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One More Night

by Machinator 1 review

Beat asks for one more night before Yoyo calls it quits. (Beat/Yoyo)

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Author's Note: This was written a while ago while listening to "One More Night" by Stars. (Good song, consider listening to it!) Not a song-fic, though, don't worry.

I don't own the characters of Jet Set Radio Future and am not making a profit by posting this.

One More Night

It was a wicked dance, one that would repeat for eternity, and though Yoyo hated it, he was addicted. As much as it disgusted him, he loved it still. This feeling of being wanted was one he wasn't willing to lose. He could turn up his nose, he could puke into the toilet, but that was all part of his cunning. No matter how ill it made him, he enjoyed it like the twisted little child he had become.

But it just couldn't go on. It had to end here. For his sanity and for his pride, he would cut it off here. This would be the last time he would look at that smug face, daring him to say 'no.' This would be the last time he would smell pot and alcohol on the air as he lay face-down on a dirty old mattress, the body above him both hot and cold all at once.

He steps into the musty shack for the millionth time, though his intentions are different today. The boy laying sprawled out on that very same mattress seems to sense this, though he makes no movement to suggest so. Yoyo hardens his resolve, regardless of how the sight always seems to steal his breath away. He will not let his eyes linger upon that face, the monstrous bug-like goggles discarded. His fingers would not ache to touch the expanse of milky-white chest exposed before him. That same red hair that he had so enjoyed, he would enjoy never again.

He had to end it here. For his sanity and for his pride, he would cut it off here.

So Yoyo stands firm in the doorway, looking down at his lover with all the confidence that he can't seem to feel. The older boy's lips twitch into a smirk, but Yoyo blinks and it is gone, and his lover wears his expressionless mask again.

"Beat." The green-haired boy says, and he's surprised that his voice is strong and with purpose. The red-head on the mattress catches this and cannot hide his amusement now, pushing himself up on his elbows to watch the younger boy with interest.

"One more night." Beat says simply, and Yoyo is taken aback.


"Just give me one more night." The older teen says again, and then falls back onto the mattress. Yoyo tries to tell himself otherwise, though his body will not listen as it begins to unclasp the rollerblades strapped to his feet. His socks don't match and Beat laughs, but Yoyo doesn't care. He does it for him, because he knows how it amuses him so.

"One more night." Yoyo says softly, bowing his head. "Just one more night."

Rather than speaking, Beat motions with his hands for Yoyo to come to him. The green-haired boy sucks on his bottom lip, making it swell under the attention. The calloused hands reaching to him had always caused him so much pain and so much pleasure. He couldn't count the times those sharp knuckles had dislocated his jaw or broken his nose... and he couldn't count the times those experienced fingers had sent him writhing and mewling with a simple stroke or pinch.

In the end, Yoyo knew it would be those hands that would unravel all of his well-made plans. Those hands that would wrap around his waist and stroke his belly under his pullover would remain burned onto his flesh and mind. The memory of them slipping into the front of his shorts would always make his vision swim for a second or two.

And those hands were reaching to him now for the last time, wanting to memorize every inch of him before the night was over.

Yoyo kneels at Beat's side, even after all this time, still uncertain of what to do with himself. It is a trait Beat enjoys in his little student, and it is a trait Yoyo wants to puke on himself for.

A bottle is pressed to Yoyo's lips and he obediently drinks, and by now, the scorching heat in his throat is bearable. Beat takes back the bottle and finishes it off, and it is soon rolling across the floor, empty.

Beat tugs at the bottom hem of Yoyo's blue pullover and makes an impatient grunting noise. Yoyo rolls his eyes and begins to pull the offending article upwards. Talented hands come up to assist him, or rather, to simply touch him, and soon his shirt is off in a corner, picking up dirt and dust that no one had ever bothered to sweep away.

