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Blind Parody Of Life

by Lyanvis 2 reviews

[v. mild language] One day you will see the reality of being free.

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When I come for your souls
Your hearts made in cookie cutter molds.
There is no saying no.
Life will never get old,
So why should I?
Time to wake up and smell the coffee.
You are individual.
You are indestructible.
I expect better
I will never be one of your form-cut lovers
In love with love
And so discordant.
You must learn to expect the best,
Cause that is all I will give.
I am so myself
It is pretty damn incredible
Hearts break, times shake
If someone suffers, I console him.
I will not force my Ideals into your mold.
And people put nothing into so many words
It is almost like not trying
Someone is hungry.
You squander what you have
There is no letting go,
If someone talks, I listen.
I will listen to anyone once.
More than once if you need it.
More than twice if you deserve it.
Accepting a change of species...
Before a change of conscience.
I am more rational than you are.
I respond rationally to stimulus.
If someone looks at me, I respond.
There is no giving in.
You have gone slowly crazy,
By ignoring these stimuli...
Simply for having ignored them.
Someone dies.
You let him die alone.
Someone asks for help.
You look the other way.
Someone is dying of sorrow.
You lock him up so as not to see him.
How do you live with yourself?
If someone needs my help, I give it.
Just get up once- Once more than you fall
Finally, one day you will stand up tall
And say “Take that! I’m me!”
You too will make someone see
That there is more to life than fitting in;
It is about being free,
About saying, I am me,
About being truthful to yourself
And living the way you should.
I am coming for your soul,
Your heart freed from the cookie mold
I am coming for your love
Not pressed and wrapped or sealed away
I am coming for reality-
I am going to set it free.
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