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Baby Get Out While You Can

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"Does that hurt?"


"How about that?"



"Why are you poking me anyway?"

"Cuz its fun." Frank said, continuing to poke at the spot on Gerard's chest where they removed the bullet. "How about that?" He asked, shoving his finger into Gerard again. Gerard suddenly smacked Frank on the side of the head with a smile.

"Does that hurt?" He asked, holding back laughter.

"Yes." Frank pouted and rubbed his head. He dramatically fell backwards, his head resting on Gerard's legs, 'writhing' in pain. "I'm dying!" Frank said in an overdramatic voice. Gerard laughed at him then told him to get up. "The light! I see it!" He continued, reaching his arms into the air and grabbing at nothing. Gerard heard the door opened and began laughing.

"They scare me now." Mikey told Ray as they walked into the room, Bob following.

"They've always scared me." Bob mumbled, smacking Frank's hand as he passed to sit down.

"Exactly what is he doing?" Ray asked Gerard, sitting and looking at Frank with slight concern.

"No one ever knows what he's doing." Mikey said, rolling his eyes and sitting next to Bob. "When the hell do you get out of here? I'm starting to think the hospital is my new home."

"I don't know; day or two." Gerard said, continuing to amuse himself with watching Frank 'die'. "Alright you drama queen;" He grabbed Frank's arms and pulled him back into a sitting position. "Show's over."

"Aren't we supposed to tell them something? Like we've been meaning to for the past week or so..." Frank said while Gerard put his arms around Frank's waist.

"I think so..." Since Gerard escaped the drug induced coma, everything the two did was immature and joking. "What was it?" They couldn't behave if their lives depended on it.

"Something about a day..." Frank lifted his head and looked to the ceiling as though he was deep in thought. "In June?"

"They do this nonstop now." Mikey mumbled to Ray who hadn't been to visit in a few days.

"Ah yes; June." Gerard said with a smile. "A 23rd perhaps?" Frank nodded then pressed his lips to Gerard's. "Why am I remembering that day? It's not for the rewards I get." He kissed Frank again, the other three sighing heavily and deciding to have their own conversation until Frank and Gerard finished. "Cuz I get that everyday."

"I believe it involves you, me, them, rings, and a cake." Frank told him, loud enough for the others to clearly hear.

"That's right!" Gerard exclaimed with a large grin. "June 23rd! Our wedding!" Ray, Bob, and Mikey instantly snapped from their conversation to stare at Frank and Gerard who couldn't help but laugh to themselves.

"Wait; what?" Ray said to them in shock.

"Did you just say that June 23rd is your wedding day?!" Bob was just as shocked as Ray.

"My god!" Gerard said to Frank with a smile. "They can hear!"

"It's a miracle!" Frank continued to laugh. "Halleluiah!"

"For two fucking seconds!" Mikey suddenly burst, aggravation and anger in his voice. "Be serious for two fucking seconds!" Gerard and Frank shut up, Gerard pulling Frank close to him as they hung their heads in shame, still smiling.

"I believe we just got in trouble." Gerard whispered to Frank, trying not to laugh again.

"Nothing new for me." Frank told Gerard. "Yeah." He turned his attention back to the others while Gerard latched onto Frank's neck. "We finally chose a day." Frank's neck twitched slightly as Gerard sucked on it. "You're such a vampire." He said to Gerard with a slight laugh.

"I can't help it." Gerard mumbled to him with amusement. "You taste so good."

"Well if it's in June, I have time to leave for a bit." Ray suddenly said.

"Leave?" Bob asked with confusion.

"Why would you leave?" Frank asked, pulling himself from Gerard's mouth.

"Just to get away for a bit." Ray said calmly. He looked to Frank for a moment then back to everyone else. "To clear my head."

"Where would you go?" Mikey asked with concern.

"Not sure." He said. "I was thinking of just driving cross-country or something."

"Why?" Gerard asked when Frank finally got out of reach. He left a mark on Frank's neck though. "You keep us all sane."

"I need to focus on my life right now rather than all of yours." Ray was harsh with Gerard. "I was actually thinking of moving away."

"Like hell you are." Gerard told him sternly and Frank took a deep breath in, knowing that things were not going to be pretty. "You're my best friend. I'm not fucking letting you just up and leave for whatever reason you're thinking." Frank slumped down knowing he was the reason Ray was sharing all this.

"You don't control my life Gerard. I'm tired of always trying to keep peace and keep you all happy! I need to start making sure I'm happy!" He was really upset and of course Gerard couldn't keep his mouth shut so things only got worse.

"I never asked you to make sure I was happy!" Gerard snapped at Ray. "I can't help it that you can't get over Frank! It's not my fault he chose me over you! And I love Frank more than life so I'm not giving him up for anything either. "Frank was terrified because he felt like he was tearing an age long friendship apart. "So get the fuck over yourself and move on!"

