you too." I replied.

Patrick got in the back seat motioning for me to sit in the front. I got in and so did Pete. We started off to Starbucks and the conversation just seemed to flow.

We finally get there and found a parking spot. We went in, got our coffee and sat down.

I couldn't help but let my mind wonder to the e-mail I got last night. I know Pete said he would protect me even though he tried to play it off. I know he was probably too embarrassed to admit to his feelings. At least that was what I was hoping.

I also know how dangerous David can be. I don't want Pete to get hurt.

"Are you okay?" Patrick asked me.

I looked up to see that I (or more likely Pete) had drank my coffee. Pete was gone, and Patrick was staring at me intently.

"Where did Pete go?" I asked.

"Pete wanted to go to the Bathroom before we left. Are you all right? You haven't said much since we got here," he said.

"Yeah I was just thinking sorry," I said.

"It's okay I was just curious. What were you thinking about if you don't mind my asking," he said.

I was nervous about telling him but I've always thought that he would be nice so I decided I would. I proceeded to tell him all about the e-mail and my past.

I've gotten better at explaining my situation. This time I didn't start bawling, I just cried enough to make my eyes red.

Patrick was really supportive and I could already tell we would be great friends. A few minutes after I got done with my story Pete came out to the table. He sat down next to me and then noticed my red eyes.

"Have you been crying?" he asked with concern flooding his voice.

"Yes," I replied meekly.

"Are you okay bells?" he asked while staring at Patrick with a look that read if you hurt her I'm going to kill you.

I just nodded my head and wiped at my eyes. He put his arm around me and hugged me to his side wiping my tears away with his thumbs.

"She was just telling me about David," Patrick said trying to get on good terms with Pete.

Pete just nodded his head.

"Are we ready to go?" Pete asked while looking at me.

Patrick and I nodded our heads then we left.

Hey here is another chapter i hope you like it. I was thinking about who i wanted ryan to end up with and i have two people i'm stuck between. Review and tell me if you want ryan to end up with brendon or Patrick.
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