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The Piano Knows Something I Don't

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Ryan and Brendon are brought together by the pure fascination and loving of music.

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A boy sat, his hands moving along the ebony and ivory keys as if it were part of a choreographed dance. The melody seemed sweet, yet somehow sour at the same time. The boy had memorized it, though wasn't phased if he made a careless mistake (he was only human, after all). The boy opened his mouth but closed it right away. Words had not yet come to this melody. Inspiration was no where to be found.

As he came to the ending of the song a chill ran down his spine. The kind of chill that you feel when someone is watching you without your knowledge. The kind of chill that makes your heart stop pumping but can also make it beat faster in the same second, like a mini-heart attack. The boy looked up from the keys to see a boy standing, watching him. The boy at the piano smiled at the thought of an audience. The second boy, who seemed slightly older than the first, walked to the piano and sat down. He seemed to be half on the bench and half off as if maybe to make a quick escape if needed or maybe it was just because the younger boy was taking up more space.

The two boys, who were probably more like men than boys, did not speak. The older of the two brushed his hands along the newly polished keys and played a short, simple tune.

“Ryan…” The younger boy spoke.

Ryan whirled his head around to look at the boy. “How do you know my name?”

The boy shrugged, “You just seemed like a Ryan.”

Ryan stared at the boy for a few short moments; he tried not to realize just how beautiful he seemed to look. “Daniel?”

The boy shook his head.


Another shake of the head.


The boy chuckled yet still shook his head. “It’s Brendon.”

“I probably would have never guessed that.”

Brendon nodded slightly as he put his fingers back to the keys. Ryan stared at the boy’s fingers as they jumped from key to key as if they were being shocked so they weren’t able to stay in one place for long. The way Brendon’s fingers moved fascinated Ryan. He had never seen anything like it in his 22 years of living.

Ryan’s eyes traveled up from Brendon’s fingers to his face just as words began to spill from his mouth in the most soothing way.

Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two, where summers lasted longer than we do.

Ryan closed his eyes and dived into the lyrics and melody. Ryan could feel his heart swelling and the hairs on the back of his neck standing at attention.

Your melody sounds as sweet as the first time that it was sung with a little bit more character for show.

Brendon closed his eyes, trying to feel the music. His smile grew to the size of the Cheshire cat’s from Alice in Wonderland. He had found inspiration in the from of a beautiful older boy.

If I’ve forgotten how to sing because I’ve sung this song I’ll write it all across the wall before my job is done.

Ryan opened his eyes and stared into oblivion. His heart felt queasy, yet happy. He wasn’t sure how a song, or a person, could make him feel so emotionally overwhelmed.

If love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep, then I’m putting out the lantern find your own way back home.

The song came to an end and both Ryan and Brendon’s hearts began to beat normally again. Brendon let out a sigh and turned to Ryan, who was now fully on the piano bench.

“Where have you been all my life?”

“Waiting for you, and this song, it seems.”

They smiled at each other and intertwined their fingers, and Ryan was sure he could feel their melody radiate from their clasped hands.
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