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Servant Caster. Formed from a loophole in the rules. Called by something considered her greatest failure.

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Endless Dream

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 1: Summoning

Every day it was the same thing.

Her life followed a routine.

Matou Sakura lived life largely by the whims of others.

Her father of birth had thrown her away, and her new family saw her only
as a tool to preserve their magic.

Filling her body with those things, it caused her nothing but pain, as
her body was twisted into forming the "proper" Magic Circuits.

When she was lucky, she went to bed with this horrible longing. When she
wasn't... her brother came into the room...

She was making it by pretending it was Sempai doing it. Even though she
knew that Sempai would never be so cruel, he would be gentle with her...

The only time she was happy was when she was with Sempai.

And now this... this thing had appeared on her arm.

...if only it had been a simple bruise.

The moment "grandfather" had seen the mark, he had begun preparing. He
had even forced Shinji to help prepare.

"You're late." Shinji snarled at her, slapping her in the side of the head.

He was careful not to hit her too hard, most of the time now. Ever since
Sempai fought with him. However, his cruelty in emotional insults had
grown worse. He perceived her as taking the only real friend he had. And
so, where as before she was just a thing to abuse and use for fun, now
she was a thing to hate.

"Shinji, that is enough." Grandfather wasn't much better. "What matters
is that Sakura is here." His shriveled face split into a grin. "Soon,
Sakura, you will enter the Holy Grail War."

"..." Sakura rarely spoke at him, she just nodded.

The Holy Grail.

A mystic artifact with the power to grant any wish.

"What do I do, Grandfather?" She asked.

Perhaps with it, she could gain a selfish wish. Forsake this life as the
"Heir" to the Matou magic, and simply be part of the family of Emiya Shirou.

"You call forth the Servant. Do not fear, the Grail does most of the
work." Grandfather explained, "The Servant will be the one to actually
fight. I suggest trying to call forth Assassin."

I see. Sakura stepped up to the summoning circle. So all I have to do is
call out to a Servant.

"Use the Command Spell as a focus, it will call out and bind one to your

"Oy, Gramps, you really think she can actually call a Servant? I still
say you should give me the Command spell." Shinji said angrily. His
hatred and venom towards her could not be more clear.

She held up her arm. The spell engraved upon her. It reached out, beyond
this world.

Reached into the Throne of Heroes.

"By the Right of this Crest upon my Arm." Sakura began the spell, "I ask
of thee, the Holy Grail, grant me a Servant so I may test my power to
see if I am worthy of thee."

The magic circle glowed, light and power circled around them all.

"I, Matou Sakura, call forth this Servant. Answer my call!"


On the Throne of Heroes, countless spirits rested.

They lived to preserve the world and humanity. An eternal, immortal
existence. Both Heroic Spirits, divine heroes revered by humanity,
having reached the Throne through deeds, and Counter Guardians, having
reached the Throne as the cost they had to pay, in exchange for the
World making them a Hero. They rested upon the Throne.

Sometimes a Magi would call upon them, so they would transmit their
knowledge, power, form, something to the Magus to fufill the contract.
It was simple work, and many Heroes only did it out of obligation.

However, there was one call that all Heroes were eager to accept.

The call of the Holy Grail. Using Heaven's Feel, the Third Magic, it
could take the full power, memory, and form of the Heroic Spirit and
give it a new body.

A new chance at life, a new wish.

Generally the Hero most like the Magus calling them was summoned.

However, if something that has some tie to a Hero is used as a catalyst
for the summoning, that particular Hero is what is called.

It is a loophole.

The Counter Guardians would not normally be called. While they are like
Heroic Spirits, they do not have the Legend behind them, so the Grail
will not call them.

But if the summoning has something that the Counter Guardian has ties to...

Then they can respond to the summoning.

A gem that Counter Guardian EMIYA had held his entire life, the memory
of the one who saved his life.

And now...

The sister, the sad, abused and forgotten sister of Counter Guardian


A bright light had filled the room. Zouken hissed as the light burned at
his frail body. Shinji just turned away the light bothering his eyes.

Sakura stared right at it. She stared as a figure formed in the center
of the circle.

The light faded.

"...well done Sakura." Zouken said with pride.

A woman stood in the center of the summoning circle. She was beautiful,
tall and majestic looking. A long flowing red cape billowed behind her,
her long black hair moving in equal measure. Her clothing was simple. A
black shirt, with a gray skirt, around her belt there hung a sword. Her
blue eyes were cold as ice, looking around the room.