"You're right." Ray said coldly, standing to leave. "I do need to move on." He went to the door and yanked it open. "So good-bye." he said to Frank then turned his attention to Gerard again. "And fuck you." Ray pulled the door shut and Gerard sighed with annoyance.

"Real nice Gerard." Mikey said, standing to leave himself. "You can be a real asshole sometimes." Mikey headed for the door, Bob following right behind him. "Bye Frankie."

"Bye?" Frank said, unaware of what was going on because he was mentally out of it, trying to analyze what just happened. They too left, leaving Gerard and Frank alone again. Frank stared at the door for a few moments before everything crashed into him and he began crying. "I've ruined everything!" HE said with immense fear. "My life! Your life! Ray's life!"

"Shhh." Gerard told Frank quietly. "None of this is your fault."

"It's all my fault!" Gerard tightened his grip around Frank, pulling him close again. "I've come between you and Ray!"

"Ray needed to learn that you were, are, with me. I don't want him to waste his life away hoping or wondering if it could ever be. He needs to go find someone for himself before he becomes permanently miserable." Gerard spoke softly to Frank, calming him down like it always did. "He'll be fine."

"I hate myself." Frank mumbled.

"Don't say that." Gerard pulled Frank into a laying position. "Hate yourself, and others will hate you."

"Everyone does hate me."

"I don't." Gerard pulled the blanket over them. "I love you." He latched onto Frank's neck again, making Frank laugh slightly from the tickling sensation. "And on June 23 I'm going to marry you." Frank laughed a little more as Gerard continued. "At night of course."

"I'm going to stick you in the sun." He teased and Gerard whined, jokingly saying he would burn. "I don't think the others are too happy with us right now."

"Fuck them." Gerard said, releasing himself from Frank's neck as he started to fall asleep. "All I need is you."

"All I need is my guitar." Frank teased Gerard some more.

"Brat." Gerard mumbled, shutting his eyes to sleep. "I'll remember that next time you want to misbehave." He yawned with a smile, wrapping his arms around Frank again. "Which should be sometime tomorrow morning."

"You bet." Frank said with a smile, resting his head on Gerard's chest and shutting his eyes as well. "I think you should sing to me." He said happily.

"Well I'm not going to."

"Please?" Frank whined, lifting his head. "You haven't in like, forever!"

"No." Gerard told him sleepily.





"Please?!' Frank whined some more.

"Will it shut you up?" Gerard finally got annoyed.

"Yes." Frank said with satisfaction. "It helps me sleep."

"Keeping your mouth shut will help you sleep too." Gerard mumbled knowing that yet again he lost. "What would you like to hear?" He asked with a heavy sigh.

"Our song." Frank said as he got comfortable again. Gerard took a deep breath and quietly sang, Frank listening to Gerard's heavenly voice flow from his mouth while his heart added a steady rhythm. Frank drifted to sleep with the tune of 'You Are My Sunshine' dancing gently through his dreams.


"Home sweet huge house!" Frank chimed merrily, running for the door while Gerard paid the taxi driver and grabbed their stuff. Frank ran through the grass, avoiding the spot that Gerard's body was on a few weeks ago. The blood had been cleaned but when Frank looked at it, he still saw the image of Gerard's body laying there, drowning in the blood.

"You look just like you did on Christmas." Gerard said as he followed Frank inside, shutting the door and dropping their crap on the floor.

"I feel like I did on Christmas!" Frank half squealed, wrapping himself around Gerard. "How do you feel?" All Gerard really had from the whole incident was a scar on his chest, which wasn't all that noticeable anyway. His heart was perfectly fine and he could do anything he could before the whole thing happened, though he was advised to just take it easy for a bit anyway.

"I feel amazing." Gerard told Frank with a smile, wrapping his arms around Frank's neck. "Never better."

Frank's cellphone started ringing so he dug around in his jeans for it while Gerard wandered off to the kitchen to make himself coffee. "Hey Mikey; what's up?"

"Have you heard from Ray?" He asked, sounding worried.

"Not since the fight like three days ago." He sat on the couch with the phone resting between his ear and shoulder, hands fumbling with the remote to drown out the noise of Gerard destroying the kitchen.

"He won't answer my calls or call me back. Bob and I stopped by his apartment and a neighbor said he hasn't been home in three or so days."

"He's probably still upset."

"But what if something happened to him?" Mikey sounded like he was on the verge of tears.

"Think happy thoughts Mikey." Frank said and Mikey snapped.

"Don't fucking start with me right now Frank!" He yelled and Frank held the phone away from his ear so Mikey wouldn't pop his ear drum. "I don't fucking understand why everything has to be so complicated with you two now!"

"Calm down Mikey." Frank told him with a little fear. He had never heard Mikey so angry. "It was just a joke."

