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Billy is GAY

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billy has a daughter

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Hello every1 I'm William Dean Martin. But every1 calls me Billy witch is nice. I was in a relationship then she told me she was pregnant this is great I'm going to be a dad. So after 9 months. She had a healthly baby girl. Then next day she left me with the baby. My baby girl's name is Lucy Marie Martin. After a few months my friends found out they help me with everything which is good. I told her I was in a band she's met all my friends these are the guys in my band Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Paul Thomas, myself, and Deano. She's attached to Benj he spends more time over here then every1 else. Lucy loves him he makes her laugh and myself it give me a break from every thing for a while. I'm really happy that she's in my life I wouldn't have made it far with out her. Now she's 3 years old and I'm 25. I told her if she got in bed on time I might take her with me on tour. She got excited Lucy got into bed on time or earlier I cant remember but any ways she's coming with me.

chapter 1
next morning at 4 am.

Billy's pov

I had our bags packed last night. I gotta get Lucy up. I walked into her she's sleeping like a baby I had Lucy's clothes lay out yesterday. Its a Level 27 shirt and black pants haha there they are. I woke her up. I helped her put on her clothes. I had breakfast fix. We ate this morning I had packed everything in the car before I woke her up this morning. "Hey babe are we ready?" I said. She shook her head yes. "Lets go see uncle Benj, uncle Joel, Paul, uncle Deano!" I said. She wided her eyes I knew she excited. Lucy hasn't seen them sense last month. She got in her car seat I bucked her in. I got in we were on our way to the bus. She fell asleep on me that was kool. It was early when I got her up. So were here.

normal pov

"Hey Deano look Billy brought Lucy with him." Paul said.

"Hey Billy you need any help?" Benj said.

"Yea there is something in the back sit I need help with." Billy said.

Benj open the door "You brought Lucy with ya." Benj said.

"Yep you wanna take her in?" Billy said. Getting the bags out.

"Yea sure." Benj said. He unbucked her got her out. Billy watched him take his little girl on the bus.

Benj's pov

Billy has a wonderful daughter. I got her out of her car seat snuggled up to me. Paul and Deano had to see her Joel hasn't got on yet. I remember when I first saw her she was little now she so big now. She's so cute. Here comes Billy.

"Hey guys here I'll take her." Billy said.

"No I'm fine you can't have her back she's mine." I said jus kidding.

"You'll give her up at bed time." Billy said laughing at me.

"Hey every1." Joel said. Hugging on Nicole Richie. I can't stand her. Joel notice me holding a little girl.

"Wow Benj you work fast don't you." Joel said.

"This is Lucy Billy's little girl." I said. He feels so stupid right now.

Billy got her put in his bunk. "She's pretty Billy." I said.

"Thank you." Billy said.

Joel's pov

I got on the bus. To find my brother Benj holding a little girl. I said Benj you work really fast dont you. He told me her name was which is Lucy Marie Martin. She's very pretty. I remember meeting her. When she was a baby that first and last time I saw her. Benj, Deano, Paul, have seen and played with her. Nicole doesn't like children.

"Sorry for jumping all over you Benj." I said. Looking at little girl.

"Hey Babe come to me." Billy said. She ran to him. Billy picking her up.

"Hey Lucy you rememeber Paul, Deano, Benj, Joel?" Billy said. She covered her head on the in Billy's neck. She lifted her head. "Hey." Lucy said.

"Lucy you want something to eat?" Benj asked her. She shook her head yes.

"You wanna come with me?" Benj said.

"Yes." Lucy said. Benj took her to the kitchen.

"Cute Kid Billy." I said.

"Thanks she's one of a kind she's loves Benj." Billy said.

Benj's pov

She's kool. I'm very lucky to have her as my niece she's very special I can't wait to start the tour. Billy is very lucky to have kid like her he's very cool about it he doesn't shout her like most parents he's loving he takes care his daughter which is what he's surpose to do.

"Lucy did you miss me?" I said.

"Yes I did. Did you miss me?" she said.

"I did you like your sandwhich." I said.

"yea thank you!" She said. Looking at me with those big green eyes.

"Your welcome sweetie you wanna play with me in the back?" I said.

"Yea sure." she said.

We went on the back to play some video games!

Nicole's pov

I hate kidz. I dont know why Billy brought his kid here. To drive me crazy I bet. Joel loves children I could tell. I never thought he would but he does. I looked at him he looked at me. If you touch her I'll leave.

Billy's pov

Nicole doesn't like kids. I don't know why either. Herself can move cuz my daughter comes first always. She just turned 3 this month. This is going to be best tour ever I have my daughter with me and my friends that i play in a band with. Benj has been big help to me. He would be there for her in a minute he loves her so much. Joel loves her to. He just hasnt spent any time with her but I'm sure he will. I see my little girl and Benj coming out.

