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Blushing Bride.

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The chapter before all chapters.

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‘Aunt Gracie, do I get to wear my princess dress today?’ Addy asked around 4 o’clock that day. It had been a long day but Grace was finally ready to start getting ready for the wedding.

‘You do honey.’ She smiled. Grace sat in a chair in the bathroom of Mr. King’s house. It looked out over the beach. Grace could see their alter and the ribbons blowing in the wind while James curled her hair. Grace played with the zipper on her sexy little bride hoodie as it was a nervous habit while Holly helped with her make up.

‘Aunt Gracie, you look pretty.’ Addy said as she sat on the counter in front of Grace while James continued to work on her hair.

‘Thank you sweet angel, you look pretty too.’

‘I hope that when I det mawwied I woot just wite you.’

‘Aww, sweet girl.’

‘So do you think Grace is getting ready yet?’

‘I know she is.’ Ryan said while Brendon paced the room.


‘Yeah, she left to go to the house about half an hour ago.’

‘Oh…what is she doing?’

‘She’s getting her hair done. James is here I think.’

‘He’s gay right?’

‘Yeah man…he’s a hair stylist.’

‘Good, he’s seen Grace naked.’

‘Brendon…I’ve seen Grace naked.’

‘Shut up.’ Brendon glared.

‘Calm down man, sit down.’

‘I can’t, I just want this to get started. I still have an hour and a half until it starts.’

‘I know that’s why you need to chill out.’

‘I’m calm…is grace calm? Do you think she’s still freaking out?’

‘No, just calm down.’

‘Okay I’m calm.’

‘You look beautiful.’ Holly said as Grace stood up from the chair and looked in the mirror.

‘Wait!’ Grace’s mother said as she quickly ran into the bathroom.

‘What?’ Grace asked.

‘Here.’ She said handing James a hair pin to go in the back of her hair. ‘It’s her something old. I wore this in my wedding, your grandmother wore it in her wedding, Bridgette wore it for her wedding, and it’s your turn honey.’ Grace sat back down in the chair so James could hide the bobby pins with the hair crystal hair pin.

‘Thank you mom.’ Grace smiled.

‘You’re welcome sweetie. Now let’s you get you finished up. You have to be ready for pictures in half an hour.’ One of the two photographers had been there following Grace, Holly, and James around most of the afternoon capturing pictures Grace knew she would love.

‘Alright, I’m coming.’ Grace was already in her under garments she’d be wearing under the dress. Grace walked out into the bedroom. Addy was sitting on the bed looking up at Grace’s dress as it hung above the door.

‘Aunt Gracie, I brought your blue fing.’ Addy said as she jumped off the bed walking over to hand Grace her blue and white garter that said Grace and Brendon on either side of the bow.

‘Aww honey, thank you, can you hang onto it for a few minutes.’

‘Yeth.’ Grace lifted Addy back onto the bed as James took her dress down off the door.

‘First thing is first, let’s get that garter on.’ James said. Grace took off her shorts, and stood in her blue panties that she had bought with Ryan. ‘Addy, honey can I have that?’

‘Uh huh.’ Addy handed Grace the garter. She slipped it on her right leg as the photographer took a picture.

‘Next, where are you going to put Ryan’s rosary beads as your something borrowed?’

‘My bouquet.’ Grace said.

‘Alright, dress time.’ Holly said walking back in with her brides’ maid dress on along with Mrs. Urie and Grace’s mom. James and holly got the dress out of the bag and got ready to put it on her. The photographer watched as Addy sat on the bed, holding her dad’s rosary beads while she smiled watching her aunt Gracie put on her wedding dress.

‘Shoes.’ James said picking up the white peep toe pumps that were so grace.

‘Sweet.’ Grace said.

‘Oh my god.’ Ryan said as he and Jon stood in the door way in his tux.

‘How do I look?’ she asked smoothing out her dress. Jon handed her a small cup of whiskey knowing she’d probably need it.

‘You look beautiful Gracie.’

‘Is everything ready to go?’ Holly asked.

‘Yup, I just wanted to come check on my girl.’ Ryan said.

‘Well your girl is getting pretty anxious.’ Holly said.

‘How is Addy doing?’ Ryan asked.

‘She’s so excited. She’s absolutely in love with Grace today. She’s following her around like a lost puppy.’

‘It’s so sweet. Since Addy is pre-occupied with Gracie, can I steal you a way for a few minutes?’ he asked.

‘Sure babe, what’s up?’

‘Nothing, in the stress of this wedding and spending all my time with Grace I miss your beautiful face. I just want to spend a little time with you before the wedding.’

‘I’m sure I can manage that.’ Holly smiled, ‘Grace we’ll be right back.’

‘Okay.’ She smiled.

By the time six rolled around, the photographer had taken nearly three hundred pictures already. A majority of them were of Grace and Addy. They were beautiful together and brought the inner beauty in each other. Ryan and Grace were right up there as well. Ryan and Grace seemed to be very photogenic together. He spent a lot of time admiring his beautiful best friend.

‘Gracie, sweetie, are you ready? It’s time.’ Her father said walking into the room where Grace stood looking out the window. From the window, Grace could see Brendon standing next to the priest. He looked flawless as usual, a little nervous, but beautiful none the less.

Brendon couldn’t wait to see Grace walking down the isle towards him. His breath was already caught in his throat and the ceremony hadn’t even started yet.

Ryan watched from next to Brendon as Addy walked down the isle sprinkling the white rose petals along the ground. She hammed it up, taking twice as long as everyone else, to get to the alter before the wedding march began to be played by a trumpet off the side. As everyone stood up, Brendon’s breathing was caught in his throat and his heart hurt for just a minute.

‘Oh my god.’ He whispered as Grace began her walk towards the beautiful white, silver, and blue alter where Brendon stood waiting for her. The young couple held eye contact the entire time. Ryan smiled as he watched her walk down the isle. He couldn’t believe it was finally happening. Ryan had been a big part of their relationship and as Grace’s best friend played an even larger role in their future.
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