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Steady Beeping Was All I Heard

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in the hospital

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I felt a cold face on my hand and the smell of flowers was everywhere. The first face I saw was Bam's, "Get the fuck out of here," I whispered and the beeping went faster.

"I think she said something," Bam said getting closer to me.

"Get the fuck away from me, I never want to see you again," I screamed.

"I have to stay here Gerard said," he backed off.

I went to lunge for him but i felt tugging on my arm, "NURSE, GERARD,FRANK, BOB, RAY, CHELSEA, ERIN, MIKEY, NURSE!" I yelled realizing the needles in my arms and where I was.

The door swung open, it was Gerard, "I don't trust you!" I yelled throwing the nearest thing i could reach and Bam.

"Ali calm down," Gerard said running over and holding me.

"No!" I screamed, "No, he ruined my life enough I don't want him around anymore!"

"Ali, shh shh shh," Gerard said running his hands through my hair.

"You don't touch me either," I pushed Gerard away.

"What did I do?" he asked.

"How can you trust me knowing what I did to you?"

"Because," he stopped.


"I love you."

"How can you after what I did?"

"I have been with you the past three days."

He said that and I couldn't breathe.

"Ali," he came over to me, "Breathe."

"I am, but how long have i been here?"

"Three days hun."

"You've been here for three day?" I teared up.

He nodded.

"Wheres he been?" I pointed to Bam.

"Home with Missy," he grinned.

I sat up, "So sex is more important than your best friend?"

"No nothing like that," he came closer.

I tried to get out of the bed, "Let me out of here I don't want him around me."

"Sir I think it's time you leave," the doctor said walking in.

"So whats wrong with me? Why am I here?" I asked right away.

"You've been under too much stress and your body just couldn't handle it," I looked over at Bam who was leaving the room, "I recommend laying low a bit start working you have a good job to keep your mind off everything."

"Okay when can I leave?"

"Two days."

"That's all i want to know goodnight."

"Babe you just got 72 hours of sleep," Gerard said.

"I know right, but I am exhausted," I rolled over and Gerard crawled in the bed with me.


i had another idea where Ali get pregnant with GERARDS kid but cant have it because her utern(i think thats the term) wall is to thin
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