"..." The woman's gaze turned from Zouken, to Shinji, finally resting on

"She dosn't look like an Assassin to me." Shinji rolled his eyes,
"Couldn't even call the right class."

"Ask her who she is." Zouken whispered to Sakura.

"...Who are you?" Sakura asked quietly, seeing this beautful woman... it
made Sakura feel inadequate in every way.

"..." The woman stared at them.

"Can she talk even? Geez what a fail-"

"I am Caster." The woman answered. "That is all you need to know of me."
She interrupted Shinji.

Shinji growled, this woman... "Listen here, know your place Servant!
Tell us your name!"

"A name will not help you in any way." Caster answered as cold as over.
"As Caster, I do not rely on any Noble Phantasm. My skill in the art of
magic is what will win my battles. Therefore, you knowing my name is not

"Very well." Zouken said, cutting off Shinji before he could speak
further. "Caster is a good class, Sakura. With her, you will be able to
hide in the shadows, and strike from a distance. You will not need to
risk yourself in any personal combat." Zouken turned to Caster, "You
will stay here and perform your magic to win the war. Sakura will live
life as usual. I doubt she'll need to use her Command Spells."

"..." Caster narrowed her eyes.

"...Caster?" Sakura felt a frightening feeling coming from the Servant.

"I will not do any such thing. I will be standing by my Master's side as
much as possible." She spoke with in an absolute tone.

"..." Zouken was taken aback, "You will do so. That is an order." He
finally regained his composure.

"You do not give me orders." Caster growled, "There is only one person
who can give me orders. If you want me to obey your command, convince my
Master to waste one of her Command Spells." She walked out of the
circle, and stopped in front of Sakura.

"Hmm?" Sakura looked up at this tall woman. She's beautiful...

"Master. Do you have a wish? Do you, personally, have a reason to have
the Holy Grail?"

"..." An image passed through Sakura's mind.

A simple image. Shirou and herself, eating dinner.

"I have a wish. But it's small and selfish." Sakura whispered.

"No matter how the selfish the wish may be, I will fight to help you get
it." Her voice became gentle, "Can you tell me your name, Master?"


"Well then, Sakura." Caster smiled kindly, "Let's leave this place."


She stepped past Sakura, "Well, I want to get a good look at the town,
and well, I can't leave your side, you know?"

"..." Sakura smiled weakly, "OK, Caster, let's go." She followed the

"...I don't like her." Shinji growled.

"Shush boy." Zouken snapped, "All that matters is that she wins."


Caster looked around.

The city was like it had once been.

Untainted by the evil, undamaged by Gilgamesh's whims. It was beautiful.

What am I going to do? She thought. She glanced over at Sakura. It made
sense, of course Shinji hasn't summoned a Servant. Sakura had, she was
the one with the magical power.


"What's wrong Caster?" Sakura asked, "You look sad."

"...just remembering some painful memories." Caster admitted. She had
failed Sakura in her life. Now, she had a second chance. She would save
her, she would save everyone.

"Oh, we're getting near the school!" Sakura said cheerily.

"...I'd better change into a spirit." Caster said, "I'll still be here,
Sakura, but you won't be able to see me."

"...OK." Sakura's smile faded.

In an instant Caster reverted to a spirit.

She still trailed Sakura, but at a safe distance.

They reached the gate.

"Here's my school, I'm a member of the archery club... Caster? Are you-"

"Shh!" Caster hissed.

It had come upon her.

The feeling.

Another Servant was near.

"Sakura, act normal." Caster whispered, before pulling away from her.
She couldn't risk it looking like to another Master that she was in any
way connected to Sakura.


"Huh?" Sakura turned around.

It was Tohsaka Rin.

"..." From a distance, Caster stared. She could feel it, clung around
Rin like a snake.


Even the thought of him made her blood boil. Still, to act now would be
pointless. It was daylight.

She cast a spell over herself, masking her presence and spreading it
across the entire school.

This would be safer, and tonight she could confront them both normally.

"Sakura, what are you doing here?" Rin asked.

"Oh? Me?" Sakura always wondered if Rin even remembered her... if she
did, she gave no indication. "I decided to get a bit of extra practice
done today, Tohsaka-sempai." The lie came easily. Lying was actually
very easy for her. The only person she had a hard time lying to was Shirou.

"I see." Rin nodded, "Well then, see you later then."

"What are you doing here?" Sakura asked.

"Oh, um, I forgot a book at school. I came to get it." Rin quickly ran
inside the school.

Sakura shrugged, "What was that about Caster?" She asked in a whisper.

"...I'll explain later." Was all Caster said.


Rin looked around the school. "Are you sure of it, Archer?" She asked
her Servant.

