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Why do i keep cyring

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This chapter is the first from Roxy's POV

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Chapter 10: Why do I keep crying!

Flashback: Roxy’s POV

Oh god.

I could not stay on that bus any longer with that bitch Steph practically laying all over him.

It made me sick. She was such a whore. I stepped out of he bus and straight into the cool night

air. I hated Frank more than her at this point in time, it seemed obvious that he felt nothing

whatsoever towards me. I can’t believe I actually thought we could have progressed to something

more than friends, if “friends” is what you would call our relationship.

I walked over to my bus, but turned around half way there, there was nothing I wanted to do in

there anyway. I decided I would just take a walk. I began to walk outside the car park venue

place when I heard someone calling my name.


round. Frank was walking over to me, signalling me to stop. I did, not knowing why.

“What the hell do you want?” I said folding my arms.

“Sorry about Steph. I wasn’t asking her to do that…she just came in and…I was hoping you

wouldn’t see that…” He trailed off, biting his lip.

“Why are you apologising to me…it’s none of my business what you get up to Frank. I don’t

care!” I began to walk away.

“So that’s not why you walked off?” He said, quietly. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t hear him. I

stopped in my tracks and turned around, trying my hardest not to cry.

“No! Why do you think everything is to do with you? I couldn’t care less what you get up to in

your spare time…I’m not your mother!” I yelled, losing my temper.

“I didn’t say you were…Roxy…are you crying?”

“No.” I said, while hastily wiping away the tears that were quickly falling down my cheeks.

Damn you traitor tears! He sighed heavily.

“Sit down Roxy.”

“No.” Gosh, was that all I was capable of saying.

“Please.” He asked again, quietly. I sat down on the damp grass; one word was all it took from

him. He sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulders; I shrugged him off.

“I wish you would tell me what your really thinking.” He said, searching into my eyes.

“I’m need a haircut.” Whoa, I really was having random mood swings today. Two

seconds later and I was perfectly fine...I need a doctor. He ran his hands through his hair

“My tresses are perfectly fine thank you…your hair on the other hand...”

“What is wrong with my beautiful hair!?” I said, ruffling it up with my hands.

“It’s messy!”

“So’s your face!”

“So’s your mum!”

“So’s your mum’s face!”

“Damn it! You win.” He groaned and sunk back onto the grass.

“WOOHOO!” I got up and did my victory dance, while he scowled at me. After a while I sat back


“Feel better?” He asked.

“Much better!” I grinned, and lay back down on the grass, my head next to his, maybe I would

just have to live with the fact that we could never be more than this. I had a sudden image of

Frank at his wedding day with Steph dressed as a bride. I shuddered from the weirdness.

“Eww. Disturbing image!”

“What?!” Asked Frank, “TELL ME!”

“No. It’s MY disturbing image...go find your own.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got one right in front of my eyes!” He said. I smacked him on his head...

quite hard.


“Sorry, I always forget how weak you are.”

“I’m not weak.” He protested, “I have bigger muscles than Bob and he’s a drummer!”

“Suuure...” I said, rolling my eyes.

We lay in comfortable silence for a while.

“How comes we never talk like this anymore?” He asked, tilting his head towards mine.

“We just did Frank...keep up.”

“You know what I mean!”

I did know what he meant.

“You seem so preoccupied with having those random conversations with Steph I would

just hate to interrupt.” There went my happy mood. AGAIN.

“Roxy, your acting like a spoilt little girl! You know i can't stand Stephanie...what does

that tell you huh?!”

“Umm. That your playing head to get.” I replied. He sighed, and stood up from the grass.

“Whatever. See you later.” He said as he started to walk away.

“What you doing! Frank, I’m the one who suppose to get mad and walk away!” I said loudly, also

getting up from the grass

“I’m not joking around Roxy!” He turned to face me. “Why is nothing I do right for you!? I

keep going out of my way to do things right by you, and you just throw it back in my face!”

I had no idea what to say to that. Did he have a point?

“I…I don’t…look, you know that’s not true! When do you ever go out of your way to something

right by me…never! You only care about me when it suits you Frank, which just proves that you

don’t even give a shit!” I felt my eyes start to well up. That’s twice in one night. Weird I

usually only cried like once a year.

“Don’t give a shit!” He laughed once, but not with humour, “what else do I have to do to

prove how much I care about you!” My brain did a double take. Did he say he cared about me?

“You don’t care about me.” I sniffed. He glared at me through those bright green eyes. Before

I could register it, he crossed the distance between us in a few strides and crushed his lips

against mine with an urgency. It took me a while to realise what was happening, but when I did

I responded by wrapping my arms around his neck. How long the kiss lasted I could not say, but

it soon changed. I could feel him pouring out his frustration and passion into the kiss as my

lips moved with his.

Suddenly he removed his lips from mine, and began to leave hot, breathy kisses along my jaw,

up to my ear. I squirmed a bit because it tickled. I could feel my breath coming shallower and


“This is not good…” He groaned, in between breaths. I grabbed onto his hair, attempting to

pull him closer, ignoring the comment he just made. I felt his hands move there way down my

back, until he was holding my waist, possessively. As he moved his mouth back to mine I moaned

into the kiss, unable to hold it in any longer.

He reacted by pulling away suddenly. I moaned again, trying to lean back in towards him, but

his hands still on my waist held me back.

“Frank?” I looked up at him, he looked angry with himself.

“I’m so sorry Roxy. I just-I’m...I’m so sorry.” He let go of my waist; I toppled a bit, as he

had such a strong grip. He then walked away.

I stood at the same spot, unable to move, watching him walk back to the bus.

What the hell?

“Oh for fuck sake!” I bought my hand up to my face, to once again realise that I was crying.

I should be shot considering how long ive waited to post this was like WAY before the summer. SOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!! it's quite disgusting i have to say.
i hope you like this chappie considering its the firstf rom Roxy's POV which i thought was a cool little change
so like tell me if you want me to do anymore from her POV just so i have some ideas...give me ALL your crazy wacko ideas cause i lurve them all!!!!!!
from now on i will update more often...who frickin well cares about mocks...well i do but still!
thanks for reading and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!!
wow this was quite a hard chapter to writ....just thought i would randomly say that
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