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I Can Never Tell You How Much I Love You

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I walked down the hall and stopped. Looking ahead of me I saw a boy, Daren, and dreaded it. He was waiting for me, and I knew why. He wanted me dead, because I was dating his sister. Had been; we broke up. And he didn't like the fact that I had broken her heart. I didn't want to be anywhere near him, so I turned and ran away, back down the hall. I had to find my brother. He'd protect me.

I heard other footsteps, and soon I was being slammed up against the wall and the door of my locker. Shit.

"You're gonna pay so bad, you mother fucker,"he spat in my face. I tried to think of something to do. So I made the biggest mistake ever; I cry out for help. He punches me in my stomach and I cry out in pain. He smiles.

"What'd you say? I didn't quite hear you," he said, then slammed me harder against my locker. Pain shot through my back and down my arms. I cried out even louder. I hoped my brother would sense that I was in trouble.

This was not my normal beating. This was worse. This time, I think that he really is going to kill me. Then I see his little group come up behind him and smile. Chills run down my spine. Then Daren pulled me into the boys locker room. It was empty, like usual.

That's when the real pain begins. Daren throws me back and forth between his buddies, occasionally throwing me hard against a locker, causing me to cry out because of the pain shooting up and down my spine. Then, so quickly I didn't see it coming, the tallest member, Shawn, turned me around and twisted my arm behind my back and slammed me face and shoulder first into the brick wall. It felt like I had just gotten hit by a subway train. I cried out, my face twisting in pain as I felt (and heard) my collar bone snap. They all laughed and pushed me to the ground.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing?! Let him go!" my brother, coming out of nowhere, demanded.

"You really think we'd do that? You've got to be kidding," Shawn said.

"Oh, on the contrary, you should. Or else we'll make you," my brother said. I looked up aat him, my face still twisted in agony. He motioned behind him and his friends came out. Frank, Bob, and Ray, all came up behind Gerard and clenched their fists.

"You think you're little friends can scare us? You're fucking out of your mind!" and he reached down and yanked me up by my shirt, causing the broken bones in my chest to collide and grind against each other. I screamed this time and fell backwards. They, of course, let me fall and I felt my head connect with a step. I felt dizzy, and I couldn't see clearly anymore. Then I felt something cold against my skin as Daren pulled me up again. I gasped.

"See this? Take a step closer and I'll cut his throat,"Daren threatened.

Gerard looked at Frank, and then back to me. He took a step towards me, and Daren did nothing, except take a step back. All of a sudden everyone was fighting. I was thrown backwards and collided with the wall. I watched as my brother and Daren fought for the blade, and Frank, Bob, and Ray all made sure that no one hurt Gerard. I didn't know anything else that was going on. But something shiny caught my eye and I looked towards it. Shawn was coming up behind Gerard, a gun in his right hand, pointed at my brothers' back. I don't know how I did it, but I jumped up in front of the gun and shoved. A gunshot rang out.


I fell to the floor, now knowing what had happened. I felt weaker than I had before, and scared.

"Why the fuck did you do that!"Daren demanded.

"I-he-we-I didn't. He pulled it. I meant to shoot him!"Shawn said, pointing to Gerard.

"Never mind. Let's go!" and they ran out.

Gerard was on the floor next to me, crying. That's funny, I thought. I didn't even notice him move.

"What happened?"I asked.

Gerard only sobbed louder.

"They..they killed you!"He put his head on my chest and hugged me. It hurt, I knew it, but I was too numb to care. I looked down and saw blood. Lots of it, and I realized that Daren got his wish; he had really killed me. I looked back up at Gerard, and shakily reached up and stroked his hair.

"Hey, I'll be find. I promise. Don't spend all your time crying. Live life. For me,"I whispered.

"Okay. For you, Mikey, my dear brother, I'll continue living."I smiled.

With every breath I took it hurt. My breathing was slowing, as it was becoming hard to breath. I knew I'd go soon.

" you...all of you,"I whispered.

Then my final breath came. I never took another one. I couldn't do anything but leave Gerard and the guys behind. And to them, I'm sorry. I love you guys very much.

After the incident at school, everyone carried on. Gerard's life became a living hell. When his mom heard that her baby had been killed, she overdosed on sleeping Meds, and "accident", the police said. Gerard's dad became an alcoholic and left. No one ever heard from him again. Gerard went to live with Frank. Eight years later, they both committed suicide. They shot each other in the head at the same time.

Hey, sorry if this made you all cry. I was really depressed at the time that I wrote this..about two years ago, now that I think about it. But anyhoo, R&R babes?

♥Amy Revenge♥
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