"HEy sweetie did you have fun?" I asked her.

"Yes I did Dad" Lucy said. She got up in my lap.

"Were gonna stop for a bathroom break you need to go?" I said to her.

"No daddy I dont have to go." Lucy said.

"Mmmmm.....kay stay with uncle Joel?" I said to her. I could tell she wasnt to happy about with being there with Nicole but she had Joel she was happy.

"Okay Dad." She said. As I was getting up.

Joel's pov

Nicole doesn't like Lucy. I do I want 2 get 2 know her again. She's so cute who wouldn't wanna get to know her.

"Hey Uncle Joely?" Lucy said.

"Yes sweetie" I said.

"Why do you like Nicole?" Lucy said.

"She's very pretty why you don't like her?" I said asking her.

"No not really." Lucy said.

"HEy Lucy and Joel." Benj said.

"hey Uncle Benj." Lucy said.

"You wanna stay with me on the bus." Benj said

"I gotta go pee pee!" Lucy said. We walked to the ladies room.

"Lucy we'll stand out here ok?" Benj said. I put her on ground.

"Mmmm... can some1 come with me?" Lucy said. She went in.

"Joel and Benj where is Lucy?" Billy asked.

"She's using the restroom." Benj said. Lucy came out.

"Babe lets go." Billy said. He held his hand out she grabed out.

Nicole is not happy with me after I got on she wasnt happy. I tryed talking to her but she won't listen to me. Lucy is my niece I can't say hi to her. Damn she makes me so mad like all of the time. I don't know whats wrong with me think I'm love in Billy I know he has Lucy. He takes her out on dates which is so kool. I need to talk to Billy alone. I think he's going to call Joy to help him out with Lucy. Benj is in love with girls. But I wonder how Benj is going to take me being gay. I see him all alone this is good time to tell him.

"Hey Benj you second." I said

"Yea all the time in the world what up?" He said.

"I'm going to brake up with Nicole?" I said. Knowing he would be happy about it.

"Alright!" HE said. Looking all happy at me.

"I have something else to tell you?" I said.

"Yea I'm gay." I said. He looked surprize at me.

"Wow Joel I dont know what to say to that I'm happy for you." He said.

"I like Billy" I said.

"Have you talk to him about this Joel?" He said.

"No I'm planning on it Benjamin I dont know hey Lucy." I said.

"Hey Uncle Joel." Lucy said.

"Hey Uncle Benj." Lucy said.

She got up in Benj's lap.

"Sweetie are you gonna watch us play to night?" Benj said.

"Yea sure if Daddy will let me." She said sleepy.

"Lucy." I said. She has went to sleep on Benj I think Benj has too.

During the show.

Nicole was watching Lucy. Nicole got tired of her asking question after question. Lucy went to bathroom Nicole locked her in.

"Nicole let me out plz!" Lucy said. At this time she was scared & crying "let me out plz ill be good promise." Lucy was saying after that stop. She left her in the bathroom alone.

Normal pov
After the show.

"Nicole where is Lucy?" Billy said.

"She in the bathroom on the bus." Nicole said.

"She's 3 years old you can't leave her alone?" Billy said.

Billy and guys ran to the bus. Open the the bathroom door. To find her up against the wall she's been crying.

"Baby are you ok?" Billy said. He picked her up and held her close.

"Lucy are you ok?" Billy ask?

"Yes daddy your dirty." she said.

"Yes daddy's dirty tell daddy what happen?" Billy said.

"I went to restroom when I wanted out nicole wouldn't let me out I got scare I was alone." She said crying and hugging me.

Every1 was tired and mad at Nicole.

"Ok sweetie it's time for bed." Billy said. "Say night to the guys?" Billy said.

"Good Night guys luv you." Lucy said.

"night Lucy we love you" Benj said.

"What the hell Nicole some1 could have grabed her we wouldn't know where she is?" Benj said. Getting mad by every minute.

"Nicole?" Joel said.

"I left her in there I couldn't take the questions or the fact she tired 2 cuddled with me." Nicole said.

"Nicole get the fuck off our bus your not welcome here any more." Benj said.

"I can't believe you would be this cold hearted to Lucy I know he's right get out."
Joel said. She left.

Joel came back and saw Billy with his daughter.

"Hey Billy can I talk to her?" Joel said.

"Yea sure." Billy said. Getting up and leaving.

He sat down by her. "Hey Lucy I'm sorry about Nicole." Joel said.

"Its ok Uncle Joel luv you." She said.

"I luv you too kido!" Joel said gave her a kiss on the forehead.

She went to sleep. He covered her up and kissed her on the cheek!

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