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Has Gerard ever touched you innapropriately?

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Frankie gets angry...

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"Hey Frankie, me and Gee are gonna go hang out in the woods again if you wanna come with?"
"Sure thing, when?"
"Tonight, after school."
"Damn Mikey I cant, I have to go see that Shrink." Mikey sighed and pouted, looking upset.
"Oooh... I forgot about that. Why do you have to go there anyway? Its not like your mad." Mikey whined. I sighed and smiled, running a hand through my floppy hair.
"Yeah well... trying telling my parents that." I replied, closing my locker and pocketing my red eyeliner, something I had started wearing much more frequently knowing how much my parents hated it and how the shrink found it 'interesting to know what its appeal to me was'. Tonight would be my second session with the man, and I was ready to hang myself already.
"I tell you what Mikes, that guy treats me like a little kid. Its driving my nuts!" I complained as Mikey and I made our way out of the highschool together. Mikey giggled and pushed his glasses up his nose.
"Well, at least you'll be proving your parents right." I nudged him lightly and he giggled again. He and Gee had been so shocked when I told them about my parents sending me to a shrink, for a day they had been sympathetic - now they just found it funny. And it did seem funny when I was around them, but when I actually had to go and see the guy it wasnt funny anymore. It was so annoying I cant even begin to tell ya' -
"Well, I guess I'll sia tommorow Frank." Mikey said a little sadly as we reached the gates where we would go our seperate ways.
"Yeah... Sia Mikes!" I called as we both walked our respective ways, giving a wave as we went. I faced forward and shoved my hands into my hoody pockets, walking moodily down the street that would lead me to the 'therapists' office. Therapy my ass, it wasnt therapy, therapy made me think of chinese oils and massages and incense and warmth, not a cold leather couch and a balding fat man with a note pad. I bet he didnt even make notes, I bet he just doodled pictures in it. Thats what I'd do, pictures of my clients being hung or stabbed and then I'd give it them at the end of the session and say "Sorry, but your condition is terminal. Have a nice day - whatevers left of it." And smile widely and wave like a chirpy school girl as they leave the office. Ha, it makes me giggle just thinking about it. Is that a normal thing? Or am I really physco? I mean, I know I'm not entirely there but then who is? Ah who gives a damn anyway? Well... except for my parents, obviously.
"Good afternoon Frank, did you have a good day at school?" Asked the woman at reception, twirling a blonde pig tail round her perfectly manicured finger and chomping on bubblegum.
"Uh huh." I responded flatly, grabbing a pen and scribbling down the required information on a form she had handed me. She watched my writing hand with icy blue eyes whilst blowing large pink bubbles until they popped and then chewing once more, rather loudly close to my ear. It was really beginning to piss me off, I mean - would you want to hear someones jaw going at some gum with their saliva slopping around it? I think not. I curled my lip in disgust and pushed the paper across the desk at her and pocketed the pen. She smiled widely at me, like she was mocking me or something - still working on the gum.
"Thank you sweetie, you can go straight in." She practically squealed. I grinned as best I could and thanked her before stomping over to the door that led to the office I would be spending the next hour in. I slammed the door shut behind me alerting the shrink to my presence. He spun round on his wheely chair - something I was eager to mess around on - and smiled at me.
"Frankieee - Good afternoon! Please, take a seat!" He beamed, as if my mere presence was enough to send his happy hormones through the roof. I smiled fakely and wandered over to the leather couch that was always cold and smelt of polish. The whole room smelt of polish, and wax and general cleaning products. Another thing I hated, it was as if no one had ever been in here before. It was insane... no pun intended.
"So Frankie, how has your day been?" John, the shrink, asked.
"I'unno." I shrugged, being deliberately unhelpful. John just continued to smile, nothing I ever said or did annoyed this guy, which in turn annoyed me.
"Well let me help you, was it good, bad, scary, annoying?" He asked. I resisted the urge to tell him he was annoying and merely shrugged again.
"It was just a normal day. A nice, normal, uninteresting day." I said, imitating his airy, happy voice. His smile never left.
"I seeee. Well, would you like to tell me about it?" He asked, raising his pen ready above his notepad, I stared at him in wonder. What part of uninteresting didnt he get?
