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Where Is the Line?

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gerard attemps cook, and finally the story wil begin to get crazy!

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The clock face on the wall read seven o’ clock, and Audrey still hadn’t woken up since six hours ago, when she mumbled something to Gerard about having to pee. To say the least, he was worried, what had happened to the girl in the first place? It had to something terrible. Gerard had never seen anyone as vulnerable as Audrey was this morning. And he had seen a lot or drama in his days.
The man got up and sauntered to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator, gazing around in there aimlessly. She had to be hungry, Gerard thought. Finally he found what he was searching for. Gerard pulled out a quart of milk from behind some Pepsi, and set it down on the counter as he shut the fridge door. Opening up a cabinet next to the toaster, Gerard found some tomato soup and a bag of crackers.
After a half an hour of awkward cooking, Gerard was able to have a tray with a bowl of soup and crackers and a glass of milk. He carefully balanced the try in his hands, slipping quietly into Audrey’s room.
As he had expected, she was on the mattress, mouth slightly opened, and her hair was messed up to some degree. The blankets were tangled around her thin body and hanging off of the mattress. Gerard set the food down on her night stand, and sat on the floor, next to the tired girl. After a moment, he out one hand on her shoulder, shaking a tiny bit, and murmured quietly,
“Audrey, wake up sweetheart.” Slowly, her eyes fluttered open, and, to Gerard’s delight, she smiled when she saw him.
“Hi,” she mumbled. Gerard laughed and replied,
“I brought you some soup. You haven’t eaten yet.” Audrey sat up, rubbed her eyes, and Gerard handed her the tray. Audrey looked at the food, then back at Gerard, a smirk plastered on her face.
“Did you actually cook this all by yourself?”
“It took a half and hour!” Gerard laughed, proud of his accomplishment. Audrey laughed weakly along with him. “So, do you mind explaining what happened?” She looked down at her food. Then, she told him everything.

An hour later, Gerard and Audrey were back into their normal routine. Sitting in front of the TV, munching on whatever snacks they could scrounge out of the kitchen, and joking about stupid things like the most recent episode of The Office or South Park. Things seemed perfectly normal, but they weren’t. Something was hanging in the back of Gerard’s mind. Something that seemed so surreal, but was real, there, nagging. The pot and crack he’d found in Landon’s vanity drawer, it wouldn’t quit popping up into his mind, all the possibilities.
So what if he took just one drag and just snorted a bit of crack. It wasn’t that big of a deal, was it? Of course not. That’s what Gerard had kept telling himself, lulling away the fear of something he knew was going to happen. Finally, at around eleven o’ clock, Gerard broke the silence that was only filled by the sounds of the television by saying,
“Hey, I think I’m gonna hit the sack for tonight.” Audrey kept her eyes glued to the TV, obviously engrossed in the current episode of House.
“G’night, Gee.” In the past few hour, Audrey had taken to using Gerard’s shortened name. It made him smile as he walked to ‘his’ room.
It was dark inside, and as soon as Gerard switched on the lamp, the room took on a romantic, manilla glow. Shadows seemed to dance along the wall, pulling the man towards what he knew his mind and body wanted most, even if in his heart he disagreed. That night, though, Gerard chose to listen to his body.
He took that hit. He took the many hits after that. And finally, he fell into sleep, crack crystals around his nostrils, and a still burning joint smoldering on the blankets, to weak to start a flame.
From her room, Audrey could smell the pot and she knew the crack was there, too. Silent tears dripped from her eyes. Then, she shook her head, saying to herself,
“Fuck him . . . It’s not my problem.”

yup, this is a bit longer, but i promise you, reading all of the previous boring chapters will pay off, and i have some amazing ideas for this, and i hope to have it finished by christmas!
expect lots more updates, cuz the tedious parts are over!!!!! :)

love you all for reviewing!

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