"Positive. There's a Servant lurking here. I can feel its mark all over
the school." Archer was, of course, in spirit form.

"Very well then, tonight we'll investigate." Rin answered. If they could
find a Servant this early, perhaps they could deal with it.

"Good to hear Master." Archer had a feeling he knew who he would run
into tonight. /It's the fateful night, what started me on this foolish

Still, he was here now. And he would stop himself, stop Emiya Shirou
from making the same mistake he did. Even if he had to do so by force.


For the rest of the day they wandered the down. Caster found it pleasant.

"And here you go." Sakura handed Caster an ice cream cone.

"Thank you." Caster smiled, "You didn't have to. While it helps me
regain Mana faster, I don't need to eat."

"But I wanted to." Sakura started licking her cone. "So, Caster, what do
you think of this city?"

"...I like it." Caster answered, "It's a beautiful one." She quickly
began eating her cone. Servants were immune to brain freeze.

"Glad to hear."

Silence followed for a short time.

"Hey, Sakura."


"I've been thinking. I think I know a way to give us an advantage in
this War."

"..." Sakura sighed, her demeanor darkening. "I see. I guess we need to
talk about it eventually."

"Yeah." Caster felt uncomfortable talking about this, still, she needed
to do it. "I have an idea. I am a Magus, therefore I am perfectly
capable of summoning a Servant. My idea is that, tomorrow after I
prepare, I summon a second Servant." She knew this trick would work, of
course. She had seen the Caster in her life do it.

"That sounds... fine." Sakura muttered.

"So you approve?" Caster asked. She needed to have Sakura with her on these.

"Yeah, it sounds like a good idea. You can do it." Sakura sighed, "Let's
go home Caster."

"..." I bet you don't think of that empty mansion as home. Caster
thought. No, you think of that simple house as your home.


By the time they got home it was late.

Shinji was furious.

"What the hell were you doing all day Sakura! Just running around town-"

Caster silenced him with a glare. "We were scouting around. Preparing
for battle. If you don't want me to do my job they tell me so I can kill
you and use your corpse to make a Familiar that will actually be helpful."

"Caster!" Sakura stared.

"..." Shinji's face became pale. "...never mind." He headed up to his room.

/Tohsaka Rin, One. Matou Shinji, Zero. /Caster thought in triumph.


For an hour they searched the school.

Not a trace of the Servant remained.

"Are you sure you detected something Archer?" Rin asked in frustration.

"I'm sure of it!" Archer himself was getting frustrated. Any Servant
that was around here should have attacked by now.

"Hmm? What do we have here?"

"!!!" Rin looked up, "...Archer!"

"Hmm?" Archer turned his gaze to where Rin was looking.

A man in blue armor stood on top of a lamp post.


/All right. Now it really begins. /Archer thought.


"Good night, Sakura." Caster whispered.

She held up her hand. It was strange, she had somehow gained the power
to cast some magic with a mere thought. It wasn't the domain of the
Second, she knew that. It must be a gift the World gave her.

"...I'll place this over you." It was a simple spell, if she was put in
any danger at all, it would inform her. Using wind magic, plus enhancing
her speed with Reinforcement, Caster could make it from the school to
here in two minutes.

She jumped out the window. It was time to see if Archer had taken the bait.


Metal clashing with metal.

Combat between two master warriors.

One of them, Lancer, was getting frustrated.

By nature of being an Archer, he should be trying to pull back and
attack from a distance. But instead he's closing in, and attacking with

Endless swords.

Lancer had knocked the damn things out of his hands one hundred and
thirty six times by now.
Damn it, why can't I go all out? /He hated this, his current Master had
stolen the Command Spells from his rightful Master. And now he was being
forced to be used as a scout, unable to fight freely.

He gritted his teeth. This was annoying. Everything that could go wrong
for him in this War had so far.


"Hook, line and sinker." Caster looked down at the battle.

Archer was fighting Lancer, as she remembered.

Though the cause was different, the result was the same.

As a user of the Second, she knew that this sort of thing happened
often. Fate often had an "effect" set up. So while the "cause" may be
variable, the "effect" is much less so.

Lancer's Noble Phantasm, Gae Bolg, manipulated this tendency on a high

"Now, should I join in the fray or not?" She was standing on top of the
Archery clubhouse. She had detected Shirou inside, it was going to be
some time before the battle would be interrupted by him. "Hmmm I did
come here for a reason."

She wanted to unnerve Archer. By showing that some things had changed,
she hoped to dissuade him from trying his plan. Because unlike him, she
didn't really like the idea of fighting herself.

