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It's... Romantic?

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Leave it to Akabane to think a graveyard is a romantic setting for a date. (Akabane/Ginji)

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Author's Note: This was originally written for a challenge table on LiveJournal that I never got around to finishing. Whooooops.

I don't own the boys of GetBackers and I don't make any money by posting this.

It's... Romantic?

Ginji didn't always make the wisest choices. He wasn't exactly the brightest boy. But he made do with that he had (or didn't have, rather). If the situation was looking bad, Ginji knew he could count on his Ban-chan to help him out a bit. Things were never too tough, even when they were tough as nails.

However. There was one person that Ginji never made clear-headed decisions about, and not even Ban-chan could help Ginji when he was rattled that badly.

Kuro'udo Akabane had Ginji wrapped around his nimble finger whether anyone liked it or not.

The truth of the matter was, it was very easy for Akabane to manipulate any situation to his liking, and it was even easier when his prey was the innocent (and somewhat slow) Ginji-kun. Without even trying, Akabane was able to ensnare Ginji in any sort of trap... and poor Ginji wouldn't even know until it was already way too late.

It was both charming and a little boring at times, really.

Once again, Ginji found himself unable to do anything but stutter helplessly as Akabane towered over him, a brilliant red rose presented between his slim, white-gloved fingers.

Despite the fact that Ginji was not paying any attention to the words that elegantly spilled from Akabane's wicked lips, he still began to nod stupidly when the rose was firmly pressed into his open palm. What Ginji was nodding his head in agreement to, he didn't have the faintest clue, but he was aware of the fact that the rose Akabane had gifted him with was not yet entirely cleaned of all its' thorns. A thin river of blood pooled in Ginji's palm and he swallowed hard at the lump of concentrated terror in his throat.

"A-a..." He swallowed again, still unable to clear out that blasted lump. "Akabane-san." He breathed, and the raven-haired man turned a fond eye upon him once more. Ginji's cheeks tinted a pretty pink and he averted his gaze, attempting to clear his throat one last time. "C-could you repeat that last part? P-please?"

Akabane didn't seem offended in the slightest that Ginji hadn't been properly listening to him. In fact, he seemed more amused than anything else. He gently clasped Ginji's free hand in his and leaned in close enough that their noses touched and they shared a breath.

"I said that I shall see you at the graveyard at midnight," He tilted Ginji's chin slightly upwards with his fingertips. The dark slits of his eyes flashed deviously as he breathed fondly, "My Ginji-kun."

Perhaps it was the overwhelming fear of the monster that was Akabane that led Ginji to stand before the large iron gates of the graveyard. It didn't seem wise to stand up a dangerous man like Akabane, especially with the short fuse the man seemed to own, despite his collected exterior. When Akabane got bored of you, that spelled out all sorts of bad things for your future. If you kept him amused and interested, you at least stood some sort of a chance at prolonging your life for just a little bit longer.

Ginji would rather suffer whatever torture Akabane had planned upfront rather than piss the man off and suffer something even more gruesome later. Akabane wasn't known for being merciful. In fact, the most merciful Akabane could ever be is if he decided to kill you immediately, rather than taking the time to carve his initials into every inch of unmarred flesh.

No, Ginji knew that it was in his best interest to hear what Akabane had to say.

That didn't make him any less frightened, of course, but as he made his way across the damp grass of the graveyard, he knew that at the very least, he'd come out of this alive and relatively unharmed. Relatively unharmed, not entirely unharmed.

Many minutes ticked by, and Ginji soon realized that he had no clue where Akabane wanted to meet him exactly. There was only the light of the moon to guide him, and it did very little to lessen the inky black shadows that almost seemed to be watching him. A shiver jolted his spine and he hugged his arms tight around his torso, his heart pounding in his chest at a terrible pace. 'Ban-chan...' He thought helplessly to himself.

Sheer terror gripped Ginji's heart when he felt a warm puff of air against his right ear. Logic escaped him as he flailed his arms wildly and screamed, letting out that raspy pitch that only Ginji could accomplish without ripping out his own lungs. The screaming became a muffled sob as a familar white-gloved hand slipped over his mouth. The sobbing died almost immediately in his throat when he realized who it was and the hand retreated behind him when it was clear that he wasn't going to scream again.

"A-Akabane-san!" Ginji breathed in relief, turning around and clutching at his heaving chest. Never was there a scarier monster than Akabane, and yet at that very moment, this man was the most welcome sight Ginji could have asked for, second to Ban-chan.

Because even the scariest of monsters were surely scared of the Big Bad Akabane.

"I am glad you could make it, Ginji-kun." The sides of Akabane's lips were twitching ever-so-slightly, and he was actually thankful that Ginji couldn't see it too well. The boy was overly sensitive sometimes, and didn't enjoy being made fun of. "I had almost begun to assume that you wouldn't show up tonight."

"Ah..." Ginji nervously stared at the ground and kicked his sneakers into the dirt, disrupting pebbles and bits of grass. Akabane struggled with his smile. The boy was delectable without even trying. "Well, I figured... since I guess I told you I would come," He scratched the back of his head and laughed sheepishly. "Well, here I am! I-It's not cool to leave a dude hanging, right?"

Akabane made a deep sound at the back of his throat. It only caused Ginji to fidget even more in his own skin. What was the man thinking? Surely he wasn't going to kill Ginji for being a few seconds late, right? ...Then again...

"Indeed you are. And how grateful I am that you're a true man of your word, Ginji-kun."

They were silent for many moments after this statement, and while Akabane was content with merely watching the blonde-haired lightning god, Ginji did not seem as comfortable. And when he opened his mouth to speak, Akabane found his gaze drawn immediately to his lips, those that were so eager to pout and tremble with even the slightest shift in Ginji's mood.

The boy was so deliciously expressive.

"Um... I don't know if... well, Akabane-san," He looked up, his eyes wide and apologetic. "I don't think I should stay out too long 'cause Ban-chan is probably wai--"

The tiny surgical scalpel that pricked the skin between Ginji's eyes had appeared just as suddenly as the scowl on Akabane's face. A trickle of blood dripped along the bridge of Ginji's nose and the boy shivered, his bottom lip starting to visibly tremble in fear.

When Akabane spoke, it was with a deep, dark, almost hurt voice. "Ginji-kun, I will ask that you do not mention Mido-kun when you're out on a date with me."

Ginji was halfway through his clumsy apology before his words fell flat on the ground and his face turned a brilliant shade of apple red.


...It had never occurred to Ginji that a man like Akabane would think a graveyard was the most romantic setting for their first date.
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