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We had hot, steamy...beef burgers.

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Sleepover round Spencer's house.

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I fiddled and tweaked my hair repeatedly, studying it in the mirror for seconds at a time only to decide it wasn’t good enough and took the hair elastic out to repeat the whole process of putting it up again.

You are ridiculous I told myself, as I studied the final result for the umpteenth time. The only reason I even cared about getting it perfect was because of him being there.Like he’ll even notice...come on, you wouldn’t normally get this fussy over a boy. Just leave it and-‘Ryan.’ I said, immediately dropping the messy strands of hair which were falling out from my ponytail.

‘Hey, mind if I join you?’ He said walking into the open bathroom, holding up a toothbrush.

I shook my head dumbly.

‘So what do you think of Rob and Ginger?’ He said with half a smirk as he applied toothpaste to his toothbrush.

‘Robbie and Ginge rock my world.’ I smiled. ‘Spencer’s so lucky to have parents like that. I mean his mom bakes- actual cookies and everything. I didn’t know those kind of moms really existed.’

I caught Ryan giving me what looked like a shadow of sympathy from behind his eyes which I hastily ignored. Thankfully, he didn’t say anything because his mouth was currently filled with toothpaste.

‘Which one is Spencer’s?’ I asked, motioning to the different types of toothpastes lined up on the sink shelf.

Ryan handed me a mint one with a messy container and I squeezed the paste out onto my toothbrush.

I can’t believe how conscious I’m feeling about brushing my frigging teeth in front of him.

We brushed together in silence for a while. I brushed and brushed until the paste was literally water in my mouth. I stood with my arms crossed and my mouth tightly shut waiting and waiting for Ryan to finish and spit for the last time.

‘Hey, there’s something I should tell you...’ He began ‘Oh sorry, am I hogging the sink?’ He asked, looking at me in the mirror.

‘Ah oh uhuh ih im umma oo’

‘You don’t want to spit in front of me?’

I shook my head.

He looked amused. ‘You’re so funny’ he said ‘you’re going to have a bit of problem if I just feel like chilling here for a while then.’

‘Ah ole’ I mumbled as he leant back on the sink and smiled. He was seriously too cute sometimes.

‘am onna im ihs’

‘No you’re not.’ He said smiling, standing up and pinching my nose gently, but still tightly enough to stop the oxygen going in.

‘Ah ih on oo’ I said, creasing my eyebrows and staring him in the face.

‘You wouldn’t’ He said challengingly.

I pouted my mouth and stared him down, but I bailed at the last second and leaned over the sink to not so gracefully spill my contents there instead.

‘See I knew you wouldn’t.’ He said smugly ‘and I think you’re forgetting the fact that I’ve seen you throw up and then collapse on me before.’

‘Oh yeah.’ I mumbled. ‘In that case...’

And for some reason I spontaneously bent down, tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear and licked his arm with a white toothpaste-y tongue before skipping off back to Spencer’s living room where the five of us were bunking for the night.

When I returned to the living room, only Brendon currently occupied it, kneeling beside his sleeping bag and fluffing his high stack of pillows. I floated over to the sofa where my sleeping bag was already set up on and collapsed down upon it. There had been a lot of disagreement over who should get the two sofas, but in the end the boys kindly (and kind of dismally) agreed to let the girls (being me and Kate) take them.

‘You’re welcome.’ Brendon sang, with his back to me.

‘Why exactly?’ I asked.

Brendon rolled his eyes as if it was obvious. ‘Look’ he said, indicating to the bedding formed at the foot of the sofa I was lying on. ‘I told Ryan the bathroom was free and offered to do his bedding for him. Now you can gaze upon his peaceful face all night long.’

I groaned. Ever since we got here, Brendon hasn’t stopped ‘’subtly’’ trying to get me and Ryan next to each other, or coming out with random outbursts of how ‘pretty’ I am which has only resulted in a few questionable looks.

‘Not that I don’t appreciate all this, err...effort, Brendon, but I’ve told you; I don’t like him that much and I’m fine with the way things are at the moment. Maybe it’s just best you forget the whole thing.’

‘No way, I can’t forget something like this’ He said. ‘I think you two are meant for each other.’

‘He has a girlfriend.’

‘Well she’s not here is she?’

‘That doesn’t change anything.’

‘It changes everything’ He said ‘So did you have a hot time in the bathroom?’

I sighed. ‘Yes Brendon, we had hot, steamy...’

‘...beef burgers’ I said, scratching behind my neck as Ryan walked in.

‘Who had beef burgers?’ Ryan asked innocently.

‘I did.’ I said ‘Last night. For dinner.’

‘I thought you decided to become a Vegetarian a few days ago?’

‘Oh’ I said, lamely ‘Whoopsie.’

‘You ate meat!?’ Brendon exclaimed ‘I can’t believe you. You’re the worst vegetarian ever.’

I refrained from slapping a hand to my head.

