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Twin VS Twin... Hosptial bed

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Aria meets up with her twin brother and fights him. she wins but clappses and lands in hosptial.

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When she stopped singing again she heard clapping from the kids and some more somewhere else someone walked into the forest over to her and the kids.
“Kids it’s time to go home, I play for you tomorrow” she said moving in front of River. The person of what everyone could see was male he looked like Aria in everyway.
“Aria nice to see you again sis” he said.
“I’m not you sister; all I see is a murderer of my parents and close friends, why did you kill the clan? To gain power? To get stronger? Why did you do it Dylan” Aria said coldly.
“I killed to gain power and get stronger, but it looks like you’re stronger than me like always,” he said again. He through four kunai knifes at her. She dodged them easy and through five kunai knifes at him, he wasn’t fast enough to miss them one hit him in his shoulder he hiss in pain and swear under his breath. He moved towards Aria with Intestines on killing her, he brought out a sward and hit her with it, and Aria stopped it with a kunai knife this shocked him.

“Gotten better have we sis?” he asked
“I’ve been traveling since you killed the clan idiot of cause I’ll be better” she snapped, hating him with so much anger.
“I’ve been told you have a demon inside you? Is that true little sister?” he asked with a smirk.
“Remember little brother I’m older than you by 10 minutes, and yes I do what it is to you” she said her voice shacking with anger. She through some more kunai knifes at him but he dodged them, he disappeared and re-appeared in front of River smirking. It was slow motion he brought a kunai knife out and went to stab River in the chest, everything was slow to Aria she thought of something to do, the next thing she knew a white shield flew from her to River and covered her from the attack, the kunai knife hit the shield and flew backwards so did Dylan. He stood 10 meters away shocked.

“What are you?” he said with a shacked voice.
“You don’t want to know, now leave me before I kill you, leave this village and never come back” she said not looking at her daughter. Dylan ran away from her once he was out of site Aria clapped to the ground in one heap, hitting it with a thud the forest was consume by River screaming and running towards her mother. Kakashi stopped her and told the other’s to take her to the hospital. River was screaming for her mum, when they got to the hospital they put Aria in a room and tried to calm River down but it wasn’t working. Naruto walked in shocked by someone screaming.

“What’s going on? Why is there someone screaming?” he asked, everyone looked at him and started telling him to shut up.
“Can someone please shut that girl up, she been screaming since they brought her mother in” yelled a nurse.
“Whom did they bring in?”
“Aria something or other her daughter been screaming since they brought her in, Kakashi is trying to clam her down but it’s not working” she said.
“Where is she?” Naruto asked looking around. The nurse pointed to a room where the screaming was coming from. Naruto walked in there and saw River crying her eyes out. When she noticed him she ran and hugged him.
“Naruto they have my mummy and won’t let me see her!” she cried. He padded her back and told her everything was going to be ok.
“You just have to wait until your mummy wakes up, then they’ll let you go see her ok,” he said. River stopped crying and smiled everyone was happy that she stopped crying and was smiling. Naruto walked over to Kakashi and started talking to him.
“Hey sensei why is Aria in hospital anyway”
“She had a fight with her brother, it was nothing I have ever seen she was fighting him like she was fighting Zabuza no effect at all, her brother Dylan went to hurt River and Aria made a shield come out of no where and cover her from the attack, when he left she clapped it was a few hours ago now” he said looking into the room Aria was in.
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