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Save You

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This is just a love story. About a boy who couldnt help but fall in love with a girl with the most broken facade and crumbled underneath. while this story includes simple plan, it's really about...

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Chapter 1.

A new school. Blegh.

Especially half way around the world from home.

I clutched the black coffin locket Pierre gave me. Inside was the note he gave me before I boarded the plane.

You'll Be Alright. I'm With You.

David, Pierre and I got in a lot of trouble before I left. We had spray painted the side of the school together to say: EMO IS DEAD. MOVE ON FROM YOUR RAZOR BLADES!

We laughed for about an hour and a half. Until I got shipped over seas.


Not America like I was used to.


I entered the brand new school while dragging my bright red plaid combat boots off the floor. They were over top of my black skinnys with the suspenders that hung to my knees. My mesh shirt hung loosley underneath the black Cure shirt which was covered by my notebook that I pressed tightly to my chest.

I tried to find the art wing. Creative writing was my first class.

I walked in and out of class rooms sneering at teachers who weren't Mr. Pablek with my black lips. I closed my heavily black makeupped brown eyes while trying not to think of David or Pierre. They took a picture of our art work before the principal painted over it. I kept the picture in my coffin locket too just to keep the only two friends I ever had close to me. Eventually i found the class to find my first assignment already on the board. The teacher also wrote that he was going for a smoke break and to just keep working. The assignment was to write a statement about how life was going.

"You must be the new girl."

"No, really?" I snorted and wrote down simply 'I Hate Every One.'

"I'm Farris, I love your statement." I looked up to see a tall, gangly wallflower of a boy with light brown hair that was back combed allover.

"I'm Devi, and I truly hate everyone." I raised an eyebrow at him. His brown eyes peeked out from underneath his hair and he smiled.

"I heard about the anti-emo stunt. Pure brilliance." I smiled back.

Suddenly the bell rang, reminding me of how late I really was.

"Frick. Where is the science room?" I mumbled to myself. I reached in my notebook to pull out my schedule. Farris grabbed it first.

"Ah, your with Joshua! I'll show you were you're going." He smiled and linked elbows with me before we non-chalantly left to the science room. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. However, I still missed Pierre and David.

I don't care if i get any reviews. i'm writing this for fun
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