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Devils Tango

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Fem Sena and Monta. Sena Monta and Suzuna want to help Mamori win a year suply of creampuffs, at a Tango Contest no less. Hiruma joins in the fun. hiuma/sena/shin and tetsumamonta

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Devils Tango

A group of four girls walked along the side walk, taking up space yet avoiding the surrounding crowds. The tallest was Mamori Anezaki whos demener said she was the kind of girl that would be a good mother or older sister. She was walking behind three shorter girls watching and laughing at their engergy. To Mamori's right was Suzuna Taki, keeping pace with Sena and Monta on her inline skates.The four was shoping for items for the after game win party. The two burneets were leaning on eachother still week form the game not to long ago.

“We're awesome MAX!” Shouted Monta pumping her fist in the air.

“Monta your hairbands falling out.” Suzuna said casualy. Monta yelped and her hand flew to her head band that kept her hair down and out of her face. It was still in place.

“Susuna!” Monta growled at the dark blue haired girl who gave a grin.

“With your ego bloating im surprized it didn't fall.” Suzuna taunted the other girl. Sena and Mamori laughed at the two arguing girls. Then something caught Mamoris eye. Sena turned and looked at her older sister figure.

“Mamori-nee?” Sena asked. Monta who was intent on hiting Suzuna whom was trying to block the hits, both looked at Mamori. Then all three crowded around the older girl. She was looking at a flyer.

Tango Contest
Winner will reseave a year suply of creampuffs and $1000.

Under the title and reward was the date and time as well as a list of judges. The three girls looked at the errie still Mamori. Then she spoke.

“I will win this contest.” Mamori clenched her fist. Already she was thinking of the creampuffs.

“I'll help!” the three girls chimed in as one. The four looked at each other then giggled.

“Tango huh?” Suzuna murrmered thoughtfully,” That's a parnter dance. So we need to find a partner for this contest.”

“ But who?” Sena asked. The four girls thought about the team then laughed as one by one thay striked out the members. Some being way to funny to see dancing others looked to clumsy and thay never thought about asking Hiurma at all.

“So baisicly any one we know in the team is out of the question.” Monta sighed and crossed her arms. Sena looked at the flyer again and thought the host company name looked familer. Then when she looked inside the resterants window that the flyer was on she saw some familer faces. Sakuraba and Shin with Sakurabas manager.

“Shin-san!”Sena gasped. Monta and Suzuna gave Sena a sly look,” What?!”

“You always gasp and blush when you see him Sena-chan.” Suzuna sing songed.

“Yhea, sure you don't have a crush on him?” Monta teased the poor girl into stampering and blushing like mad. Shin took this time to look around not relay careing what the mangager has to say. The man spoted his rival and stood up. Sakuraba looked up at Shin with confusion and the mangager with annoyance. Sakuraba watched Shin then he saw the girls form the Devil Bat team. Shin opened the resterant door startleing the group.

“Eyesheild 21.” Shin anolaged Sena.

“Mou Shin-san its just Sena when off field.” Sena sighed her request most likey going over Shins head.Suzuna and Monta giggled and Sena glared at them. Before anymore words were said Kid ambled up to them with Tetsuma.

“Looks like this place is popular today.” Kid drawled. Greetings took place and Monta did a good imatation of Sena at Tetsuma.

“Sure you dont have a crush on him?” Sena whispered in Montas ear effetively shuting her up. Suzuna got the MatchMaker look in her eyes. Suzuna turned to the two men who was stareing at their respective rivles and said girls were figeting under the stares. The bluenette grined.

“Say Shin-san, Tetsuma-san were entering a contest and Sena-chan and Monta-chan dont have any parnters for it.So do you think you can help them out.” Suzuna chirped sweetly at the taller men. Sena and Monta stared at Suzuna like she was nuts. The two brunettes where sure their rivals wouldn't agree, but to their surprize thay did.

“Oh this is good news we already have contestents!” A irratateing voice sounded out making the girls jump. And as one the group turned around to stare at the manager who had an asperated Sakuraba behind him. With teeth gleaming the man continued,”Sakuraba-kun will be intering as well but we dont have a partner set up for him.”

The man went to Mamori,”Would you be so kind as to be his partner?” the manager continued with his sleezy salesmen like voice.

“ er...I...buh!” Mamori stampered.

“ Great to hear it. Since were all friends ill arrange lessions for the compatsion! Six tomorrow afternoon good? Good! We'll meet tomorrow at Sakuraba-kuns school.” The manager left the group in a gapeing sliance.

“ Is he always like that?!” Monta was the frist to brake the tention. Sakuraba nodded. Mamori felt sorry for Sakuraba.

“ Well I never said no and we both do need a partner so let do our best Sakuraba-san” Mamori smiled at the easely over shadowed boy.

“Yes! Thank You!” Sakuraba nodded genuinely gratefull for Mamoris compassion.The group said their good byes and the girls finished their shoping. The Devilbats had a good after game win party. The girls chated excitedly about the compatision. If anyone was paying attaion thay would have seen that Hirumas ear was twiching in on the girls convercation the whole time thay chatted.

For the next three weeks the girls went to school, American Football pratace and Tango pratace. Even after the Death March their practiceing had worn them out but it was a good warn out. On the day of the comataion.

“Nervious MAX!” Monta whimpered. Sena pated her friends sholder.

