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Chapter 1

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Officially the first chapter of "Its Not So Easy, Is It?" Damien and James have a funny talk.

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“Man, I can’t live like this.”

“You’ve been living like this for six years, Damien, I think you can handle it,” I said, angrily gazing at the bricks in front of me.

“Yeah, well you try having a fast metabolism, and then come cry to me.”

I grinned and shook my head. Damien always uses the same lame excuse for everything, blaming it all on his “fast” metabolism.

“Damien, if you’re so hungry then go find some food.”

“I can’t. My tum-tum hurts too much.”

I sighed. “Fine then, I’ll be right back.” I stood up and walked to the nearest park, and returned twenty minutes later with a couple of hot dogs and bags of chips.

“Eat up,” I said, tossing the small back of chips at Damien and handed him a hot dog.

“Yum!” He literally scarfed down both things and burped. Extremely loud.

“Ew, just ew,” I joked. Damien just looked at me. After a few bites, I looked at him and said “What.”

“Dark. Clouds. Rain.”

“Psh man, it ain’t gonna-” I shut up as the sky rumbled and large drops of water came down from the sky.Damn.

Damien smirked.“You were saying?”

“Shut up Damien,” I mumbled, finishing up the last bits of my food.

“Great, just great! Another friggin’ night in the cold rain.”

“Oh stop your complaining and worry about something else.”

“Hmph! Easy for you to say.”

About fifteen minutes passed of total silence between us. Then suddenly, “I need new boxers.”

Damien cracked up laughing.

“James, I think that’s just about the weirdest thing I’ve heard all day!”

“Yeah, yeah, but I’m serious I’ve got like, this giant rip in ‘em.”

“Ew, nasty picture,” he cringed. I smacked his arm.

“Dude! I meant up the side of my leg. But all the same its nice to know you think of me like that.”

“We need new clothes, too, by the way.”

“Whatever. I suppose this means more clothes from Goodwill?”

“Yes, but how? I mean, we can’t exactly steal them.”

“Well technically it’s not stealing if we get them from the back, because they don’t have price tags yet.”

“Smart James, real smart. But I do agree.”

“Right then, it’s settled. Now, you know the routine. Let’s wash up.”

Damien smiled, and then we stripped down to our boxers and stood in the rain. A few good years ago, when we were about eleven years old, we used to just flat out get naked and run around when it rained, because it was far easier to get clean that way. But that was before we hit puberty. Now we had our dignity and pride to keep up on.

“You got soap, James?”

“Yes, Damien, of course.”

“Dishwater? (I nodded) Where’d you get dishwater soap from?”

I smiled cheesily. “Nicked it from this lady on the way home. What? Her window was open and everything!”

“I knew it.” He shook his head in what I took as mock sadness. “My poor James is turning into a thief!”

I grinned. “I was gonna give it back..eventually.”

I squirted some in my hand and rubbed it all over my body. Damien did the same. Then we put our clothes back on, climbed up a ladder to a staircase, and watched the alley fill up with water. It doesn’t just rain in Oregon. It flat out pours.

Damien and I fell asleep shortly after it stopped pouring. Probably about 1 or so in the morning.

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