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Bang The Doldrums

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I hate these thing, just read it please. If you hate it then stop. SLASH

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I woke on the FOB tour bus to hear the same things as I had since the beginning of the tour.
Sex noises from Pete’s bunk.
“Urgh…that’s disgusting!” I heard Andy whisper from above me and saw Joe’s silhouette nod in agreement. After a few hours they stopped and we could all finally get some sleep.
The next morning I woke up late and everyone was already in the ‘living room’ when I got up. They had gotten pancakes from McDonalds and were happily munching away when I entered.
“Hi, sleep well?” asked Andy when I entered.
“No!” I said, shooting a pointed glance at Pete. He didn’t see, he was too busy with his pancakes to look at me.
They finished their food and Andy and Joe decided they were going to go to the mall, as per usual. I went and got ready and joined a half dressed Pete in the living room watching Nightmare Before Christmas. We sat in silence for a while before he asked,
“How come you didn’t sleep well last night?” I turned round to look at his ‘innocent’ face. I glared and hit him with a cushion.
“You know full well why.” He grinned in mock pride and I made a disgusted noise. He laughed and continued to watch the movie.
“Does it really bother you?” he asked after a few minutes.
“Yeah, it does. I like to sleep without being woken up by my best friend’s sex noises!” he looked embarrassed and I felt a little guilty.
I guess I should tell you that it’s not Pete that wakes me up. It’s my dreams. A little after we started this tour, I began to have a certain type of dream about a certain FOB bassist. After that came certain feelings for said bassist and now I’m incredibly jealous of anyone he brings onto the bus.
I went back to my bunk and lay down with my hat over my face. I heard Pete come through and sit on his bed across from mine.
“Patrick?” I pretended to be asleep. “Pat, Patty? You must be asleep. I wish you knew. I wish I could tell you why I do it.” He was talking to himself now he thought I was asleep. “I want to tell you so bad, but every time I try I just cant. And now you’re mad at me…why did I have to mess everything up!” I could hear him crying and guilt and sympathy racked my body. “I’m sorry Patrick. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to, it just happened.” He was in hysterics, not knowing I could hear everything he was saying. “I didn’t mean to fall in love with you, I swear I didn’t!”
“WHAT?!” I sat up at this. He looked up from where his head had bee buried in his hands.
“I…what…I thought…I th-thought you were asleep!” the panic in his voice was in concealable.
“You love me?”
“I wouldn’t have said…if I’d known…I’ve screwed it all up! You must hate me now.” He put his head back in his hands and continued to cry. I slipped off my bed and knelt in front of him.
“I don’t hate you Pete. Please stop crying.” His legs were open and I placed myself between them and put my hands on his knees. His head snapped up at the contact. When I saw his face I felt a stab of guilt, it was tearstained and his eyes were puffy and he was sniffing slightly.
“W-W-What are you doing Pat?” I smiled. He frowned and moved back on his bed.
“D-Don’t tease me. Don’t make fun of me, please.”
“I’m not Pete, I promise.” I said, moving forward but keeping my hands to myself.
“W-Why are you still here? Don’t you hate me?”
I could never hate you. If you believe nothing else I tell you then at least believe that.” I put my hands back on his knees but this time he didn’t move away.
“What do you mean, Patrick? I don’t understand.” I sighed, he had calmed down and was no longer crying, but all his make-up had run and his eyes were really bloodshot.
“It’s not you that wakes me up at night, its my dreams.”
“What dreams?”
“Vivid dreams. About me and someone else doing…stuff.” A small smile played in his lips.
“Stuff? Are you having naughty dreams Patrick Stump?” I blushed furiously and nodded.
“Who about…Oh!” his eyes grew wide and he blushed as badly as I was.
“I’m Sorry, I shouldn’t have told you. It’ll only make things awkward between us.”
“You mean more awkward than me saying I love you? Don’t think so Patty!” he grumbled, “I feel so stupid. I’ve totally ruined our friendship. I’m sorry Patrick.”
“Don’t be.” I said moving my hands farther up his legs, but not that far up, “I never really wanted to be just your friend anyway. I always kinda wanted more than that.” I said. I grabbed his hips and pulled myself up to meet my lips with his. He didn’t respond but just when I was about to pull away, he started to kiss me back. He licked my bottom lip to ask for entry and I agreed willingly. His hands moved through my hair and around my neck.
I pulled away for air and looked at Patrick.
“Are you sure you want this?” I asked. In answer, he slid his hand up my thigh and rubbed my zipper area with his thumb a few times before kneeling up and whispering,
“I’m sure.” He rubbed me through my trousers and I felt myself go hard. I looked at Patrick, who just grinned.
“We’re going to have to do something about that.” He moved to my belt, making sure that while he was undoing it, he managed to brush teasingly against me a few times. I bit my lip as he pulled down my tight, red jeans and tossing them in the corner. He rubbed the tip of my erection through my boxers.
“Don’t tease.” I stammered out, lying back on my bed.
“Why not, it’s fun.” He said slipping his hand down my underwear and beginning to pump with one hand while the other removed the offending garment. I threw my head back and groaned as he took me fully in his mouth. His hands held my hips down as he worked me to the brink of ecstasy.
“Patrick, I’m gonna cum!” I managed to get out about five seconds before I exploded in his mouth, screaming his name as I did. He came up and lay down beside me, stroking my hair.
“Enjoy that?” he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I nodded.
“Yeah. How can I repay the favour?”