‘Yes I am’ I said through greeted teeth ‘Sorry Brendon.’

‘She tried to become a vegetarian when she was 14 too but forgot and ate a sausage roll.’ Ryan said, climbing in to his sleeping bag as I looked at him, alarmed.

‘Me and Spencer listened to a bit of yours and Kate’s conversation when you slept round.’ He shrugged.

Brendon laughed.

‘I can’t believe you listened to our conversation!’

‘I can’t believe you licked my arm’ He said, lying down.

‘Eaves dropper!’

‘Arm licker!’

‘We have mattresses!’

We all turned to look at Kate and Spencer entering, carrying three fold up mattresses between them.

‘You could have told me that before I had arranged my teddies.’ Brendon groaned, as we laughed at him.

‘I’ve just gotten comfy.’ Ryan pouted.

‘Well more comfort for me then’ Said Spencer, piling them on top of each other and laying sprawled out upon them.

‘No fair.’ Brendon said, trying to pull one out from underneath him.

After Brendon finally got his mattress, and Kate had Spencer had got into bed, we all eventually fell silent and said our goodnights to each other.

‘Goodnight Spencer.’
‘Goodnight Brendon’
‘Goodnight Kate’
‘Goodnight Brendon’
‘Goodnight Ryan.’
‘Night Brendon’
‘Goodnight Steph.’
‘Goodnight Brendon’

‘Goodnight Kate’
‘Goodnight Spencer’
‘Goodnight Steph’
‘Night Spence’
‘Night Ryan’
‘Please. Shut up.’

_ _ _



‘I am so sorry.’ I groaned, lifting my head up and cringing.

‘It’s alright. I’m OK.’ Ryan said from underneath me.

I tried to wriggle off him, but it’s a hard task when you’re entrapped in a sleeping bag with no zip, and you’re wedged in-between a coffee table and a sofa. And I couldn’t exactly wriggle backwards or forwards because we could both end up in far more awkward positions.

‘OK, I’m a little stuck, but it’s alright...’ I whispered, looking side to side and upwards, in hopes of an escape root, but there was none. ‘Ryan, I’m in a bit of a predicament.’

The situation was quite unfortunate and rather embarrassing, but as soon as we both realised how silly it all was we burst into stifled laughter. He was taking being woken up in the middle of the night by my body crashing down on him a lot better than I would have thought.

‘I could try and sit up, but I don’t want to hurt you.’ I said.

‘You’re as light as a daisy’ he said ‘I’m sure I’ll be fine. I would help, but you have my arms trapped.’

After a lot of careful wriggling, shuffling, and elbowing Ryan a fair few times, I finally managed to get myself into a sitting position, and Ryan undid his sleeping bag slightly, sat up and helped lift me onto the sofa.

‘Well that was an adventure.’ Ryan said yawning and lying back down.

‘I’m sorry for waking you’ I said.

‘It’s OK, I was already awake. Do you often fall out of bed?’

‘Occasionally, it’s a bad habit.’

‘Aren’t you meant to grow out of that as soon as you get past the age of 5?’ He teased.

‘I am 5’ I said simply ‘Why were you still awake anyway?’

He put his arms behind his head and shrugged. ‘Thinking.’

I pondered this and a thought came into mind. ‘Ryan’ I whispered, bending over the edge of the sofa slightly to peer down at him. His eyes glistened in the darkness and looked up at me. ‘What happens when you and Kate go home tomorrow? You know; together, at the same time.’ I said, hoping he would catch my drift.

He did. ‘Exactly what I was thinking about.’ He sighed. ‘With some luck, he’ll be out all night with some whore and won’t get back until morning anyway. Then maybe we can hang around Spencer’s for a while so he’ll already be home and asleep before we go back.’

‘And if he’s not?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘I could call my mom and arrange something for you if you’d like’ I said jokingly but dryly.

‘Sorry’ He said ‘I completely forgot, I didn’t mean to offend you.’

‘Trust me, you didn’t. She is a whore, plain and simple.’ I yawned ‘Oh well. Whatcha gonna do?’

‘It must be weird for you.’ He mused quietly.

‘It’s alright; she’s getting a job at the firm come Monday so hopefully it’ll lessen the amount of strange perverted men she brings back to our house.’

We fell silent; him probably not knowing what to say. I wasn’t sure whether he was asleep yet or not, but with nothing to lose I whispered ‘I’m sure I could preoccupy her somehow whilst you go home and sort your dad out.’

He didn’t reply for a few seconds, so I assumed him asleep, but he eventually whispered ‘Thank you. That would be really helpful.’

I was all ready to go back to sleep, when another thought entered my mind.

‘Hey Ryan, what was it you needed to tell me earlier?’

‘Oh’ he said ‘Um, another time.’


‘Yeah, sure.’

‘OK’ I said bemused and intrigued ‘Night Ryan.’

‘Goodnight Steph.’
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