"And I'm not laughing!" Mikey continued to yell. Frank could hear Bob's voice telling Mikey to relax. "I'm really worried about him! After the fight he like booked it from the hospital! He's like my brother Frank! The brother with everything that Gerard lacks!"

"I'm sure he's fine. You really need to calm down." Gerard fell down next to Frank, giving him a questioning look as he heard bits and pieces of the conversation. Of course Frank was worried about Ray too but he didn't see any point in over reacting. "Give him one more day. After that we'll start the search parties." Mikey sighed and hung up.

"What was all that about?" Gerard asked with a puzzled look.

"Mikey's freaking out because he can't get a hold of Ray."

"No shit." Gerard said coldly. "He's pissed. Of course he's going to blow everyone off."

"That's what I tried to tell Mikey." Frank fell across Gerard's lap, his read resting on Gerard's thighs and his face looking up to Gerard. "I told him to wait at least one more day before sending the search squads out."

"Ray's fine." Gerard mumbled. "He'll get over himself and show up again." Frank sighed, wishing Gerard and Ray weren't so hostile to each other. Gerard looked upset at the news that Ray wasn't making contact but he was trying to hide it. "We have to change your bandages." He changed the subject and Frank shook his head. "I'll do it even if you don't want me to so get up." Frank moaned because he knew it was true yet he didn't move a muscle.

"They're fine." Frank told Gerard, raising his arms into the air.

"You're not getting out of this." Gerard told Frank, pushing his arms down. "Now get up." Frank shook his head again so Gerard pushed him off. Frank fell into the carpet and laid there like he was dead. "I'll be back in a minute." Gerard got off the couch, stepped over Frank, headed for the bathroom, and returned with everything he had used on Frank when his chest had to be tended to. "Come here." Gerard sat in a more open area of the floor and set the stuff down. Frank still made no effort the move so Gerard got up again and grabbed Frank's legs then dragged him back to the supplies.

"Don't hate me." Frank said quietly, holding back tears. He knew Gerard wouldn't like what he saw. Frank really didn't know what his arms looked like either but he knew it wasn't good because they stung terribly.

"I won't ever hate you." Gerard told him as he took Frank's arms into his hands, gently unwrapping them to reveal two large strips of stitches down both arms. "Christ Frankie." He said very quietly, setting the old bandaging on the floor and gently turning both arms to properly assess the damage. It looked as though someone had taken four individual pieces of flesh to make Frank's arms and chills went through Gerard's body as he looked at it. "No more, ok?" Gerard said to Frank, rubbing anti-bacterial stuff on the cuts.

"You're not mad are you?"

"I'm upset;" Gerard told him and a few tears ran down Frank's face. "But I'm not mad." He ran his fingers gently on Frank's cheeks to wipe away the salty tears. "Don't cry baby." Gerard whispered, putting his lips to Frank's to kiss him before pulling away and grabbing the bandages. Frank felt slight relief as Gerard securely re-wrapped his arms, but something kept eating away at him and he didn't know what. "There; all done. What do you want to do now?"

"I think I should go lay down." Frank said quietly and disappointment etched across Gerard's face.

"Alright." He said, grabbing the stuff and throwing it out. Frank got up and went to the bedroom then fell across the bed. His head felt like it was on fire for some reason. Frank shut his eyes and suddenly he heard sharp voices speaking to him.

"You waste of breath!" One hissed. "You're destroying his life!"

"What are you talking about?" Frank cried out.

"That poor boy you say you love." A new voice was speaking. "You're ruining his life. You're sick and you keep getting hurt. He is spending all his time taking care of you."

"Gerard loves me!" Frank yelled at the voices, gripping his ears tightly. "I love him too!"

"If you love him, let him go." The first voice was back. Frank's mind was spinning and he felt dizzy. He fell to the floor as they continued to speak.

"Frank? Frankie!" Frank's eyes bolted open to see Gerard leaning over him, his eyes full of concern. "Are you ok?"

"W-what?" He asked, his head still spinning.

"You were screaming in your sleep." Gerard lifted Frank up and rested Frank against him, wrapping his arms tightly around the shaking man. "It's ok, you're safe." He whispered to Frank, rubbing his back gently.

Realizing it was really late now, Gerard laid down, still clutching Frank, and fell asleep. Frank was unable to sleep though as the voices haunted his mind. About half way through the night, Frank slid out of Gerard's grip, not waking him to Frank's delight. He went to the bathroom and looked himself over. "They're right." He mumbled to himself. "I'm ruining his life."

Frank went to the kitchen and found a piece of paper and pen. He scribbled a note for Gerard, pulled the ring from his finger, rested it on the paper, then headed for the door, quietly shutting it behind him.


A/N--- I know I know! HORRIBLE ending. But you know what?

S.E.Q.U.E.L x3

There's always room for a sequel. I just felt like this story wasn't going anywhere so I had to end it. Don't hate me, please.
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