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Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

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She took a huge breath as though preparation for an interview was mental as well as physical.

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Chapter Twenty Two

Maddie sat across from Fall Out Boy with a pad of paper, a pen, and a small voice recorder. The concentration on her face made me think she was about to take a test on cell structure. She took a huge breath as though preparation for an interview was mental as well as physical.

She took another breath and looked up to meet four pairs of eyes staring back. “So,” she said. “Tell me about the record.”

“Well,” Pete piped up always ready to take the lead. “It’s called From Under The Cork Tree which is a reference to the children’s book The Story of Ferdinand. It’s about a bull that would rather smell flowers than fight in the bull ring.”

“I actually read somewhere that book was a protest to the Spanish-American War,” Andy put in.

“Was it really?” Joe asked.

“Yeah, the author was making a statement about the war…”

“In a children’s book?” I questioned. “Why was he making war statements to kids?”

“good point…”

“It’s like that one dude we heard about when we were in Germany,” Pete said. “Wasn’t he making political speeches at elementary schools?”

“What are you talking about?” Joe said looking at Pete as though he was exclaiming UFO’s were real.

“No, it’s true,” I said knowing what Pete was speaking about. “It was all in the news that one week.”

Joe continued to exclaim he heard nothing about this while I caught Maddie looking confused.

“Guys,” She interrupted. “You can look it up later.”

The tone in her voice shut the guys up. She had suddenly turned into my feared mother again.

“Let’s talk about the future instead. What’s Fall Out Boy doing after Warped Tour?” She asked.

“Um,” I started feeling I would be the only one brave enough tot start. “Probably more touring. We’re trying to go overseas before the end of the year.”

“Going to Europe is always fun,” Pete laughed. “They are so polite and thankful when we go over there.”

“Especially in Spain,” Andy added. “I got a cool gift last time we were there. It was a blanket with these quotes on it. It’s a nice blanket.”

Joe laughed and turned to me. “Didn’t you get a waffle from that one girl in Spain Patrick.”

I laughed remembering how confused I was when this girl handed me a waffle. “Yeah, she said she read I loved them somewhere which I do, but not that much. It was a nice thought, but strange.”

“We get some strange things from fans,” Pete added. “I’ve got clothes, food, a lot of stuffed animals and scrap books.”

“Yeah a lot of scrap books,” Joe added. “I got one about being Jewish once.”

Everyone laughed at this and Joe talked about his Jewish book some more while my gaze traveled to Maddie again. She sat listening intently. It made me wonder how Maddie had been in high school when she worked for the magazine. From what Pete had said, she use to be pretty well known, and then she just disappeared. She had always planned to write, but what had happened? Life, I suppose answering my own question. I mean look at my life. I had planned on other things besides a baby. It just goes to show you can plan all you want, but sooner or later life will choose who you become.

The interview went on with Maddie asking more questions, and Pete continuing to answer while still cleverly throwing in things about Politics and upcoming bands.

“So,” Maddie sighed. “What’s the one thing we need to know about Fall Out Boy?”

For the first time in the long interview a silence fell of pure contemplation. The kind that only surfaces when you know the answer coming has to be well thought out. It rarely happens in interviews because many of the answers are repeated from one interview to the next. But somehow, the question of what do we need to know about Fall Out Boy stumped us.

“Well,” Pete said leaning forward a bit. “Fall Out Boy’s a band and that’s what we’ll always be first. I’m not going to lie and say we’re setting out to change the world, but we hope to be remembered.”

“We’re a band,” I repeated. “and we make music that’s honest and how we feel. I know some people don’t approve of that or like it, but it’s who we are and we’re just going to keep being Fall Out Boy.”
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