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Julie Anderson and Mike Shermen were only fourteen when Hope was conceived. They had originally planned on keeping the baby, but their parents thought it was best if they gave her up. So they did, but not without naming her first. They named her Hope Destiny Anderson, because they had hope that they would all be reunited and believed that her destiny was to be loved more than humanly possible.
Hope. Definition: a lonely and heartbroken fourteen year old girl. Hope Destiny Gibson is like any other girl born on February 14, 1994; except for the fact that she has never really been loved. He adoptive parents neglect her, giving all their attention to her older sister, Chelsea and her older brother Nicholas. However, as her fourteenth birthday approaches, she learns the truth of who she really is, and her destiny begins to fall in place.
Stephanie Leeman and Devin Weston were seventeen when their baby boy was born. They had already moved out of their parents’ house, so they decided to keep their baby. Devin decided to name his son, Grant, for he expected his son to be something great.
Grant Weston. Definition: popular yet unsatisfied sixteen year old boy. Grant Michael Weston is like any other popular guy in high school; except for the fact that he is unhappy with everything in his life. He has always been in the spotlight, but no one has ever really seen him. That is until Valentines Day of 2008; when the one girl no one would ever suspect begins to hold his heart in her hands.
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