"Erm... well, okay. I got up. I had a piss. I got dressed and did my hair. I went downstairs and ate two poptarts for breakfast and had a cup of coffee. I said bye to my mom and dad. I went to school. I had maths with Mikey and I threw paper at his head and he laughed. We played hangman. I went to chemistry. I met Mikey for break and we sat in the library cos' none of the jocks can get us there. I went to English. I had lunch with Mikey. I went to art and had a double lesson. I drew a picture of a glass and shaded it. I put my stuff in my locker. I said bye to Mikey. I came here. I filled in a form. I walked in here and sat down. I told you about my day..." I raised my eyebrows at John and was annoyed to see he was still smiling, he was silent as he scribbled down stuff in his pad and then he rested it on his knee at an angle so I couldnt read what he'd put and clasped his hands together, the pen sticking up between his fingers.
"So, a good day then." He said. I rolled my eyes - sure, if he wanted it to be. "So then, Mikey - I'm assuming he's a friend of yours?" John asked.
"That he is." I mumbled, picked at some thread on the edge of the leather couch. This was going to be boring.
"Lovely lovely, tell me a bit about Mikey then." The pen once more rested on the paper as he waited for me to speak.
"Well, what do you want to know?" I sighed. John grinned at me.
"Well, just tell me everything." He said happily. Everything, now theres a surprise.
"Okay, his favourite food is pizza, his favourite colour is green, he likes to watch horror movies, he likes arts and crafts but he doesnt admit it, he has an older brother Gerard -" John cut across before I could ramble on.
"Alright that'll do. But tell me when and how you two became friends." John smiled before going back to his pad and I sighed, getting comfy and wishing I was in the woods climbing trees with the way brothers.
"Erm... lets see... I was six, Mikey was seven and Gerard was ten. I had just moved to a new house, and my mom took me to the park and I met Mikey in the sand pit. He was making sand castles and I asked if I could help him, so we made this big sandcastle together and then Gerard - who I didnt know at this point- just randomly walked along and began kicking it and I was horrified and I thought Mikey would be too but he just started laughing and got to his feet, dragging me with him and next thing I know we're all kicking the crap out of this sandcastle." I laughed and smiled at the memory. "It was pretty funny, and then Mikey introduced me to Gerard and next thing I know I meet 'em at the park everyday, and I'm in Mikeys class at the school and we just... became best friends." John was nodding as he wrote down in his pad.
"Uh hm... right... and so I'm presuming your still good friends with both Gerard and Mikey today?" He asked, peering at me with beady eyes. I frowned, a little confused.
"Well... yeah. We're all best friends, we were meant to be hanging out tonight actually." I said pointedly and John clasped his hands over his pad once again.
"Hm... and this Gerard fellow, he's what?... twenty one?" He asked. I raised an eyebrow.
"I see, well thats a four year age gap. Have you never wondered why he would be interested in 'hanging round' with people a considerable amount younger than him. After all, he is considered a man now and you are still a teenager." John was watching me very carefully, my face a shocked mixture of annoyance and confusion.
"What? We're friends for crying out loud, whats the age gotta do with it?" I demanded. John sighed and leaned forward slightly, lowering his voice and speaking very gently.
"Now Frankie, I'm going to ask you a question and do remember that everything you say is completely confidential and that I'm only trying to help you..." John waited for me to nod, looking gormless before he continued. "Now Frankie... Has this - Gerard - ever... touched you innapropriately, either recently or when you were a child?" For a small moment there was silence, the words were taking a long time to sink into my brain because they just sounded so... weird. But as they did sink in I got angrier and angrier that he even dare suggest my friend would do that to anyone, let alone me!
"Wah...? FUCK NO! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT - GERARD WOULDNT DO THAT! YOU SICK DIRTY OLD MAN - EUUUGH I AM GETTING OUTTA HERE!" I shoved myself off the couch and John merely wrote down feverishly in his pad as I raced out of the room, f-ing and blinding as I went. I slammed the door shut with impressive force and stormed through reception.
"Frank -" The receptionist jumped to her feet so quickly her gum nearly fell out of her mouth.
"FUCK OFF!" I shouted before she could say another, storming out of the building and punching the window as I went - I had hoped the glass would smash but it didnt, and it hurt my knuckles but I acted as if it hadnt as I ran down the road, shocked and angered by the fucktard of a shrink.
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