The sun over Rokkaku-Dai Heights sends pink and orange filtering in through the small, dirty window, and Beat sits up completely, content to admire his young lover in this light. Yoyo averts his gaze, a blush settling on his cheeks. He'll never understand why Beat has to look at him like that. Sometimes it will be only seconds, other times it will be minutes... Yoyo's mind could recall a time when Beat had simply watched him for nearly an hour before suddenly devouring him with a heated passion.

This time, it is only three minutes, but Beat does not move to take Yoyo like all the other times. Instead, he turns away, and Yoyo blinks in confusion. He reaches out, his hand shaking as he delicately sets his fingers upon the older boy's shoulder. Beat doesn't flinch, though there is evident irritation in the air around them. Yoyo doesn't drop his hand, however, and gives Beat's shoulder a light push.

"Yo, Beat?" He asks, his voice breaking the quiet. Without warning, Beat stands and walks to the window. He braces his hands on the windowsill and it creaks, threatening to break soon. The light is bright on Beat's face and Yoyo squints a little, knowing not to press matters any further. Beat will speak when it suits him, and it didn't suit him right now.

A long time passes and Yoyo entertains himself with doodling in the dust on the floor. A stick figure brutally stabbing another stick figure. He smiles a little and likes to think that he'll stab Beat like that one day. Beat remains motionless, something rare for the hyper boy. Yoyo wonders how Beat can act that way, going from bouncy and energetic to quiet and still. Yoyo has to feel blessed for this look beneath Beat's exterior. No one else will see him like this. No, it is a right that has always been reserved for Beat's favorite little "newbie".

"Get over here." Beat says finally, and Yoyo lets out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding.

"What's up?" The younger boy replies, coming to stand beside the other at the window.

There's another long silence before Beat reaches out to touch the younger male's cheek. He feathers his fingers across skin, and just as quickly, they are gone again. Yoyo is irritated now, not enjoying the uncertainty of everything. It used to be so simple for all of its' complexity. Tease, fuck, tease, punch, fuck... At least Yoyo knew what was coming next with a strategy like that.

But this? Beat was being tender and almost sweet in his neglect.

Yoyo wanted to smash his skull and skate away to never look back again.

"The end..." Beat says finally, and his voice is a little strange to hear for some reason. There is something within it that causes Yoyo's stomach to churn violently. "...Should be a good one."

Yoyo wants to hear more, but Beat gives him nothing else. Rough hands are tangled in his hair, not with the intention of bringing pain, but with the intention to memorize the way it looks and feels like that. Yoyo doesn't hate it. It sickens him that he almost wishes for this to continue for eternity.

Those hands in his hair slide to cup his cheeks, and he stares into the eyes of his lover. They are unusually wet, Yoyo notes, and as he opens his mouth to comment on it, he finds no words can escape him. Lips are crushed to his own, and though it leaves no room for denial, it is still almost tender in a very uncharacteristically Beat way.

His shorts are falling to the floor. They'll get dirty down there...

He has to concentrate on such trivialties to keep from going insane.

They stop for air and Yoyo is pressed against the window. The sun is going down and the glass is losing some of its warmth. He shivers. Beat continues his assault on Yoyo's neck and smiles ruefully into the creamy flesh.

"The bed isn't made." Yoyo says, his eyelids fluttering closed as a little tremor of electric pleasure flutters through him. For all they don't know about each other... for all they refuse to know about each other... Beat will always know that Yoyo loves the attention to his neck.

Beat doesn't even question Yoyo's statement. Yoyo doesn't care, as long as those lips and teeth and tongue don't stop what they're-- "Like that..." He breathes, and he feels Beat shudder. He doesn't know why his encouragements move the older boy the way they do, but it will always bring him to smile every time.

Beat knows he's great. He thinks highly of himself. Yet the heated encouragements of his little "newbie" are enough to make his knees shake.

Yoyo can't say he hates the power, no matter how small that is.

But soon enough, the power is back in Beat's hands, and Yoyo isn't entirely unhappy with that. He's touched in all the ways that will send him to his blissfully white euphoria. Beat knows him like that. It's almost frightening that Beat may just know his body better than he does.

