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Now I wouldnt have picked that...

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Gerard's enjoying his new job, then something that he didnt expect occurs.

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Gerard stood looking out the window down onto the street below. Leaves were falling onto the pavement outside the townhouse as it was late November and the trees had lost nearly all their leaves in the months leading up to winter. It had been two weeks since Gerard had moved into the Vanderbilt Townhouse on the Upper East Side. Gerard pulled a hoodie on and walked out of his bedroom which was on the 3rdth floor in the eastern wing of the townhouse. Gerard had just stepped out of his room when he felt something small collide with his shins. He looked down to see Madison getting up again, Gerard helped her up.

“Gee can you play barbies with me?” Madison said with her cute little irresistible smile. Gerard groaned but then smiled when he saw Madison pout sadly. “Of course Madi” he said holding her hand as they wandered down the long flight of stairs to the ground floor where the lounge room was. Gerard could already see Madison’s Barbie’s scattered all over the floor near the coffee table. Gerard wandered over and picked up a Barbie in a bright sparkly purple ball gown with mini orange plastic high heels on her feet. Gerard chuckled as he listened to Madison explain the game of Barbie’s to him. He looked up when he heard a key in the front door and Jay walk in accompanied by a guy in a blue letterman jacket with white sleeves.

“Who’s your friend Jay?” Gerard said curiously. Gerard had known Jay for two weeks and hadn’t yet met any of his friends except his best friend Jade who was over at the house every other day aside from today and obviously in love with Jay.

“This is Rainier, we have a project to do” he said grumpily to Gerard. Jay obviously wasn’t happy with being paired with the jock. Gerard turned his attention to Rainier, he was taller than Jay and he was thin yet toned. He had short brown hair gelled into a careless disarray, he looked like he’d rather be somewhere else.

“Can we just do this?” Rainier said in a condescending tone to Jay. Jay scowled at Rainier and walked off up the stairs with Rainier in tow. Gerard chuckled to himself knowing how Jay felt, he’d been a loner in high school too. He’d spent most of his time drawing and getting drunk alone outside of school. Gerard felt Madison tug on his sleeve and began to play Barbie’s with her. Princess Sally as Madison had so aptly named the Barbie in the sparkly purple ball gown was about to marry Prince Ken when Ivy walked in the front door, she undid her black trench coat and hung it in the closet by the door. She walked over to where Gerard and Madison sat on the floor together playing, when Madison saw her mother she dropped her Barbie’s on the floor and opened her arms wanting to be cuddled by her mother. Ivy lifted Madison into her arms placing a gentle kiss on her forehead and cuddling her tightly.

“She hasn’t been too much of a handful today has she?” Ivy said as she let Madison down gently who ran off into the kitchen to have her mid afternoon snack made for her by the butler.

“No she’s a good kid” Gerard said picking Madison’s Barbie’s up off the floor and holding them in his arms.

“Is Jay home yet from school? He mentioned something about detention this morning” Ivy said sitting down exhausted on the couch. Gerard stood awkwardly; he wandered over to where Ivy was sitting and sat down beside her. Ivy looked at Gerard, if she had to guess she would assume he was around the same age as she was. He wasn’t ugly, in fact she found him quite attractive. In the two weeks she had known him, she’d found he had quite a gentle way about him. He treated Madison like she was his own daughter. She shook her head snapping out of her trance as Gerard began to speak.

“Uh yeah he got in about 20 minutes ago with a guy from his school; they have some project they needed to do” Gerard said watching Ivy as she opened a fresh pack of cigarette’s and lit one. She inhaled and let out a gentle stream of wispy grey smoke. Gerard watched as she continued to smoke. Ivy was a beautiful woman, he reminded her a little of Dita Von Teese only not as pale as she was and she came off as lot friendlier once you got to know her a little. Gerard shook softly trying to rid himself of those thoughts. It wasn’t right thinking about Ivy, a widow with two children, his employer like that.

Ivy finished her cigarette stubbing it out in the crystal ash tray on the coffee table. “How do you like it here?” Ivy said as a way to break the silence between them. Even though Gerard had been living there for two weeks Ivy hadn’t had much time to get to know him. She’d been spending most of her days and some of her evenings at her studio finalising the designs for New York winter fashion week. She sat up fixing her gaze on Gerard waiting for him to respond.

“I like it, I'm enjoying it. Something different” Gerard said contemplating what he would say next. “I never in a million years pictured myself as a nanny” he said scratching his head slightly. Ivy laughed, her laugh ringing softly like a gentle doorbell.

“Didn’t you? I mean comic book artist to Nanny. The connection is clear” she said making Gerard smile.

“Not for me really” he said smiling warmly at her. They sat there in silence for a few moments before they were pulled back to reality by a loud thump from upstairs. “I wonder what that was” Gerard said raising an eyebrow. Ivy yawned an shrugged her shoulders. “I’ll go check it out make sure it wasn’t anything like an intruder or Jay or his friend hurting themselves.” Ivy nodded; Gerard slowly stood up and made his way over to the stairs. He reached the second floor a couple of minutes later; he walked down a couple of hallways when he heard another loud thud. He heard it coming from the direction Jay’s Room was in. He reached Jay’s room and put his hand on the door knob twisting it and pushing the door open so he could enter the room.
“Oh my god” Gerard muttered, Jay was on the floor wrapped in a sheet on top of the boy named Rainier.

“Get off me you fag” Rainier said shoving Jay off him. Gerard shielded his eyes as Rainier dressed himself. He grabbed his backpack and quickly walked out of the room. His face was flushed red, a mixture of embarrassment and anger at having been discovered. Gerard watched him walk off down the hallway and turn the corner. When he turned back around Jay was sitting in a band tee and boxers on his bed.

“Please don’t tell my mom” Jay said tiredly looking at Gerard a pleading look plainly written on his face. Gerard nodded silently. He walked out of the room closing the door quietly behind him.

This wasn’t what he had signed himself up for.

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