"Ready... aim..." She pointed a finger at the two fighters. "Fire."


Lancer saw the attack coming.

A point of light, rushing towards them both. As a magic user himself, he
recognized an attack spell when he saw it. He suddenly disengaged,
jumping back around ten feet.

Archer looked confused for a split second, before the spell blasted him
in the back.

Lancer wasn't concerened with Archer anymore. There was an enemy
attacking from a distance, that shot would be only the first. Judging by
the fact that it was magic...

He dashed past Rin, heading towards the source of the spell, he became a
blue blur.

...and ran into a red blur.

Both stopped.

"...a woman?" Lancer asked. No, not just a woman. He realized.
"...Caster, I presume?"

"You presume correctly, Lancer."

"I see." Lancer had to admit, this was a lucky break. Two Servants in
one night. He was now much closer to finishing this inane scouting
mission. And if his "test" against Caster, a class ill-suited to
physical combat, went too far... well, who could blame him? "Well then,
now that introductions are finished..." Lancer attacked, his lance
becoming a point of red. an instant Caster moved, a sword appearing in her hand. She
deflected his attack.

"..." Lancer lowered his lance. "Oh God Damn it! You use a sword too?
For the love of.... why the hell aren't you and Archer Saber!?"

" sound offended." Caster commented.

"Of course I am! I'm Lancer." He held up his weapon, "Note the fact that
I use a Lance." He spun it around and pointed it at Archer's throat. He
had been sneaking up on them. "And I know you're behind me Bow-boy." He
cleared his throat, "Anyways! The point is this, I am a Lancer.
Therefore, my Noble Phantasm, the tool which defines me as a Hero, is a
lance. You don't see me prancing around with, I don't know..."

"A bow?" Caster suggested helpfully.

"Yeah! Because I'm Lancer. You two are doing it wrong. Seriously.
Archer, you fight with bows. Caster, you mainly blast shit with magic.
That's how it works! Neither of you use fucking swords!"

Then, to complete the situation, the door to the Archery Club opened,
and out walked Emiya Shirou.




The three Servants stared at him.

"Umm...." Shirou looked at the situation. "Did I... interuppt something?"

"Great, just great." Lancer sighed, "Now, to finish the process of
ruining my day, I have to be seen. Grand. I hope you're happy kid, now I
have to kill you."

"..." Shirou's survival skills kicked in.

He ran straight past them, dashing into the school at near inhuman speeds.

"Wow that's fast." Lancer pulled back his lance, "Well, I guess I'll see
you two later." He then muttered. "Lousy people doing it wrong." He
lashed off.

Just as Rin made it to the scene. "Did..." She gasped for breath, having
ran all the way, "I... miss something."

"Oh, yeah. Lancer just ran off into the school building to kill a kid. I
suggest you go stop him." Caster said.

"Who... the hell are you." Rin retained her breath.


"I see. Wait. What?"

"You're asking what about me being Caster? Or Lancer killing the kid?"

"Archer, stop him!" Rin screamed.

...suddenly, the spell went off. Sakura was in danger.

"..." Caster nodded, "I'll see you two later, bye!" She dashed off,
casting the spells needed to get to the Matou's as fast as possible.


"Wake up!" Shinji snapped at Sakura.

Slowly, the girl opened her eyes. The moment she say Shinji, they became

"You'd better be ready, I'm real frustrated tonight." He growled.

"Nii-san, please... not-" He slapped her in the face.

"Shut the hell up!" He pulled off her nightgown, messily groping her
breast. "We both know you really crave this!"

"..." Sakura closed her eyes. Another night. Time to endure it.

Shini undid her bra, however, before he could remove it, a light filled
the room.

"..." Shinji slowly looked up.

Caster was standing there, a magic spell formed in her hands. There was
a look upon her face, a look which spoke of her intentions quite well.

"Caster..." Sakura whispered.

"Leave, now." Caster ordered, "You have three seconds before I change my
mind and kill you now. Be warned, if you even /set foot /in my
Master's room again, I won't warn you. You'll just be dead."

"..." Shinji didn't say anything, his face pale and gray, he just ran
out of the room.

"..." Caster slumped down, suddenly looking so tired.

"Caster?" Sakura adjusted her bra, "Are you OK?"

"..." Caster wrapped her arms around Sakura.


"I'm sorry." She choked out, "I'm so sorry. I've failed you." Tears
landed on Sakura's shoulder. "I'm sorry Sakura, they're never hurt you
again... I'm sorry. I'm sorry."


The two stayed like that for some time.
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