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Strange Occurances

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After participating in a rescue at a US research base John begins experiencing strange and amazing side effects.

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Chapter Seven: Strange Occurrences

Chapter Seven: Strange Occurrences

John's Bedroom

Next Morning

John awoke the next morning to the sound of voices in the hallway outside the bedrooms. Blinking rapidly to clear the sleep from his eyes John sat up and tried to figure out what had woken him. He hadn't set his alarm clock last night since he'd wanted to sleep in this morning. The alarm that indicated International Rescue was needed somewhere in the world wasn't going off either so that hadn't woken him.

The only thing that John could of that could possibly have woken him were the voices in the corridor. John frowned in confusion. How could that have woken him? He slept with that kind of background noise on Thunderbird Five all the time. Even when you weren't in the control room of the space station there was a constant background noise wherever you went onboard. A noise that came from the stations systems as well as a constant faint and slowly pulsating hum from the stations power core. Both himself and Alan had become experts as sleeping despite a background noise. So why would background noise wake him up now?

John sighed. Since he was awake now he might as well get up. Throwing the bedclothes off he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. As he did so he tried to make out what was being said out in the corridor even though he knew he really wouldn't be able to. Consequently what happened next shocked him to the core.

For a millisecond John heard and felt a soft crackle in his ears. It was like the noise a microphone sometimes made when it was first switched on. And abruptly the voices in the corridor amplified and John could hear them as though he was standing next to them.

"Sorry dad" Virgil's voice was saying.

"Nothing to be sorry about" Jeff's voice answered. "It was my fault Virgil I should have been watching where I was going. What were you doing with that squash anyway"

"Oh its what I had by my bed last night" Virgil answered.

John smiled clearly seeing in his minds eye what had happened. Virgil regularly took a glass of squash or sometimes coke to bed with him as he had a tendency to wake up thirsty in the middle of the night. Now that it was morning Virgil must have been carrying the glass and what was left of his drink from his room and collided with dad. Dad most likely now had squash down the front of him.

Abruptly John realised that he shouldn't be able to hear what he was hearing and he blinked and as he did so the voices of his father and younger brother faded into the background again. What was that, John thought is shock. How did I do that? I know I've got sharp hearing but I shouldn't have been able to hear dad and Virgil as if I was standing next to them from in here. So how did I do that? How did I hear them?

After thinking about it for a few moments John sighed and shrugged. He didn't have any answers though he did wonder if it was linked to whatever that compound Brains had found in his blood was. He sighed again before stripping off the boxer shorts he had slept in and went into the bedrooms on suite bathroom for his regular morning shower.


Dining Room

A Short Time Later

Scott Tracy looked up when he heard someone coming into the dining room. He smiled brightly when he saw that it was John looking none the worse for ware after yesterday's sudden illness upon his return from the rescue. An illness that Scott was half convinced that John had somehow picked up on that base still he alright now so there was no point in wondering about his sudden illness and seemingly miraculous recovery from it.

"Good morning John" Scott said in greeting.

"Morning Scott" John replied.

"How are you feeling this morning" Scott asked.

"I'm fine" John answered absently as he mentally flash backed to what happened a few minutes ago when he had somehow heard what dad and Virgil were saying when he should not have been able to.

"John" Scott question "John what is it"

"It's nothing Scott just something that happened this morning when I woke up."

"Doesn't look like it was nothing" Scott answered. "What happened"

John sighed wishing he hadn't said anything. Now that he knew that something had happened Scott would keep on at him until he knew what that something was. He thought about it for a few moments and then decided that he did want to tell Scott what had happened this morning. See if his older brother could make some sense of it.

"This morning I heard something Scott. Something I should not have been able to hear" he said at last.

Scott didn't answer. He merely raised an eyebrow and looked at John inviting him to explain. And John did just that. When he was finished Scott sat there with a thoughtful frown on his handsome face.

"That is strange" Scott commented. "You might have ears like a bat John but as good as your hearing is you should not have been able to hear that conversation."

"I know" John replied. "That's why I don't understand what happened."

"Hmm maybe it's somehow related to that compound we found in your blood yesterday" Scott suggested.

"Possibly" John admitted. "But how could a biopolymer residue that we haven't been able to analyse or identify yet effect my hearing"

"Search me" Scott replied.

"What are you two talking about" a familiar voice said.

John and Scott looked over at the door to see their father coming into the room followed by Virgil, Gordon, Brains and Tin-Tin. Grandma currently wasn't on the island having gone to the US to see an old friend of hers who'd recently lost her husband of sixty-one years a few days ago.

"It's nothing dad" John replied not wanting to tell his father about what had happened this morning yet anyway. Jeff frowned he could tell that John was hiding something but he didn't push knowing full well that John would tell him when he was ready.

Before anyone else could speak Kyrano appeared from the passage leading to the kitchen.

"Good morning Mr Tracy" Kyrano said with a slight formal bow. "Shall I begin serving breakfast now Mr Tracy"

"Yes please Kyrano thank you" Jeff replied. Kyrano bowed again and headed back to the kitchen. Tin-Tin followed to assist her father with the dishing up.


A Few Minutes Later

John watched with hidden amusement as Gordon struggled to open a jar of strawberry jam so he could spread some on his toast.

"These rotten tops" Gordon moaned. "What do they stick these things on with? Super glue"

"Let me have a go Gordon" John said.

"Be my guest" Gordon replied handing the jar of jam across the table to his brother. John accepted the jar and tried to open it to find the top wouldn't move.

"Hmm this is stubborn top" John commented as he twisted the top again. What happened this time took everyone by complete surprise.

As John twisted the lid of the jar there was the loud pop of a breaking seal and abruptly the top came flying off. It flew through the air like a miniature discus and slammed into the milk jug completely shattering it with the force of impact and sending a spray of milk all over the table and all over Gordon who was right next to the milk jug. Drawing a yelp of surprise from the auburn haired Tracy.

For a moment there was a stunned silence then everyone looked at the startled and shocked John.

"John how did you do that" Jeff asked softly.

"You know what dad I haven't the faintest idea" John replied. "I didn't twist the lid that hard. What's happening to me? That's the second impossible thing I've done today."

"The second" Jeff questioned. John quickly filled his father in on what had happened this morning with his hearing. And for a few moments he was met with stunned silence.

"I think we need to examine you again" Jeff said at last. "See if we can find out what is happening to you."

"You know dad that's a very good idea" John agreed he didn't like being poked and prodded but in this instance he would put up with it. He wanted answers.

"We'll go right now" Jeff said decisively and stood up. Everyone else also stood up, breakfast only half eaten and forgotten. "Gordon go and get some clean clothes on" Jeff instructed.

"Okay dad" Gordon replied reluctantly and left the dining room.

"After you John" Jeff said. John began walking out of the dining room heading for the medical equipment in the sickroom. His family, Tin-Tin and Brains following close behind him. All of them wanting the answer to one question.

What was happening to John.
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