But he isn't entirely unhappy with that either.

The young boy pants heavily and those experienced hands never cease. Yoyo must've cried out at one point, because Beat mumbles something incoherent in response. But Yoyo really doesn't care, because the vibrations are just too wonderful.

Soon enough, he's arching and climbing, his eyes squeezed tightly shut and his hips rocking as his mind searches and searches for that heavenly release...

It feels like it's over too quickly, that heaven has all too soon sent him crashing into the ground. He opens his eyes just in time to see Beat spitting white from his mouth. The older boy rubs at his lips with the back of his hand and scowls.

"Dumb little fuck." Beat snaps, and Yoyo knows it's because Beat's always hated bitter things.

"I wish you would die." Yoyo says with a tiny grin, and Beat's face loses some of its anger. He smiles back and Yoyo knows it's okay again.

They'll never be friends. And that's why it just has to end.

It's dark now, and stars dot the sky. There's little light pollution in Rokkaku-Dai Heights because most people living here can't really afford the bills. Yoyo is almost thankful of the poverty for that reason.

Beat is kissing him again now, but he can't take his eyes off of the window. The stars twinkle at him, and he refuses to look away. He's in Beat's lap now, and it's nothing new. Beat is laying on his back, and it's nothing new. He knows how to move because it's nothing new. It hurts a lot, but that's nothing new.

"You always fuck like a tease." Beat says into the darkness.

Yoyo finds himself on his back, his legs hooked over Beat's shoulders. It's nothing new, but the look on that expressionless face is.

Eyes that were once simply wet are now spilling over, and Yoyo feels droplets of salty water spattering across his chest. And he forgets the pain in his lower back, his eyes marveling at how the liquid falling from Beat's eyes can rival the stars.

It's something new.

Beat reaches his own white-hot bliss and his body tenses, and Yoyo can't help but admire how out of place yet lovely those tears look upon his face. There's heavy breathing and Yoyo waits for the warmth on top of him to recede.

When it doesn't, he is confused.

"Beat?" He whispers, his voice hoarse.

Beat buries his face in the boy's neck and sighs, his breath tickling the hairs on the back of Yoyo's neck. And then Yoyo realizes that Beat is starting to fall asleep.

And he is at a loss.

Yoyo attempts to sit up, and after a few moments, he is able to do so. Beat wraps his arms around Yoyo's waist and makes a tiny whimper of protest.

"That was one more night." Yoyo says quietly, and it breaks his heart when he does. With shaking hands, he untangles himself from Beat's grasp. His legs are quaking as he moves to stand and gather his belongings. Beat lays motionless on the ground, his face buried into his arms now.

Yoyo is taken back to a time when Beat had sent a rather strong fist into his stomach one afternoon. He looked just like that.

And perhaps he was smug to see the tables turned.

Perhaps it felt good to be the one causing the pain... and he didn't even have to lift a finger.

...But when that strangled sob came from Beat's throat... Yoyo felt his own eyes water as he turned and made his way to the door.

And Beat stared at his back, because that's all he could see.

Yoyo sets his hand on the doorknob and doesn't want to look back. They'll never be friends.

Beat was never the most gentle lover, and he never said what he really felt. He was often rude and vulgar, and delighted in causing pain and chaos. He could throw a punch and still convince that same someone to sleep with him. He was inconsiderate and cruel, and often made Yoyo feel unwelcome.

And yet...

Yoyo is at Beat's side, and he is stroking that glossy red hair, soothing the boy to stop crying. And the sun is coming up by the time Beat finally stops, and Yoyo is so damn tired... Beat's head is in his lap and they're both listening to the sounds of Rokkaku-Dai in the early morning.

Is it his stupidity that keeps making him throw himself into the fire like this?



"One more night?"

Yoyo smiles to himself and sighs. "One more night."

...Or perhaps... Perhaps it is part of his cunning.
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