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Cat fight

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(M/M slash) rated for future chapters. This is a story of unrequited love, and not always wanting what you have. Rayne Phelps may be unattainable but Edward Mason never said he didn't live with his...

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"Fuck off, man. He's taken."

Who's taken, me? I'd beg to differ. My eyes widened as I watched Christian's eyes narrow his dark brows drawing together over stormy grays.

"I don't think you heard me right." He gritted through tightly compressed lips. I don't think anyone has ever told Christian to go fuck himself before because he wasn't taking well to the experience. Though to hear him, he might have been talking to a recalcitrant waiter.

"I heard. I said I'm busy! Go Fuck yourself." Rico Suave growled his face still buried in my throat his hands restlessly groping and massaging me. And no his name's not really Rico Suave. Remember I don't' know his name.

Before I knew what was happening, Christian had him by the scruff of his neck and yanked him off me. Rico was down, but not for the count. I am sure I looked a site, a right slut with my shirt hiked up the top buttons on my pants opened, my fly gaping and hair mussed with swollen lips. I was not doing anything to straighten up riveted to the site of a truly enraged Christian.

He stood over Rico slowly cracking his knuckles and neck his back to me. I don't know what Rico saw on his end but he paused briefly before launching himself at him, his head sinking with a sickening thud into Christian's stomach. He bowed slightly with a faint grunt from the force before bringing up his knee to smash Rico's nose with a brutal crunch. Needless to say, at this point the party was at a stand still most people just drunkenly watching with apathetic eyes.

"Are we done here bitch?"

The sound of Christian's voice drew my eyes back to the nightmare, the dark lighting highlighting the sharp planes of his face in demonic relief.

Taking a swipe at his most certainly broken nose, Rico got up and said, "Not by a long shot." His words muffled so low that I don't think anyone else heard because there was a loud gasp as he swung and his right fist connected with the side of Christian's head.

Christian didn't even flinch. He just smirked licking his bottom lip.

"We'll make this a good fuck then."

His voice a seductive purr, I now know what a black belt in action looks like. He was merciless and would probably have left a bloody unrecognizable pulp had Rayne not stepped in. Rayne pulled him off Rico who was doing a great Rodney King impression.

"Come on man let it go. It's not worth it." He soothed one arm wrapped around Christian their foreheads connecting. The crowd started to disperse sensing the action was over.

"Ward! Are you all right? I was so worried when you didn't show." Kara charged in stepping over Rico Suave and wrapping me tight in her arms.

I think there were tears on her cheeks but it was too dark to be sure. She kept petting and rubbing me all over checking for injuries. I am not sure what she thought had happened seeing as I was the least bloody person present.

"I'm fine Kara. Lay off!" I growled.

Hey, I'm gay not a sissy and yeah I know I was unconscionably rude and ungrateful for her concern but in my defense, Rayne Phelps was standing there.

"You little snot! I was worried sick about you and now you give me attitude?!" Kara fumed her maternal instincts on hold and internal bitch taking over. I flushed knowing Christian and Rayne were watching us. I didn't want to be shown up by a girl especially after Christian just saved my butt.

"Why I aughta...I aughta..."

"Just shut your pie hole Kara. Tell Colin I'm on my way." I groused running a hand through my hair in frustration.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Kara and I froze upon hearing that smooth as chocolate voice. Umm was he talking to me? I turned slightly to meet cold as steel gray eyes. I was speechless and a tad nervous. Okay so I was piss-in-my-pants freaked out lets not belabor the point.


"Chris man, are you sure you want to do this right now?" Rayne said quietly his eyes a bit worried and the faint sheen of sweat pebbling his brow.

"I say the little fucker is coming with me. He's coming with me."

The 'little fucker' was happy to go wherever he wanted. Maybe I should have done more research into those rumors about Carlos Riviera habeas corpus and all.

Kara snapped out of it pretty quick after that.

"Ward...what do you want to do?"

The way she was watching me you would think I was a recent escapee from a mental ward. I glanced back at Christian. He stood next to Rayne silent and unmoved. Looking Kara in the eyes, I said loud and clear, "I'll go with him."

Kara held my gaze a moment longer before nodding once firmly as if confirming something. She wordlessly reached for my pants, buttoned, and zipped me. I had completely forgotten the state of my undress up to that point. I blushed stealing a peek under my bangs at Christian. His lips had thinned and his hands had made fist. I believe its time to go.

"Uh Kara, I have to go now see you tomorrow at school." I mumbled walking up to Christian and Rayne. Christian slung a possessive arm around my shoulders pulling me close. Rayne just shrugged apologetically at Kara before we left without a word.

As the crowd made room for our exodus, I kept my head down trying to be as invisible as possible. Rayne's car was a low-slung black spider that screamed chick magnet. It hit me a bit late that I, Edward Mason, was about to watch Rayne Phelps drive his car. Something I had only dreamed of in my most desperate fantasies. My breath caught in my chest and suddenly Christian's arm felt like a ton. I tried to wiggle out from underneath it with little success. Rayne opened the doors and Christian folded his tall frame into the back seat dragging me along.

"I know we haven't really met yet but my name is Rayne. Aren't you in my algebra class?" Rayne said starting the car with a low purr. He spared me a brief easy smile in the rearview mirror before focusing on his driving.

"Yeah." I mean what did he expect a fucking speech, not when Cro-Magnon man's got me in a vice grip.

"Just drive Rayne." Christian growled. He seemed to be doing that a lot around me.

"Thank you for what you did back there. I know you didn't have to get involved but you did." I rambled on searching for a response. The one I got was certainly unexpected.

"Gypsy Eyes shut up and listen. I thought we had an understanding. I am only going to say this once. No one but no one touches what's mine and you are mine. I don't take shit and I won't take it from you either" his voice a deep husky rumble.

Let's just say I am still racking my mind to recall when I gave him this commitment. I bit my bottom lip nervously. I blushed and glanced up catching Rayne's eyes in the rearview mirror briefly.
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