“All is fine! I finished our dresses.” Suzuna chirrped happly.

“That's great Suzuna-chan!”Mamori grined. The girls changed in the girls bathroom wich was fairly crouded with other woman and girls primping for the contest. Suzuna helped with getting the dresses on the other three and Mamori helped the shorter girls with their make up. Sena was nerverous. Kinda, sorta, okay very nervous. Dispite having pratace for three weeks with Shin. She still blushed at the thought of dancing with him. Monta was no better.

When the girls here done thay when out of the restroom and met with their partners. Sena with Shin. Monta with Tetsuma. Mamori with Sakuraba. And Suzuna was stuck with her brother, more like he make it so she was stuck with him. Poor Suzuna.

The girls were to nervious to lision to the tranlaters words form the head judge. There were six judges in all. Three men and three women. Then the couples were assigned numbers. Sena and Shin got #21. in total there was 25 couples. The compastion started. Each couple was givein three minuntes to dance. Since tango was a three minunte dance it self but the couples could chosse what ever song thay liked to dance to. Soon it was Sena and Shins turn. Shin led Sena to the floor, when there was a disterbance at the entrence. A blonde devil stood at the intery way. Looking rather stuning in a blood red shirt and black pants and shoes. Grining Hiruma strod forward. Some girls were gasping at the newcomer to the chargen of their partners. The group that knew Hiruma looked at him confused and agravated on Mamoris part. The three male jugdes voiced their displeasure.

The woman judges faned them selfs and giggleing like thay were school girls as Hiruma took a stuned Sena form Shin. Shin frowned but wouldnt make a scean and ruin Senas hope to help Mamori. Shin gracefuly backed off still frowning at what ever was burning his in sides. He'll ask Sakuraba later.Sena blinked at Hiruma.

“Hiruma-san what....” Sena stuttered.

“Shut up and dance with me.” Hiruma said pleasently as the song started. Near by girls shivered as did Sena but for a different reason altogether. Hiruma lead sena into the beat of the song Suzuna chose for Sena and Shin. It was in English so few understood the words but it had a good beat. Sena gave up and let the music take her over and let hiruma lead. Seeing as the songs beat was rather senual Sena changed rather dramicly to those who knew her. Even Hiruma raised an eye brow but grined and went with the flow.

As the song ended Hiruma had Sena in a rather romactic dip with Senas arms around his neck and his hand on her smooth thigh to help her keep her balance An applause was given to the two and Hiruma let Sena back up said girl blushing to high heaven. The next couple when to the floor as Hiruma and Sena when off. Sena discreetly ixnored Hiruma wich pissed him off. Monta stayed by Tetsuma as to stay out of Hiurmas path seeing Hiurmas look. Knowing him as long as she had. She knew that Sena just invoked the devil, and you ever got out of it whole when you do.

Soon all the couples have danced and the judges whispered to each other desideing on the top three. As thay where dranks were served. Sena didn't think her nerves her stand more stress.

“Alright the winners are chosen!” the translater annouced. There was much excited whispering and hopeing it was them,”In third place is number 16.” A cheer when up with the couple and friends. Sena and the other three girls never read the other spots prizes.

“ In second place is number 05” the tranlater said. Another cheer and the tentsion rose to an unbearable degree.

“In frist place...” the tranlater trailed off wery of the leaning forward of the one s near him he gulped and continued,” is number... 21. ” Sena gasped and Hiruma gave a cackle. The tranlanter mosioned for Sena and Hiruma to go up front and get the prize. Mamori was crying with happyness. Monta whopped gleefully hanging on Tetsuma who had the slightest blush. Sakuraba was glad it was over and Shin was happy for Sena but still was plauged by something that ate at him. He had to ask Sakuraba soon befor it endangered his game performace.

Sena blushed as she and Hiruma reached the judges table. The head judge handed her the tiket for the year supply of free creampuffs. The woman grined and winked at Sena saying something in English that Sena couldn't catch so she just smiled. The judge beside her grudgeingly handed his check to Hiuma still grumbling his displeasue and another judge who looked to be his wife smacked him. Hirumas grined widened.

“ Well done Fuckin Chibi.” came Hirumas cackle. Sena sighed and looked at Hiuma begrudgeingly. Then she bulked at the grin he gave her. 'What did I do!' was the thought that flit though her mind as Hiruma swooped and planted a sexy kiss on Sena. Once again Sena blushed and this time acompanyed it with a squeek of surprize.There was some whoops and catcalls, and one miffed Mamori. Hiruma stood with a satifayed smirk in plance and walked out of the buliding like he owned it.

Sena was stuned. Shin was as well at the heats riseing tempature and he stared at the cuts in his hand. Seriouly he needed to talk with Sakuraba. Monta gasped as did Suzuna. Suzuna grined,'well its not Shin-san but You-nii is just as good.'

Once again Suzuna got the crafty Matchmaker look and rolled over her bother who hadnt got up since she gave him the smack down for disqualifying them. Monta walked over to her friend fallowed by a worried Mamori. Shin draged Sakuraba off for his talk.

“ Hey you look shocked, Max.” Monta put a hand on Senas sholder as she leaned on Mamori. One thing keep runing though her mind as if a hell bat was chaseing it.

' He took my frist kiss!'

Poor Sena he'll take more of your frists before the Chrismas Bowl is over.
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