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Chapter 5

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Book One. 15 year old Gil Grissom killed his step-father from beating his deaf mother. He exposed the body, cutting his organs and selling them though the black market to get money to pay off the h...

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In a Different Point of View


Book One. 15 year old Gil Grissom killed his step-father from beating his deaf mother. He exposed the body, cutting his organs and selling them though the black market to get money to pay off the hospital bills to save his mother from her failing health. Read his dark thoughts that helped lead the man that we knew of what he became...


Chapter Five


"Sign language”


Gil knelled motionless beside the body as he stared at the old man’s burnt corpse. He was still shocked of what he did. Now he responsible of not just one death, but two.

But then he felt angry, as he glanced his own blood flowing from his wounds that old man cause him. To him, the old farmer deserved to die.

Gil stood up, limping as he pushed the body back into the fiery pit, beside his stepfather. As the fire slightly glowed, Gil started to cover the two corpse with the dirt. He felt painful and sore as slowly as the night was thinning, he was finally finished.

Panting, Gil picked up his shovel and walked back to the truck.

He stopped, as he heard a slight whimpering sound behind him. Gil turned and saw the sheep dog, that old man had once owned. The young pup looked at him in a confusing look and then back to her master that was now in his fiery grave.

‘What will come to the young pup?’ Gil wondered to himself. He sighed, as he opened the door. “Get in.” he said to the dog.

The dog leaped for joy into the truck and sat on the passenger seat, looking at him with a doggish grin.

Gil got in, as he did so, he ripped up a rag that was under his seat, wrapping it on his wounds. He started up the truck.

Gil Grissom sped down the dirt road, not looking back at the grave set.

There was no remorse in his wake.


Gil drove up driveway of his home, letting the dog out behind him. Slowly he opened the front door.

There house was quiet. Too quiet.

“Mother?” he called out.

There was no answer.

Panicking he ran into his mother’s bedroom. There on her bed lied his mother, the same position that he left her at. He walked beside her and touched her smooth face. He jumped back in surprise. Her cheek was ice cold.

He checked if she was breathing, thankfully she was. He checked her pulse, which was very low.

Looking at her pale face, he could tell that she was sick. Very sick. What should he do?

Should he call 911?

But then they would find out about the murder of his stepfather. And he will go to jail.

He can not go to jail. He is the only family left for his mother. He can not fail her.

But what to do? His mother needs medial care!

He walked up to phone that sat behind his mother’s bed. He heaisent as he dialed a phone number of his science partner, Jim Brass (1).

Jim Brass is a few years older then himself. They are not friends, but more like acquaintance that knew each other. As far as Gil knew, Jim was the closest person that he would trust.

As the phone rang, Gil wondered what he will say….

“Hello?” a tired voice said on the other line. “Who is this?”

“Hm hello, Mrs. Brass. Sorry to wake you, but can I speck with Jim please?”

There was no reply. Just as Gil thought that Jim’s mother hung up, he jumped in surprise as the woman yelled “JIM! PHONE!”

Gil waited, biting his lip.

“Hello?” a young man’s voice was heard.

“Hey, Jim. Um, I need your help.”

“My help? Come on Gil, its 5 in morning!”

“I know its early, but this is important! I will tell you when you get here.”

“Does this involves Andrews?”

Gil didn’t reply, as anger again shot through him. “Get get your ass over here, please.”

Jim sighed. “Fine.”

“Please hurry.”


Gil sat beside his mother. Making sure she was still breathing. Making sure she was warm, hugging her, telling her that’s everything is going to be all right.

He jumped as he heard a knock on the front door.

He ran to the front door. As Gil opened the door, behind it stood a tall teenager, with gangly hair with a cigarette in his right hand. (2)

Gil make a face with him. Jim smiled, as he finished it. “Keep forgetting you hate smokes.”

Gil let him in, rolling his eyes.

“What the fuck is that smell? Is that blood?” Jim asked him, looking at him. “What did you do this time, Gil?”

Gil sighed as he told him everything that happened that night. As Gil told him that story, Gil preyed that Jim would understand. Jim didn’t interrupt him, for that Gil was grateful.

As he finished his story, Jim looked at him in shock. Jim, knew that Andrews was abusive, but he never told Gil. “Wow.” Jim said. “That was self defense Gil. It wasn’t your fault.”

Gil nodded. “I know. But.. Jim… I was happy that I killed him.”

“He abused you. You should be grateful of his death.”

“Yeah I know.”

“How’s your mother?” Jim asked him. Gil bite his lip.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her. I can’t call the cops. They will put me to jail!”

Jim nodded. “I can take her. With a help of my brother we can tell the doctors that she’s our mother. But we can‘t tell my mother though. She would freak out. We need some money though.”

Gil nodded. “Do you think your brother would help?”

Jim smiled. “Of course he can. I won’t tell him of what you told me. He owns me.”

“Okay. Call your brother.” Jim nodded, as he walked over to the phone. He glanced a metal rod that was still stances with blood. Jim shook as he looked it. He dialed the phone.

Gil walked into his mother’s room. “Mother. Help is coming. Be strong Mother. I love you.”

(End of Chapter)


(1) I know Brass (age 55 now) was born January 3, 1953 and making him 3 years older then Gil (age 52 now) who was born in August 17, 1956. And also the fact that Grissom lived in Santa Monica CA as Brass is from Newark NJ when they were children. But lets just say that they knew each other way before and live near each other, before they moved back and went on in their lives. And also for the fact that they went in the same High School. In my story, Gil moved up in the grades.

Did you know that Gil was the youngest coroner in history of L.A County at the age of 22? If he is good as that, would you think he moved up a few years in High School and went to college in a young age?

(2) It is known that Jim Brass carries a cigarette lighter. It is unknown that he smokes or not. But in my story, he did when he was teenager.

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