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Chapter 2~Going Home

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She heard a fire crackling somewhere near by. It was close, but she sensed no danger, so she laid still, her eyes still closed. She listened carefully to the sound of someone rummaging around, the birds in the trees, the steady rush of water in the river. She dared to open her eye just a bit to survey her surroundings. “Oh good, you’re up. I was beginning to worry about you; you took quiet a fall.” Both eyes came to rest on the stranger, Kairu, poking around in the fire. “Must have been from the amount of blood you lost.” He speculated. He got up and walked over to where she leaned against a tree, handing her a leaf with some sort of cooked meat on it. She sniffed it cautiously and he chuckled softly. “You should know by now that I’m not going to hurt you.” As usual, she showed no signs that she understood, she just ate the fish he had handed her. She muttered something through her mouthful of food that he assumed was a thank you.

After their meager breakfast of fish and some stale bread that Kairu found in his bag, they were off again through the forest. After a while of traveling in silence, Myoko opened her mouth as if to speak, but remembered that he could not understand her. It was frustrating to have no one to talk to. She sighed and turned her attention back to the forest around her, scanning for wildlife. Kairu had started singing again.

Nothing's lost, all's gain
No more fret nor pain
No more stumbling on the way
No more longing for the day
Going to roam no more

Morning star lights the way
Restless dream all done
Shadows gone, break of day
Real life begun

There's no break, there's no end
Just a living on
Wide awake with a smile
Going on and on

Going home, going home
I'm just going home
It's not far, just close by
Through an open door
I am going home
I'm just going home

He finished his song and again, the forest grew quiet. She pondered over the meaningless words. Going home. She thought. He had said that a lot within his song. “Going home?” she repeated aloud, her voice heavily accented. He nodded absently. “Yes, I am going ho-“He stopped and turned to her. “You speak?!” She too stopped in her tracks, a bit shocked by his reaction. “Going home.” She said again, for the words seemed to hold some meaning to him. He took three long strides until he was standing just in front of her. “Yes,” he said slowly, “We’re going to my home.” He pointed off into the trees. She peered over his shoulder. “Home?” A wide smile spread across his face. He knelt to the ground and drew a picture of a little hut in the dirt. He could almost see the comprehension spreading across her face. “Home!” she shouted happily.
She had communicated with him! Finally she had communicated with him. He was going back to his home. Her face dropped a bit as a realization hit her. How was she going to get back home? She looked up at the fox, whose face still held an accomplished smile. She rested her hand against her chest. “Home?” His smile dropped as well. “I-uh-you want to go home?” She pointed to the mountains. “Your,” He pointed to her. “Home?” He pointed to the mountains. She nodded. “I going home.” She said. His ears drooped. True he had only known her for two days, but he very much enjoyed her company. He found her fascinating. “Ok, well you are free to leave if you want. I’m not making you stay.” He started walking off and she ran to catch up. She tugged lightly on his sleeve, tears in her eyes. “Home!” she begged desperately. It was then that he realized that she was lost. “You want me to take you there?” She pointed again. He sighed and shouldered his pack. “Let’s go.” He said, taking her wrist and pulling her in the opposite direction. “Let’s take you home.”
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