“I’m sure I’ll think of something. But later, I think we should go check out the set just now, since Andy and Joe will probably be out all day.” I nodded and pulled my boxers back on. He was sitting cross legged on my bed when I finished putting my jeans back on and I lay down with my head in his lap and handed him his hat. He thanked me and brushed my fringe out of my eyes.
“Pete, can I ask you something?”
“Sure Pat, what?”
“Are we like going out now, or are you just gonna use me for blow-jobs?” I sat up and looked him in the eye. He was joking, but there was a small worry in his eye. I decided to get rid of it.
“Hey. I love you. Remember? I would not and could not just use you like that.”
“So…are we?” I thought about this for a minute.
“Yeah, I guess we are.” He grinned and pecked me softly on my lips.
“Come on, lets go check the set.” I nodded and we got up and went to the stage.
“I thought no-one was supposed to be around here today.” I said as under the tape around it.
“I know, it means we have the place to ourselves.” I smiled as he led me to the side of the stage.
“Do you think we should be doing this babe?” I asked Joe as his hands expertly explored my body.
“Do you want me to stop?” he asked looking in my eyes and letting his hands rub teasingly against my nether regions. I smiled,
“No. I just don’t like sneaking around like this. It kills me that I can’t hold you in public, or even around the guys. Do you understand?”
“Yeah, I’d give anything to be able to kiss you and touch you in front of everyone. Do you think we should tell them?”
“Just the guys first and see how they take it. Then our families, then the rest of our friends. Then the fans, that cool with you?” he nodded,
“Can I get back to kissing you now?” I smiled and placed one on his lips. We stood at the side the stage making-out for a couple minutes till Joe’s hands were down the back of my trousers and mine were up his shirt. We were so lost in each other we didn’t notice Pete and Patrick come up the stairs to where we were.
“HOLY FUCK!!!” We were snapped back to reality by Pete’s yell and both turned around quickly.
“Aww shit!!!” They stood there open mouthed and I noticed Patrick quickly take his hand out of Pete’s back pocket. I shot a glance at Joe who didn’t look at me but raised his eyebrows.
“What The HELL Is Going on Here?!” Pete asked
“We could ask you the same thing.” Joe said, nodding to Patrick’s hand. They both flushed red.
“Not the point! When did you two start sucking face like that?” I looked at Joe.
“About three months ago?”
“Yeah, ‘bout that.”
“Why didn’t you tell us?”
“We wanted to figure out if we were really serious about each other before we told anyone else. We were actually gonna tell you two tonight…and whats that with you two, your hand in Pete’s pocket?” Patrick blushed and looked at his toes.
“I, we, earlier, after you guys left to go to the ‘mall’, Pete and I had a little talk.”
“For you’re information, we did go to the mall. We needed…supplies.” I murmured.
“EWWWW!!!!!!! That was an over share, I did NOT need to hear that.” Shrieked Pete.
“Have you told him then?” Joe asked Pete, changing the subject. He nodded.
“And you love him back?” I asked. Patrick grinned and said,
“What do you think?” Wrapping his arms around his new love. We laughed our way back to the bus and got ready for the performance.
It was just two more shows till we were back home in Chicago. After we played them, we headed back to our five-bedroom house. I was dreading seeing my parents, it had been hard enough to come out to them as bisexual, and I don’t even think they accepted that. Coming out as gay to them would be torture. Andy’s parents are hippies so he would be fine. Joe’s mom would be shocked but would love her darling boy no matter what, and his dad did whatever his mom said. I didn’t know about Patrick, he had the all American home. I didn’t think a gay son would fit into that but you never know. We got home and crashed in our beds.
The next day we were going to visit our parents. We decided to do it in pairs, as it would be today that we were all going to come out to them. I would go with Andy, and Patrick would go with Joe. In case any of our parents rejected us, the person we were seeing, who they would probably blame, wouldn’t be there.
“You two leaving now?” Patrick asked me, getting his coat. I nodded
“Yeah. Joe’s just saying goodbye to Andy.”
“Eww.” Patrick smiled and kissed me.
“It’ll be alright you know. And if it isn’t, then you’ll always have me. And the guys.”
“I know you’ll be there for me Patty. I just hope my parents will be.” He smiled sympathetically. He was there when I came out to them the first time…it wasn’t a pretty picture. And that time I was only bi! God only knows what they’re going to do this time. Andy and Joe came down the stairs looking puffed out; there was a little bit of liquid at the side of Andy’s mouth.
“Andy, what’s that on your mouth?”
“Shit!” he wiped it away and Joe blushed like crazy.
“EWWWWWWWWWWW! That’s fucking disgusting! Couldn’t you contain yourselves for a few hours?”
“Obviously not.” Murmured Patrick. We parted with kisses and headed to the cars.
We decided to go to Andy’s house first…
“Mom? Dad? Are you here?” he called
“ANDY!” baby you’re back!” his mom came charging through their small hippy bungalow to greet her son, who swept his tiny mother up into a huge hug before setting her down.
“Hey mom! How’ve you been? Where’s dad?” she motioned towards the sofa and we sat down obediently.
“Your dad’s still at work hon. I’ve been fine, great even! And Pete honey! You’ve gotten even more handsome since the last time I saw you.”
“Thanks Mrs Hurley. You look good too.”
“Tut tut, such a charmer! How are you baby?”
“I’m good mom. Actually there’s something I wanna tell you, but I want dad to be here too.”
“Okay. Well, he should be in within the next ten minutes. What a lovely surprise he’ll get when he comes home!” she gushed. She made us some herbal tea and we sat for about 15 minutes talking to her before Andy’s dad came home.

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