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Chapter one

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It starts with the dreams...

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My alarm clock blared in my ear shaking me from my deep sleep. I sighed pulling my body up. I looked around my dark room. I hated getting up. I ran my fingers through my hair as I thought about my dream from last night. I leaned down reaching under my bed to get my dream diary. I picked up my pen and wrote:

“My dream was just as strange as last night. I was somewhere dark and everyone around me was walking in a straight line in many different lanes. Over them towered a pyramid and at the top shined a light and an eye watching over the walkers. I wanted to show them what they were doing but no one was listening. Soon after I was screaming for them to listen I woke up.”

I closed my notebook and return it to its spot. I looked at the clock it was 6:30a.m. I had to get up soon.
“Damn.” I said rolling out of bed. I got up and went over to my bathroom to jump in the shower. I turned on the water as I undressed looking at my face in the mirror. I tried hard to find a shred of attractiveness in my appearance but I failed. I sighed stepping under the warm water and cleansing myself. When I showered I could forget about everything and drift into a world where it was just me and the warm water that poured over me. It was so hot that it burned my skin making my entire body feel numb. I lathered shampoo on my head. My eyes stayed closed and I hummed to myself relaxing. I soaked under the water till not a single sud of shampoo was left then put in the conditioner and cleansing the rest of my body. After rinsing off I stepped out of the shower and went over to the sink to wash my face. It was Monday and I hated Mondays. I looked at the clock it was 6:40. Billy would be here at 7:00. I dried off and went to my room to get dressed. I brushed my hair and put on my jacket. I grabbed a cigarette lighting it up before walking out the door with my bag slung around me. I took a drag and blew the smoke out and before I knew it Billy pulled up in my driveway. He unnecessarily honked the horn at me and smiled. I laughed at him admiring his smile. I got into the car shutting the door of his old busted Cadillac.
“You need a new car, Billy.” I said.
“Nonsense…I got the black shoes and a black hat at home. With the Cadillac all I need is a white coat and I’m a time bomb.” He said. I laughed.
“I’m sure when Rancid wrote that song they weren’t thinking of an old rusted Cadillac and a door that is a different color then the rest of the car.” I mentioned.
“Hey, lay off. I’m gonna paint it.” He said. I laughed knowing that was pretty far-fetched. I finished my cigarette throwing the filter out the window. Billy stopped at a red light and fiddled with the radio. He turned on something he liked and headbanged until the light turned green and then sped off. I laughed as usual to his eccentric personality.
“You finished your cancer stick?” He asked.
“Blah blah.” I said. Billy always nagged me about my smoking habits. He seemed to care more about my health way more than I ever did. He turned into the gas station and struggled out of his seat belt. I jumbled through my purse to get my money.
“I’m gonna go buy a coffee.” I said.
“Okay.” He said preparing to pump gas. “Go pay for 10 dollars on pump 3.” I nodded and went inside. The average groggy looking people were in the convenient store and every dirty head turned toward me as I entered. I went to the cappuccino machine preparing my daily morning ritual. I went up to the counter as the robust angry-looking woman punched in some numbers.
“$1.35.” She said.
“And ten dollars in gas on pump nine.” I said. She made a frustrated sigh then punched in more numbers.
“$11.35.” she said.
“Could you throw in a pack of Kools in a box.?” I asked. She glared at me now.
“Can I see some I.D.?” She asked me. I got out my I.D. and handed it to her. She sighed again getting the cigarettes and punching in more numbers.
“$15.82” she said. I gave her a twenty and she gave me my change and handed me back my I.D. and my purchases.
“Sorry to inconvenience you.” I said leaving. I went out to Billy’s car and put my seat belt on as he sped off.
“You should have heard this lady she was really…”
“That’s how it is down here… I hate this town. When we moved to Salem my mother said it would be fun and historical. Whatever.” He said. “I hate America in general. I’m gonna move to Jamaica.”
“Why is Jamaica better…don’t even say what we both know you’re thinking.” I said. Billy laughed. Other than that I mean the place is really—“
“At least their government isn’t corrupt. At least they don’t have anyone attempting to use power and money to overtake the people in their country.” Billy ranted. That was Billy. Always going on about government corruption. Always getting kicked out of somewhere for screaming at a republican. Always looking up facts and telling me about. He was big on political corruption, religion ignorance and hypocrisy as well as Illuminati. He was so smart and he could make anyone stand down when he gets on one of his rants.
“Billy I had that dream again.” I said.
“What dream?”
“Well I’ve had three nights in a row now. There’s a bunch of people walking in a straight line around this huge pyramid and—“
“Wait wait… is there and eye at the top of this pyramid?” He asked.
“Oh I did tell you.”
“Genesis…that’s Illuminati.”
“Well like you’ve said Illuminati is everywhere—“
“True but look at a dollar bill and you will see the same thing. It’s the ‘all-seeing eye’. It comes from ancient Egypt. It’s also a metaphor…I mean why would the government put that on a ‘federal reserve note’ the one thing that controls eve…ry…thing in our country hmm? Gee, why would they do that? Just think about that Gen and maybe you’ll understand why you are having that dream.” I stared out the window pondering things. Billy noticed. “But don’t think about it to much or you’ll end up like me.” He said. We both laughed as we finally pulled into the school parking lot.

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